With a look of disgust I watch the Senate's proceedings. They can't hide their secrets from me, though they can easily hide them from others. It's sickening, to see how little the past has impacted their thinking today. But I suppose, despite careful planning and a near-flawless execution of those plans, that it couldn't last.
    It's been almost twenty-one years since I last walked these halls, laying plans and carefully maneuvering people into position for what should have been the war to end all wars. I suppose I should count myself lucky that my goal was achieved for so long before human error and desire finally resurfaced to set humanity back.
    Unnoticed, I pass down the hallway, lost in thought. Twenty-one years is a long time, it can change a man. From soldier to politician, from desperate boy to loving father. I've seen it happen, to Milliardo, to Heero Yuy. By rights, neither of them should have had to bear the burden of this new conflict. They've done more than could be asked already. If anything, it ought to have been their children's children taking up the fight, not them. The peace ought to have lasted generations, but it hasn't, and I can't help myself from wondering if perhaps something in my plan failed.
    In any event, what is in the past cannot be changed, and the future is bearing down entirely too swiftly. Were I able, I would gladly have intervened, worked out another scheme to lay before humanity. Unfortunately, any power I had to do so was lost in AC 195, but it was my choice, and even I couldn't have foreseen the successful colonization of both Mars and Venus. It is logical that the new trouble stems from an inept government, being as money and personal interests drive the Senators and President on. Even without the disaster on Venus, I'm relatively certain that they would have tried to break away from the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. It is the 'Earth Sphere' government, and both the Mars and Venus Sphere have developed in just a few years a strong sense of unity and identity separate from their mother planet.
    Silently I slip into Preventer Commander Une's guest quarters and survey the scene. She is sitting before the dressing mirror, apparently removing her hair from the tight buns she had been wearing when she addressed the Senate. She looks terribly dejected by the recent turn of events, but there's nothing I can do to assist or comfort her-
    A thought strikes me with almost the force of a physical blow. There is perhaps a little that I can do. Not enough to satisfy myself, I'm certain, but far better than being only able to watch helpless as those I care about suffer. She remains unaware of my presence even while I gather myself to approach her, so lost is she in her own thoughts and troubles. I can see her shiver slightly as if the temperature in the room dropped. Which I'm fairly certain it has. She's looking at herself in the mirror, too distracted to notice. I can only hope I don't scare her. Gathering my courage, I address her, hoping that this half-formed idea works.
    No response, though I think I saw her glance up for a moment. This may be more difficult than I thought. Concentrating harder on my objective, I try once again.
    Lady Une, you mustn't give up now. Damn, this is more taxing than I would have guessed, but she is looking around, confused. She must have heard me, against all logic.
    "Who's there?" She glances around, not seeing anyone present in her room. "Or am I just going mad, on top of everything else?"
    I would hardly expect insanity from you, Lady. And I'm fairly certain you know who speaks.
    I watch the color drain from her face as she sits heavily back down, staring at the mirror in disbelief. I can hardly blame her, really. Were I to approach anyone else in this unusual manner, anyone less would likely have fainted dead away from shock. Even Milliardo would likely have gone paler than his hair.
    Forgive me for startling you, Lady. I'm unaccustomed to this effort, nor am I certain how long I can maintain it.
    I can see her struggling to comprehend what's going on, struggling to answer, if only to touch reality thus. I would not have thought it possible for someone in my position to ever be able to feel tired or exhausted by anything ever again, but I would seem to be mistaken.
    "T-Treize?" She finally stammers out past her shock. Unseen still, I approach her, focusing every last ounce of my will to what I feel I must do.
    Indeed, Lady. I am here, in a fashion. She's staring at the mirror, and if it was possible, I would swear she had gone even paler. I steal a brief glance at the glass and see just what she must be staring at in such shock. Barely visible in the glass is my own reflection. I smile and lay a weightless hand on Lady Une's shoulder.
    "How-?" Is all she can manage to say, so overcome by shock or sorrow. Perhaps, and likely, both.
    You honestly think I would just sleep idle while everything falls apart around you? Lady, I have been watching over you for a very long time, I know nearly all of what is happening. Now is not the time to give up hope. Many of the Preventers look to you as their leader, and when the time comes, and it will soon, I can assure you, you must be there to lead them.
    "Th-then, you mean-?" She seems to be recovering slightly from her shock, she's turned around to face me directly, rather than the image in the mirror. "They're going to-?"
    I nod. Yes. Some of them are going to attack the Senate in your name. Just like those in OZ loyal to me attacked Romafellar in defense of my ideals. Mariemaia's predicted 'endless waltz' of war, peace, and revolution will continue.
    I can see she's shaking her head slightly, trying to assimilate all this information. I can only admire her courage, continuing in the face of such odds, and laying plans in preparation of the inevitable.
    "We've- Noin and I have planned-" She tries to explain. "To evacuate to Mars, but we'll have to abandon the Earth to Venus then-"
    Ssh. I know. But sometimes it is necessary to retreat, to allow the worst to happen so that the final goal can be achieved.
    "Treize, I-" She slumps slightly in her chair. I had never realized that my death would have affected her so deeply. I must admit I was somewhat disappointed by the 'other side'. It is and is not at all like what people have guessed about it for centuries. I found I could wander freely, or disappear into oblivion, probably to await reincarnation. Needless to say, Something urged me to go into the world in this new form to do what I may. So I did, keeping silent, helpless watch over things. Though I think I did have Senator Perth scared witless once or twice.
    Lady, I know, and I wait for you. But it is not your time yet- Damn it all, it's getting far too difficult to speak and maintain myself as an evenly barely visible manifestation. Silently cursing, I let myself fade from view. Forgive me, Lady, I cannot speak much longer. She nods slightly, and I idly wonder if she will believe this ever happened once she has had the time to think about it. Know that I will always be watching over you and Mariemaia, even if I cannot reveal myself to be. And Lady, my dear Lady Une, I love you with all my soul, and I shall await you on the other side.
    Damn it all, I would not have thought it possible for a spirit to be exhausted, but I am. I can barely keep myself oriented.
    After some length of time, I'm not sure entirely how long it has been, or what has transpired, but Lady Une is about to address the Senate one final time before they place that selfish man Selvaggio in charge of the Preventers. She pauses in front of the mirror and glances around the room before speaking to the silence.
    "Treize, I will try my best, even though peace for any of us seems a thousand years away. I believed in you then, and I still do."
    Her stride firm with renewed purpose, she leaves the room. Unseen, I can only smile and in the silence wish her the best.