The Story Behind the Story

    Firefury: It all started one daaaaaaark and fooooooooggggggyyyyy night... In a neat lil town called Cambria.
        One: We were killing time in our room when I was supposedly doing algerbra. We were (duh) talking about Gundam Wing.
        Firefury: And I mentioned I'd been kinda tossing around the idea of a character that would be Zechs and Noin's daughter (who later gained the name Sidra).
        One: I told her our friend Nova Strike would kill her =) But other ideas started getting tossed around, twins, kids of some of the other pilots, Venus colonies, etc. ("I'd hate to be Wufei's daughter... Hmm!" That sort of thing. I really would hate to be Wufei's daughter. =)
        Firefury: Gradually the idea turned from just the twins, Sidra and Siduri to "Hey, if those two (meaning Zechs and Noin) have brats by now, maybe some of the other Gundam Wing characters would. And how long would that peace really hold?"
        One: So then Meiran (named after, well, duh, Meiran) followed and was created. Then Ariana. Then Yoshino (Shino). Then we fast forwarded the GW timeline about 20 years so the kids were all in their teens. Then we needed a villian, reasons, and of course... new mobile suits.
        Firefury: Gundams in particular. ^_^
        One: So we hung out on the balcony debating plot points, characters, how they'd react to things and each other, the before the story stuff, etc. We were up half the night doing it. In the morning we started designing suits. ("How many micro missiles should this have?" *eating* "Dunno." "Just what girls are always talking about. Micro missiles and heavy artillery!" "Haha, mom.")
        Firefury: So that's pretty much it.