Outtakes, Mistakes, and Other Things That Should Not
Have Happened

Director: Hey, everything is working for once! YES!

Narrator: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Director: IT'S FOUR DOTS YOU NUMBSKULL! And that's not our opening line!
Siduri: The dots... the dots... *tch tch*

Sally: Wufei?
Wufei:  WHAT, woman!? I'm trying forget how awful YOU are in bed-
Sally: *PUNCHES Wufei's lights out*
Meiran: Does this mean I'm adopted? O_o;
Heero: If I were you, I'd be praying I was adopted.
Director: Cut... Medic.

Char: Goddamnit, where is Sazabi!?
Shadowy Figure: Psst! *grabs Char* This way.
Char: Ack! Who are you!?
Shadowy Figure: Sssh! *whispers* They'll find us. I'll tell you in a minute... I know... where Sazabi is.
Char: Really?? o_o

Sally:  Has anybody seen Meiran? *frowns*
Shino: I saw her go into her dorm room. She sounded like she was crying. *leans against a wall.*
Duo: Speakin' of missing people... *looks around* Where's Trowa? I haven't seen him since sometime yesterday.
Trowa: (/_^ Miss me?
Duo: Omae o korosu.
Director: Aren't you supposed to be wasted in the next set over?
Trowa: Oh, all right. *splats the director with a pie and walks off*

Momoko: HEY! HEY! TIFF! ARE YOU IN THERE!?!? *pounds on the door to Tiffany's office.* HELLLLLOOOOO!!?!?!? DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE! YO! TIFFANY! PMS TO TIFFANY! I'M COMING IN!! *barges in*
Trowa: Can we change the scene to this instead??
Assistant Director: ... Why did I take this job? o_o Take two.... and... ACTION!
Momoko: HEY! HEY! TIFF! ARE YOU IN THERE!?!? *pounds on the door to Tiffany's office.* HELLLLLOOOOO!!?!?!? DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE! YO! TIFFANY! PMS TO TIFFANY! I'M COMING IN!! *barges in*
Trowa: *snaps* Will you shut the hell up!?
Assistant Director: *throws a chair at Momoko* AUGH! Stop doing that!
Momoko: Ouch! ;-; You're mean!

Momoko: *about Tiffany, to Trowa* But why is she so exhausted!?!?!? You two weren't DOING anything, were you!?!?!!?
Trowa: Can we? Do we get a lemon scene?
Tiffany: *opens an eye* Ex-ex-CUSE me!?
Trowa: (/_n
Kiandra: Do I get a lemon scene with Wuffie!?!
Sally: NO. *smacks Kiandra upside the head* I do.
Wufei: What!? That wasn't in the contract, I won't let them film something like that! It's not honorable!
Sally: Aww.....
Assistant Director: *AHEM* Can we try this again please?
Momoko: *about Tiffany, to Trowa* But why is she so exhausted!?!?!? You two weren't DOING anything, were you!?!?!!?
Momoko: *flees instinctively* O_O
Assistant Director: Um... that wasn't your line...
Trowa: I thought it sounded good though, how about you?
Assistant Director: Hmm... Well, the original line was "Go away before I shoot you", in that low tone... However, your character flipping out like a ninja might work better. I say we keep it!
Momoko: o_o; He's not... really gonna kill me... right?
Trowa: *gives Moe the pie tin* Nah.

Char: Who are you?
Shadowy Figure: *removes trench coat and hat. It's Jenna!* I must confess, I've always been a fan! *GLOMP!*
Char: ACK! Where's my mobile suit, you crazy woman!?
Jenna: They've stolen it.
Char: They who!? Keetia said it was taken for SPARE PARTS! >=F
Jenna: Oh? We didn't do it. Momoko repainted it though... And Steph told them about it. But we didn't take it...
Char: Then who did!?
Jenna: Who do you THINK!? Sexy Zechsy! ^-^
Char: *stares* ... Right...
Jenna: I have an idea to get back at them. You see... nobody is watching the Tallgeese right now... *grins evilly*

*Elsewhere, in the back lot of the studios.*
Milliardo: I think I've got this thing figured out... *Sazabi clomps along.*
Sidra: Woohoo! ^_^ All right! Buckethead won't know what hit him!
Milliardo: I haven't touched it! I've been busy with this piece of junk!
Sidra: Then.... o_o
Milliardo: NO. That BASTARD!

