Outtakes, Mistakes, and Other Things That Should Not
Have Happened

Director: Not again! ><; What happened to the color!?
One: Sore wa himitsu desu! ^_^
Director: *screams like a girl*

Narrator: Corneria. Fourth planet of the Lylat system-
Narrator: Firefury kicked my butt ;_;
Firefury: I'm not the Queen of the Skies for nothing! XD
Sidra: Okay... Where's the cockpit!? *standing on Sazabi's chest armor*
Milliardo: Maybe the PMS knows-?
Meiran: *sitting in a hospital waiting room* .....
Doctor: *walks out* Miss Chang?
Meiran: *gets up an walks over* *whispered* How is he?
Doctor: Presently your father is in a coma and suffered several blows to the head and two broken ribs.
Luckily, the broken ribs didn't puncture anything. When... if he wakes up, we aren't sure of the
condition he'll be in.
Meiran: I guess I'll have to try harder next time. Hm. ^-^
Duo: *falls over* Meiran!
Wufei: *off stage, wearing bandages and a hospital gown* I HEARD THAT!!! eh-? *looks behind him*
Kiandra: ^^; Hi. I love hospital gowns, with their open backsides...
Sally: *hits Kiandra over the head with a mallet* That backside is mine! ><;;
Wufei: O_o;;
Director: CUT! ><;;; Wufei, why don't you go BACK to your dressing room?
Kiandra: Awwww.
Meiran: *goes into her dorm room and shuts the door* YES! *cheers, then puts on a party hat and throws confetti*
Director: ......
Siduri: *sighs* Damned ......'s.
Wufei: *sticks his head out from his dressing room* -_-; I don't look forward to filming the AU side story....
Stephanie: Hmm.... The cockpit is in the head, not the chest. Why do you wanna know about Sazabi anyways? I thought you hated Char's guts-?
Milliardo: Exactly >=]
Stephanie: Eeeh... I'll... leave now. *ZOOM!*
Duo: *looking at the comatose Wufei* Man... You'd almost think it's not Wufei. *blinks* He doesn't look so up tight like somebody shoved a stick up his ass.
Noin: *nods* You're right.
Wufei: *sits up* Aren't you supposed to interrupt him, woman!?
Quatre: *sweatdrops*
Kiandra: *looks up from her notebook* Um...? *blinks* Where ya been all this time? There was an attack. Wuffie got taken to the hospital. He's got a SEXY ass.
Trowa: *falls over giggling*
Stephanie: Um... Aren't you supposed to be drunk? Right now you seem more like you've been smoking pot.
Jeanie: Ano...
Director: CUT!!!! Somebody search Trowa's dressing room, just in case --;
Shannon: Man is he wasted... Hey. How many fingers am I holding up?? *holds up one, then two, then one, then three, then four, then two, then three, then five, then the one in the middle- wait a sec.*
Trowa: Oh that's charming. *smashes a pie into Shannon's face.*
Shannon: ... I hate whipped cream. *yanks the pie tin off and hits Trowa with it.*
Tiffany: *sticks her head out from her office* Now who fucked up the scene?
Shannon: *points at Trowa*
Trowa: *points at Shannon*
Director: CU- *gets pied* .... Not this again. ><;
Sidra: *examines Sazabi's cockpit* Man, how the hell do you pilot this thing??
Milliardo: *sitting in the seat* I'm working on it. Get to work repainting this thing, okay? >=]
Sidra: No problem *whistles* ^.~
Momoko: *runs in and salutes* REPORTING FOR DUTY!
Milliardo: NOT PINK, okay? --;
Momoko: Roger that, sir! ^.^
Tiffany: *on the phone* Hi. Yancha?
Voice on the phone: AAAAAHHHH! PRINCESS PRINCESS PRINCESS *whip crack the background*
Voice on the phone in the background: PUT THAT PHONE DOWN! AND CALL ME YOUR QUEEN!!!!!!
Voice on the phone: But Keetia!! We've done this joke already! AAACK!!! *gunfire in the background*
Tiffany: .... *hangs up and turns to face Trowa* They're doing really kinky things again.
Trowa: *giggles*
Tiffany: You're supposed to be hung over, idiot.
Char: Hahahah... the last slice of pizza... To think there is a traitor in their midst... Of course, who'd blame the narrator for being a traitor after what those crazy women did to him.... *sits down and munches the last slice of pizza*
Narrator: *listening in* .oO{ Good, it's working! }
*Sazabi clumsily walks to a new hiding place, half painted white.*
Milliardo: All right! I'm getting the hang of this! Somebody should get more information out of Stephanie about this suit though.
Sidra: Mission accepted XD
Sally: *sitting next to comatose Wufei, holding his hand* You probably can't hear me, can you, Wufei? *sighs* You're a lousy husband.
Wufei: *eyebrow twitch*
Sally: You're a lousy father.
