*ffzz* *fzzzzz*

Outtakes, Mistakes, and Other Things That Should Not Have Happened

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Director: *pulls hair* AUGH!

Narrator: There are those who believe that life down here, began up there-
Director: CUT! Ditch the Battlestar Galactica routine!
Narrator: *sniffles* But.... but...
Director: But what?
Narrator: *bursts into tears* IT'S SO COOL!
Quatre: *on phone* Meiran??
Meiran: Yeah, I'd like to order a large pepperoni pizza-
Director: CUT!
Quatre: ... ¬_¬'
Meiran: Well I WOULD! Is it time for lunch yet?
Duo: Copy that. We've been at this for hours! *pouts*
Director: ...
Heero: I agree. Let's go break for lunch.
Director: HEY! I'm in charge here-
Heero: *Yuy Glare of Death*
Director: ... lunchtime. o.o;;
PA: Roku Merquise! Report to the admissions office immediately!
Sidra: Uh-oh. They must've found out who T.P.ed the main office...
Director: CUT! 'T.P.ed the main office'?! What?
Sidra and Siduri: *exchange high-fives*
Duo: *opens door, Wufei's there*
Wufei: *Not Happy* Is she here?
Duo: Sore wa himitsu desu! ^_^
Wufei: Cut.
Director: ... that's my line.
Xellos: ||^_^|| My job here is done!
Director: *hurls megaphone at Xellos, who disappears* ... I'm calling the director of Slayers. They need to keep track of their damned Mazoku!... Take 2... and.... ACTION!
Duo: *opens door, Wufei's there*
Wufei: *Not Happy* Is she here?
Duo: Is who here? Hilde? Relena? Sally? Lady Une? Dorothy-? The PMS-?
Wufei: ...
Director: Cut! Duo! Quit screwing around! Take 3... and... ACTION!
Duo: *opens door, Wufei's there*
*Duo and Wufei pull guns and point them at eachother*
Both: Omae o korosu!
Director: ... Do I even need to say it? CUT!
Wufei: *furious* YOU LIED TO ME?!
Duo: It was more like... creative truth-telling!
Director: Cut! Duo, stop spending your breaks with the Slayers gang, okay? Take 2... and... ACTION!
Wufei *furious*YOU LIED TO ME?!
Duo: *grins* Basically, yes.
Director: CUT! Duo! TRY to stick to the script! PLEASE!
Duo: *snickering* I'll try!
Director: Take 3... and ACTION!
Wufei: *furious* YOU LIED TO ME?!
Duo: ... do you want the truth or what you want to hear?
Director: CUT!
Duo: *lets go of the door, Wufei falls in* I don't recall inviting you inside. *grins*
Wufei: ... damn you... *hands over his nose, sounds nasal*
Duo: But seriously, Wufei... you oughta be nicer to her-
Wufei: Damn, Maxwell! I think you broke my nose!
Duo: *thinking* That's not his next line... run with it I guess. *out loud* Want a band-aid?
Wufei: ... no. I mean, I. Think. You. Broke. My. Nose!
Duo: *look of realization* Whoops! I thought you skipped a line!
Director: CUT! Medic! Get over here!
Wufei: *with a bandage on his nose* NO. Do you have any idea where she might have gone?
Duo: Nope, sorry pal.
Wufei: ... don't call me that.
Duo: *grinning* Sorry, buddy!
Wufei: OR THAT!
Duo: *mock concern* Is something wrong, Wu-Wu?
Wufei: WHAT?! *sputters angrily, lunges at Duo, who dodges and RUNS*
Director: ... cut.
*Heero and Trowa haul Wufei off of Duo, whom he had tackled and was trying to strangle with Duo's own braid*
Duo: *cracking up after catching his breath*
Director: Don't worry, Duo. He won't actually cut your braid. We can CGI the end off in editing. He just has to look like he's cutting it.
Duo: *holding his 2m braid protectively* But... but-
Director: Don't worry. Take 1... and... ACTION!
Wufei: *Pissed Off* Maxwell! Taste my revenge! *draws sword, approaches Duo*
Duo: Um... Wufei, you should really calm down... *backs away*
Wufei: *lunges, knocks Duo to the ground, and really hacks off almost half his braid*
Duo: O.O;;
Director: *jumps up* CUT CUT CUT!!! Wufei!
Wufei: *slings the length of braid over one shoulder smugly* That's for breaking my nose.
Duo: ;_; MY HAIR!
Director: ... y'know, I don't think we really need to use that scene... um... o.o;;
Duo: *bawling*
Director:... we can scrap it. *glare at Wufei*
Sidra: *opens door, Noin and Milliardo are both waiting* Um... o.o;
*Milliardo is wearing a mask, too*
Director: What is with you quacks?! CUT!
Sidra: ... not funny, Dad.
Milliardo: *grins* Couldn't resist.
Director: ... why do I get the feeling that stupid mask is going to become one of the favorite jokes around here? *sighs*
*studio parking lot, Noin is helping Milliardo back out his huge SUV without hitting anything*
Noin: *steps back, motions to Milliardo to keep backing up* Nice 'n easy, Zechs...
Siduri: ...um, Mom, do you know what that sounded like?
Duo: *falls over laughing in his convertable*
Heero: *ignores them all and drives off in his pickup*
Noin: o.o; You perverts!
Milliardo: --*
Trowa: *giggles, trying not to outright laugh*
Quatre: ... ¬_¬* I'll see you guys tomorrow. *drives off in his Porsche*