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Last Updated: July 30, 2002, whenever the hell I can get connected to upload it!
Added the sketches for Seiryuu, as well as the Erinyes and Nemesis class carriers from the Venus Military.

Be warned- ahead lies the very crude lineart/sketches that we've done to assist Mechmaster. Some of these pieces of concept art are hand-drawn (mostly for mobile suit reference), but recently I've started using Doga to render rough 3D models of some of the ships. Keep in mind, however, that Doga, while fairly easy to use, is not a very powerful program, with severe limitations (You don't actually build things completely- you build things from some 500 or so pre-built pieces.), and it has very limited color and texture options. So keep in mind the ship models I've built are strictly stick figures. Also, the thumbnails of some of the sketches may be hard to make out- most of those were done in pencil. That said, enjoy! 




DBC colony



HEO Shuttle>


Seiryuu's dragonfang

EDO Terra class>

EDO Trinity class>



VFM Erinyes class>

VMF Nemesis class>

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