Wufei: .oO{ Cut anytime now, director. }
Sally: And you're LOUSY IN BED!
Wufei: O_O;; WHAT!?!
Kiandra: *off stage* WHAT!?!
Hilde: I've got things to say about you, Duo. ¬¬;
Duo: Eeh...
Wufei: What do you mean by that, Sally!?! ><;;;
Trowa: *giggles*
Sally: There there. Stephanie dared me to do that because she wanted to see how Kiandra would react.
Kiandra: *cries in the background* MY WUFFIE-KINZ NEEDS VIAGRA!!!! T_T
Wufei: *chokes*
Director: I think we know my line by now -_-;
Stephanie: Well, it's got two beam sabers, a beam tomahawk/sword thing, a 'beam shot rifle', and some sorta mega particle gun on the torso. And three missiles on the shield. I don't think you can use the funnels though, because a) we're under gravity, and b) you aren't a newtype.
Sidra: "Funnels" and "newtype"?? *blinks*
Stephanie: UC Timeline stuff. Just don't worry about it. Though.... Quatre might be able to use the funnels though... maybe Heero... I guess they're the most newtype like of the G-boys...
Sidra: Riiiight...
Meiran: *in her dorm room partying*
Quatre: --; *knocks on the door* The director says to turn your music off.
Meiran: Awww....
Director: Now... let's get this scene done RIGHT, okay???
Meiran: *rolls her eyes*
Director: Action!
Meiran: *sits on the floor in the dark and looks at her cut finger* ...
Quatre: *outside, knocks on the door* Meiran? Are you in there? It's Quatre.
Meiran: *mumbles* Y-yeah... *gets up and lets Quatre in, then sits back down and cleans the bit of blood off her sword*
Quatre: What were you doing??
Meiran: Actually, this is just a paper cut. ^^; Can I get a band-aid??
Director: CAN IT WAIT? >8F
Meiran: o.o;
Duo: Want a holographic one? ^__^
Meiran: Sure, Uncle Duo! ^-^
Quatre: *sighs* -.-; We're NEVER gonna get done shooting today...
Noin: *whispers* That's okay, we have to stall for Milliardo and Sidra.
Meiran: I promise I'll behave for this scene -.-;;
Director: Good. ACTION!
Meiran: *sits down by comatose Wufei* Daddy? Daddy... I'm sorry about what I said... About hating you and all.... I didn't really mean it... I was just angry... I didn't mean it... It's just.... It's just... *starts to cry* Daddy, I'm sorry! Please wake up! Please! *grabs hold of Wufei's hand Please Daddy, if you don't, I don't know what I'd do.... I love you, Daddy... wake up....
Wufei: *twitches*
Meiran: *sits upright in surprise* Daddy??
Wufei: *groans and opens his eyes*
Meiran: MOM!!! *Sally and Quatre come in* He's waking up!
Wufei: *sits up slowly* Dying hurts like hell.
Heero: *falls over off stage*
Trowa: *cracks up off stage*
Catherine: *sweatdrops off stage*
Meiran: I didn't mess it up this time, Director! ><;;
Wufei: O_o;; B-b-but-!
Quatre: ^^;; Calm down Sally! Remember the 'mission'?? ^^;;
Sally: Oh yeah. Hm. How's that going anyways?
Sidra: So that's what Steph said...
Milliardo: But I want to be the one piloting it ><;
Sidra: Don't sweat it then, you don't have to use the funnels. I'm sure we can borrow the megacannon for Tallgeese.
Milliardo: *nods* Like the new paint job? *points at Sazabi, now white with black trim, and the hokey looking fin on it has been replaced with a headcrest.*
Sidra: Very Tallgeese-ish.
Char: *looks around the parking lot in confusion* I could have sworn I parked Sazabi here...
Amuro: *climbs up into the RX-93* Yeah, I thought you parked it here too...
Char: ... *eyes Amuro* You didn't do anything with it, did you? ¬¬
Amuro: Wouldn't dream of it -.-;
Keetia: *walks by* Hi! ^.^ I think the PMS took it for spare parts.
Char: What!?! O_O;
Keetia: Yeah, Stephanie was really interested in that psyframe thingie. And Jenna liked the shield. Said something about phallic symbolism. Good luck! *walks off* .oO{ Heheheheh... He'll go after them and they'll maim him! }
Char: *stares after Keetia* .......
Siduri: *hits Char over the head with a Zechs mask* NOT YOU TOO! _)@$**()@*$#(@&* ........!!!!!!
Char: >.o; *rubs his head* You are not right in head, kid.
Siduri: I'M not the one running around with a BUCKET on my head off and on.
Char: I'm not the one with Birdman for a father.
Siduri: HEY!!!! *lunges*
Amuro: I'll be going now... *shuts the cockpit and the RX-93 runs away ASAP*
Char: *shouts* ........!!!!!!!!
Siduri: OMAE O KOROSU!!!!!