Outtakes, Mistakes
And Other Things That Should Not Have Happened
Firefury: In the shop for repairs.
Director: AUGH!

<Sorry, the logo is down for repairs>

Narrator: Previously, on Dragon Ba-
Director: CUT!!!!!!!!! Wrong series!
Narrator: *sniffles* But- but...
Director: I KNOW you wish you could narrate DBZ, but yer NOT! Live with it!
Siduri: Hey! Mom! Dad! Got news fer ya!
Noin: Is it about Sidra?
Siduri: Nope. I enrolled in the training school downtown!
Milliardo: *pulls out a gun and points it at Siduri* Omae o korosu!
Director: CUT!! >.<
Milliardo: *grins*
Siduri: .... That's twice already since we started filming this thing! Why do you people like pointing guns at ME?!
Wufei: Where are you... ur.... sh*t! LINE!
Director: CUT!
*phone rings*
Duo: *picks it up, annoying voicemail tone* Hello, you've reached Shinigami's house. If you are an OZ pilot, I will hunt you down and send you to hell. If you are Heero Yuy, I'm not sharing any of my tips with you so you can get Relena in bed with you. If you are a salesman, telemarketer, or other annoying person, I will hunt you down and send you to hell. Thank you, and have a nice day! *hangs up*
Meiran: *blinks* Um...
Director: CUT! The HELL was that, Duo?!
Heero: ... *points gun at Duo from backstage* Omae o korosu!
Sally: Since when was your name 'Mom', Wufei? *snatches note*
Wufei: Since now, woman. Gimme that! *snatches note back*
Director: CUT!
Wufei: Damn women! How'd I get tricked into marrying one?! She was just so damn good in be-
Sally: *smacks Wufei*
Director: CUT!
Yoshino: Ariana? What're you doing back there?
Ariana: Workin' on stuff!
Yoshino: NOW what're you building? *walks around the heap*
Ariana: Stuff! Get out! GET OUT GETOUTGETOUT! *hurls a frying pan at Shino, who gets smacked because the pan was unexpected*
Yoshino: @_@
Director: CUT! Medic! Damnit, where'd the frying pan come from?!
Akane: *snatches the pan* So THAT's where it went! *storms off*
Yoshino: Some idea! If Mom or Dad find out you're rebuilding a Gundam, you're gonna be grounded for LIFE! Why the hell would you want to rebuild Wing-Zero?!
Ariana: I'm NOT rebuilding it!
Yoshino: Then WHAT are you doing with it?!
Ariana: *grins* Building a 1:1 scale perfect grade model to sell for big bucks on Ebay!
Yoshino: *falls over*
Director: CUT!
Yoshino: One question, Ari.
Ariana: What?
Yoshino: What the hell do you want an insanely powerful weapon for?
Ariana: To kick some serious Venus @$$ and to just blow sh*t up in general! ^-^
Director: CUT! Ariana! Stick to the script!
Duo: Um... no hablo ingleses
Wufei: . . . Not funny, Maxwell.
Director: CUT!... Take 2! And... ACTION!
Duo: Sore wa himitsu desu! ^_^
Xellos: Another brilliant response! ||^_^||
Wufei: . . . . .
Director: CUT! XELLOS! I told you already! STAY WITH THE SLAYERS! SHOO! *punts Xellos*
Firefury: Overall, I'd say the filming is a success ^o^
One: ... Um..... Sort of... But you know what's coming up in the NEXT episode!
Firefury: Poor Duokinz....
Duo: O_O;