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        Burn, burn, burn, burn, BURN EVERYTHING!! *ahem* In honor of the long tradition of Gundam Wing fans flaming each other silly, we present to you... our humble flame collection! After almost a year and a half without flames, we've finally pissed someone off! Woo! It's hot in here ;) Anyways, this is a major rite of passage! You just aren't a GW fanfic author until you get flamed for your work, ne?
    Now, allow us to explain what we're going to do here. We're going to show you the flame, including the flamer's e-mail address (after all, we want these people to be recognized for their hard work!), and as a bonus, we'll include a translation from Flamese if the flame is THAT bad spelling and grammar wise. As you read the e-mail, you will see remarks from One or Firefury. This is a sacred process known as "MSTing", and has been passed down through many writers.
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Subject:  my though on the gundam wing a new era.
   Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 20:04:38 -0800
   From: "LOLIPOP" <>
     To: <>

    At first I love the Gundam wing a new era but now it make me angry.

One: ME ANGRY. Uug uuga.
Firefury: RAGE.

How can you let Relena died.

Firefury: Uh... we write that someone shoots her, and she dies. That's how.
One: Not being trained in first aid, I'm afraid there was nothing we could do for her... The paramedics were too late... Autopsy reports state that she was shot once in the chest, and died at the scene.

How can you let Shino get shoot for Tiana. Her mother is the one how kill Shino's mother Relena, are you remember that?

One: *sarcasm* No. I don't remember. I make it a POINT to forget EVERYTHING I ever write.
Firefury: Actually, it was Kwannon who shot Relena. Do you remember that?
One: Apparently they don't.

Tiana better keep herself out of everything. She better keep herself away from the Yuy family.

Firefury: Or what?
One: An anonymous source has told us that the Yuy family has not attempted to obtain a restraining order against Tiana Pembroke. Until a restraining order is obtained, Miss Pembroke is under no legal obligation to keep distance from Heero Yuy, Ariana Yuy, or Yoshino Yuy.

Even She is not the one who kill Relena but her mother did.

Firefury: We said it before. Kwannon is the one who pulled the trigger. Physically speaking, Kwannon killed Relena. Kwannon was acting on orders from Nimeesha Pembroke, however, she could have chosen not to pull the trigger.

In frond of Relena death body she still thinking about her mother.

Firefury: In palm-tree leaf of Relena's death body?
One: Go easy on the spelling riffs, aneki. I don't think English is her native language. Anyways, at no point in front of Relena's body does the story show Tiana's thoughts.

She don't want Shino pay back her mother, she try to protect her mother but what about Shino and Ariana mother?

One: As for Shino and Ariana's mother.... SHE'S DEAD. If it was you, would you want your mother killed? No. I didn't think so. It's a natural reaction to want to protect the people you care about. Even if they've royally screwed up. As for Relena, there wasn't anything Tiana could do about it, and the only person who knew what was going to happen was Kwannon.
Firefury: Who, by the way, was the person who shot Relena.
One: She also doesn't want our Bishie Shino getting killed.
Firefury: Which would have happened if he'd finished his fool mission. Which would leave Nimeesha and Kwannon still alive, and our hottie Shino DEAD. Not to mention it would leave Ari and Heero grieving the loss of not one, but TWO members of their family! How about THAT?

What about Heero wife?

One: Shino and Ariana's mother is synonymous with Heero's wife, by the way.

I mean she doen't need to turn her back from her mother, If she do she is a bad daughter but can she just stay away from everythings.

Firefury: Little hard, since she was thrown into it against her will. It's like the mafia. Once you're in, there's no getting out.
One: You wouldn't be too keen on sticking with your mother if she killed a woman you respected, would you? Besides, the media left her no choice but to completely disassociate herself from Venus. And her mother happens to be a big part of the Venus political scene.

Her mother kill  Relena

Firefury: *slowly, and loudly*  KWAN-NON YO-KO-SHI-MA KILLED RE-LE-NA.

and then she try to take Relena place, become one of a govermens, talk about peace, be popular.

One: Well gosh, guess what! She was INTENDED by us to fill the role vacated by Relena! Imagine that... Govermens, eh? Nah. I think it should be goverwomens instead. =)
Firefury: *looks at One* And you told ME to be easy on the spelling riffs.
One: As for being popular, I'd say she's not popular in a really good way, and you can just go and blame the paparazzi for it!

She and her mother is nothing but a bunch of robber. I hate them both. I hate them.

Firefury: Nimeesha plus 'robber' I can kinda see. But what's Tiana stolen? Or even tried to steal?
One: Shino! ;)

It not fair for Heero. It not fair for Relena and it not fair for Shino

One: Life isn't fair! Lady Une killed Relena's surrogate father, and that certainly wasn't fair.
Firefury: And look, Une's still around! O_O Woooow.
One: *mock crying* Oh no! An earthquake has led to the death of somebody I know. WAAH! I hate you, San Andreas fault line! I hate you! You're a robber!! It's not fair! IT'S NOT FAIR! I want my mommy..... ;P
Firefury: Hey, I just realized something. 'Not fair for Shino.' .... I think we have a jealous Shino fangirl on our hands. Kinda like how you get these jealous Heero fangirls who hate Relena.

(About Ariana . Is she hate her mother or somethings? Her mother died and she act like it was nothing at all.

Firefury: Actually, Ariana kinda flips out about it at the beginning of Episode 19.
One: "She burst into strangled sobs and fell into Heero's stunned arms." - exact quote.

What kind of daughter is she, stand for and protect the one who just kill her own mother.