Jenna: .... ahem. Anyways, it's news about Wufei.
Kiandra:  HOW'S WUFFIE-CHAN!?!?
Tiffany: Keep it down, you guys *sighs* How is he doing?
Jenna: All he remembers is that Sally is lousy in bed.
Sally: *twitch*
Kiandra: THEN I HAVE A CHANCE! *cheers*
Director: Cut, cut. *pats his assistant on the shoulder and sighs*

Momoko: ......... STOP PIEING ME, GODDAMNIT! Do you want us to pie Heavyarms again!?!
Trowa: *shrugs* I could use these squirting flowers I got instead? (/_^

Kwannon: *to Nimeesha* So we're going to attack Earth instead?
Nimeesha: No! We're going to drop MO-II on Earth and kill them all! =D AHAHAHAHHA!
Kwannon: O.o; Um... uh.... cut? Please?
Director: *blink blink* Cut. Yeah. Definitely. That was disturbing.
Nimeesha: Aw... *sighs* Can I drop a giant space ship on it instead?
Milliardo: HEY. I drop spaceships, not YOU. =( And that bastard drops big rocks... GRRRRRRR....
Assistant Director: What is he in such a bad mood?
Kwannon: *yawns* I think Char stole his suit or something.
Director: Why me.... -_-

Char: Hey, you. *motions to Stephanie*
Stephanie: Oro? Whatcha want, bucket head?
Char: *TCH!* I require information on a mobile suit.
Stephanie: Oh, let me guess! Tallgeese!? Zechs is looking for you, you know. He's gonna kick your ass when he finds you.
Char: We'll see about that.... Now, tell me everything you know about the Tallgeese!
Stephanie: I will... but only if you call me "Stephanie-chan!" Or  "Little Stephanie" If you're into the dub-
Washu: HEY! That's my thing! *whacks Stephanie* So what do you need to know? ^_^
Char: YOU know about it? -_-
Washu: Of COURSE I do. I'm a super genius!
Char: Tell me how it works. How to pilot it!
Washu: Sure, but only if you call me "Little Washu" or "Washu-chan!"

Shino: It's a really sad state of affairs, isn't it? I mean, the peace was supposed to last.
Siduri: It didn't. It's all Venus' fault, man. Or at least, somebody there. It was their governess who declared war. Man... I don't think I like women. Both my sister and Meiran hit me, and now this governess starting up a war...
Shino: So you're yaoi fodder?
Siduri: O_O Eh-eh-- NO, GOD NO! My virginity! NOOOOOOO!
Shino: o_o ..............
Siduri: AUGH!!! *holds his head in pain*
Director: Cut. Somebody get him a shrink.

Sally: I have to go back to work now... Are you going to be all right?
Meiran: *brushes her hair out of her face* Oh, yeah. I just stayed up too late partying last night.
Sally: Yeah, me too.
Wufei: *twitches off stage* Women! >_<
Assistant Director: Cut.... You always do you damnest to ruin scenes, Meiran- eh? *looks around* Meiran? Hey, where'd she go?
Domon: ... Ex...cuse me... Miss? *looks down*
Meiran: *,*
Wufei: ... Meiran? ... WHAT are you DOING.
Firefury: *-*
Domon: Um... Somebody invited me to the set?
Firefury: That would be me! *-* *yanks Meiran off*
Meiran: AHHH! Hey! >=( He's mine!
Firefury: NO he's NOT. He's mine! I'm the producer! I invited him! Besides! What would you're father say, about you chasing older men!?
Meiran: I'm not chasing him! YOU are! You invited him here!
Firefury: And I'm a MATURE young woman who has needs! And I'm his age!
One: ... Mature? Has NEEDS? What the hell? Dude Rain is gonna kick your ass.
Rain: *twitching slightly to the left of Domon.*
Director: Oh boy, fangirl cat fight. We should evacuate the area.
Domon:  Fangirl? What? *blinks*
Meiran: *,*
Firefury: *-* You look good naked you know.
Rain: I HOPE you mean on the show. ¬_¬
Wufei: *grabs Meiran* What do you think you're doing!? He's from that bastardization of Gundam!
Domon: HEY! I'll show you bastardization, you pretty boy yaoi fodder!
Wufei: WHAT? You wanna fight!?
Meiran: Daddy! =( Ignore him, Domon! ^_^ He's just a cranky old man!
Wufei: Meiran! Go... GO TO YOUR TRAILER!
Meiran: *razzes Wufei* You're just jealous, Daddy, because he's more manly than you. ^_^
Domon: O_o; *Sweatdrops* Um... little girl-
Meiran: ....... *sudden look of "I'll kill you."* I may be short... but I'm not little. *tch tch tch*
Siduri: *ahem* Sorry about this. *picks Meiran up, being much much taller, and moves her over to Wufei* ^_^ Nice to meet you. I'm Siduri! Rain's really cute, you know. You lucky dude!
Domon: Um... thanks... .oO{ Why did I come here? This place is a nuthouse! }
Stephanie: DOMON-KUN!!!!!!!! *Flying Fangirl Tackl-*
Rain: *Annoyed Female Lead Counter Part PUNT!*
Stephanie: EEEEKK!! *flies through the roof*
Domon: O_O Geeze, Rain!!
Meiran: PUT ME DOWN SIDURI! *flails*
Siduri: It's good to be about a foot taller than your friends. ^_^

