GW: A New Era

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this official?

Absolutely NOT. Gundam Wing: A New Era has nothing to do with Sunrise or Bandai or any other company that holds legal right to anything Gundam. This is purely a fanwork and not for profit. So also, no, there will be no anime, no matter how cool it would be.

2. Can I use use your characters/art/graphics/etc?

Absolutely NOT! We put a lot of effort into creating our characters and all of our character/mecha artwork has been created by people for the express purpose of this webpage (or the artist's own site) and not for distribution. Furthermore, all graphics are the property of One and/or Firefury since they (especially One) spent a lot of time making them.

3. Can you teach me how to make a website?

No, but if we're in a good mood, we might give a few pointers.

4. OMG! I don't like [insert plot point here]! Will you please change it?

OMGNOES!!1 The general direction of the story has already been laid out, and has probably been laid out for several years already. Just because one reader may not like something doesn't mean we're going to change it. We aren't forcing you to read this, and you're getting it for free!

5. Can I submit art/side stories/etc?

Sure! ^_^ That would be awesome. However all side stories will have to meet certain standards!

5. Have you stopped writing the story? :(

NO. Contrary to... well, a lot longer than we would like to admit, we still intend to finish this thing, and thank you for your patience!