Both: KWAN-NON YO-KO-SHI-MA KILLED RE-LE-NA. NOT TI-A-NA, NOT NI-MEE-SHA. Get it through your head already!! You DID read the story, didn't you!?
Firefury: And Ariana just saw her mom get shot. I don't think she'd be too keen on more bloodshed.
One: As for what kind of daughter she is, I'd say she's the kind of daughter Relena would want. Because she stood up for what her mother believed in. Which was peace. Not killing people.

Ok she keep Tiana alive is a smast thing to do for not give venus a change to attack with the reason is to revenge for Tiana but ask her brother to apologise It is a thing that a understanding daughter and a sister would never do .

One: Tiana is Ariana's friend too. And Shino damned well needed to apologize. After all, it wasn't Tiana who killed Relena. It was Kwannon. How many times have we've covered that, anyways?

Is she crazy

Firefury: Yes. She built her own Gundam, for crying out loud! I think that qualifies you as crazy!
One: Look at Dr. J and the others, after all...... And the PMS.... They're all.... crazy. And they all built Gundams... I think we may be onto some new theory here...

or is she doesn't have a heart

One: If she doesn't have a heart, than you certainly don't have a brain.
Firefury: Ouch.

to feel it is paintful to lost someone you love

One: Yes, it's painful. Mork died this week, and Mork was a great dog. IT'S NOT FAIR!!! Robbery!!! I hate-! Um... I hate... .... Who do I hate for it?
Firefury: *sagely* God.

and willing to revenge)

Firefury: She was brought up by Relena. She probably had it drilled into her head since she was little that REVENGE IS BAAAAD. B-A-D, bad.

 So I beg you to fix it.

One: I'm afraid as well as not being trained in first aid, we are unfamilar with the arts of resurrection.
Firefury: Or time travel for that matter. Besides, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
One: Yeah, and it's going exactly as we intended it to. Therefore, there is nothing to fix. (I'll let you all in on something. The VERY first night we starting planning this story, we'd determined Relena would die. It's been planned ALL ALONG.)
Firefury: I'll let you in on another secret. We don't write this story just as it comes along. We actually plan it. Ahead of time. Wow! Amazing isn't it? Everything is planned! And if you hate this story, you'll LOATHE our next planned joint GW fic! MWAHAHAHAH!!!

to confort Relena soul to confort the Yuy family.

Firefury: ... You do know these are fictional characters, don't you? As in... Not Real.
One: You've been communicating with Relena's soul? Cool! Can you put me through to Quatre's? He's not dead, but hey, this is only fanfiction, so Relena isn't really dead either! ^-^ Maybe Tasuki's?

And there is a question I want to ask you, can you believe in some one who abanded their own parents?

Firefury: Actually yeah... Because parents aren't perfect people. It takes a lot of nerve to stand up to your parents. (You know, SIDRA DID IT TOO!)
One: Why is it plural? Has anybody SEEN Arthur Pembroke the First in the story? I thought it'd been made quite clear Tiana's father was dead. Further more, hell yes I can believe in somebody who's 'abandoned their parents.' We know someone who did in real life, because her mother was royally screwed up.

I hope you will changce your story bring justice to the Yuy family and make Tiana's mother pay for what she did.

One: 'Justice' ... Have you been talking with Wufei's soul too?
Firefury: You realize changing Episode 18 would require re-writing Episodes 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27.... Easily over a hundred pages of material that I don't wanna go back and re-write.
One: Not to mention changing THE WHOLE PLOT.
Firefury: And Nimeesha will probably pay for what she did. Just not noooow. We still have about twenty or so episodes to write. She's got to last, otherwise, we'll need a new antagonist.

Hope you will reply to me soon.

Firefury: *grins* ^_^
One: >8D

A Gundam's fan:

Firefury: But your e-mail says you're "LOLIPOP"
One: And your e-mail address indicates you're "KAIYAKO"

Translation by One
This is translated to the best of her ability to match the translation to the original intent of the letter.

    At first I loved Gundam Wing: A New Era, but now it makes me angry. How can you let Relena die? How can you let Shino get shot for Tiana? Her mother is the one who killed Shino's mother, Relena. You remember that? Tiana better keep out of everything. She'd better keep away from the Yuy family. Even though she is not the one who killed Relena, her mother did. In front of Relena's dead body she is still thinking about her mother. She doesn't want Shino to pay her mother back. She tries to protect her mother, but what about Shino and Ariana's mother? What about Heero's wife? I mean, she doesn't need to turn her back on her mother. If she does, she is a bad daughter. But she can just stay away from everything else. Her mother killed Relena, and then she tries to take Relena's place, by becoming a politcal figure, talking about peace, and being popular. She and her mother are nothing but a bunch of robbers. I hate them both. I hate them. It's not fair for Heero, it's not fair for Relena, and it's not fair for Shino. (About Ariana. Does she hate her mother or something? Her mother died and she acted like it was nothing at all. What kind of daughter is she? Standing up for a protecting the one who just killed her own mother. Ok, so she kept Tiana alive. A smart thing to do, not giving Venus a chance to attack with the reason being revenge for Tiana. But asking her brother to apologize is a thing that a understanding sister would never do. Is she crazy? Doesn't she have a heart to feel it is painful to lose someone you love, and are willing to avenge?) So I beg you to fix it. To comfort Relena's soul. To comfort the Yuy family. And there is a question I want to ask you. Can you believe in someone who abandoned their own parents? I hope you will change your story, bring justice to the Yuy family, and make Tiana's mother pay for what she did.
Hope you will reply to me soon.
A Gundam's fan:


    An interesting note. This person previously e-mailed us saying they loved the story. In fact, they said they weren't sure it was a fanfic, or some sort of official thing. Well, you can please some of the people all of the the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can't please all the people all the time. And fans change sides at the drop of a hat. Easy come, easy go.