Director: ... We need Milliardo for this scene! Where did he disappear to?
Duo: Y'got me. I think he's off on a mission with Sidra or something.
Char: *runs in, wearing his full Neo Zeon getup* I demand to know where that wannabe is with my mobile suit!
Keetia: *offhand* Piloting Sazabi. In the back lot...
Char: ..... *whirls and storms off. The sounds of a mobile suit firing up are heard a moment later*
Assistant Director: ... Hey, isn't that the Tallgeese-? *stares* ... It's all red...?
Director: O_O;;;; Oh hell.

Char: *stomps the Tallgeese out to where Sazabi's parked* Hand over my mobile suit and I won't kick your pretty boy ass!
Milliardo: Hand over the Tallgeese and I won't kick your spacenoid ass with your own crappy suit!
Shino: ... What is with all the pretty boy insults today?
Ariana: Um.. bro, you're the pretty boy bishounen of this series... shouldn't you know already?
Shino: ^^;;; Uh, well....
Domon: ... This should be interesting.
Rain: Is this normal around here? o_o;
Director: ... *long-suffering sigh* Yes. It is.
Milliardo: *slips on his mask* Heh.
Char: *slides his bucket mask on* A copy can never surpass the original!
Zechs: Copy THIS!
*one short, intense, very impressive mobile suit battle later....*
Zechs: Don't make me laugh! That's not enough to defeat me!
Char: Heh heh heh.... *Tallgeese is a battered wreck on the ground, soundly defeated.* I still have the last laugh!
Zechs: I kicked your ass all over the place. How do you get the last laugh?
Firefury: ..... *stares at the wreckage of a good third of the studio* O_O
Char: *laughing louder* Because you just trashed your OWN mobile suit!
Firefury: *evil aura* No.... WE get the last laugh... *psychotic little giggle* Heeheehee....
Zechs: o.o;
One: WE'RE taking YOU to court for the damages!! *points the Finger of Accusation at Char*
Firefury: And whatever doesn't get sued out of you is coming out of Milliardo's paycheck!
Zechs: O_O
Char: O_O

Kwannon: Send them out. And remember, it doesn't matter if the battle is won. Just fight as best you can. Try and blow up those Gundams if you can. If they order you to surrender... *sighs* Follow your judgment.
Nimeesha: Shut up and die quietly then! =F
VMF Extras: o_o;;

Meiran: ^_^ *hands Domon the LAST slice of pizza* ((Wow, how many last slices do you suppose there are??))
Domon: Um... Thanks-? *takes the plate*
Treize: NO!!!!
Wufei: NO!!!! *points his sword at Domon* ... Who let you back in here!?!
Domon: *blink blink* It's just... pizza... um...
Rain: *sighs* Why does this happen wherever we go...? -_-
Treize: A man of your... *ahem* status could never understand the meaning of the last slice of pizza
Domon: And just WHAT do you mean by THAT!?
Wufei: FIRST you take my DAUGHTER!
Rain: WHAT!?! O_o;
Wufei: THEN you take the LAST slice of PIZZA!
Domon: Your DAUGHTER gave it to me!
Treize: He does have a point there, Wufei.
Wufei: You! Stay out of this!
Treize: *shrugs*
Wufei: *ahem* I'll never let you have my daughter! *rambles about justice and honor, etc etc, and cradle robbing, etc etc.* For whatever reason she's fascinated by you!
Meiran: *.*
Firefury: And what's wrong with being fascinated by Domon? He's an interesting guy!
Rain: Yeah! Eh- *glares at Firefury.*
Firefury: *glares back*
Wufei: I will not forgive this!! *storms off*
Domon: *unfazed* This is pretty good pizza. *munch* I see now why the last slice is so valuable.
One: Um... right... *sweatdrops*