An ANE Christmas Story, By: One & Firefury

December 24th, A.C. 216

        Momoko gathered everyone into her apartment and locked the doors and windows. She pulled down the blinds.
    "You weren't followed, were you?" She whispered to the others gathered before her. They were Shannon, Stephanie, Jeanie, Jenna, and Kiandra, of Prototype Mobile Suits. Better known as the PMS.
    "We made sure, no da!" Jeanie confirmed.
    "Anyone who would have followed would have met their maker." Jenna held up a Nerf gun that she had hidden under her trenchcoat. Momoko sweatdropped as the others pulled out toy weapons from their own trenchcoats.
    "Did you bring the mission orders?" Moe turned her attention towards Shannon, who nodded and produced a few copies to pass around. The PMS sat down in a circle on the floor, and Momoko read them their orders.
    "Your primary objective, 'Kiss. Really. Hot. Guys.'"
    "MISSION ACCEPTED!!!" They chorused.
    "I'M NOT DONE YET!" Momoko shouted.
    "Yeah, the real reason behind this operation!" Shannon flailed.
    "Ahem," Momoko continued, "Secondary objectives. Get Trowa and Tiffany to kiss in public. I thought this was gonna be a first?"
    "Weeell......" Shannon sweatdropped.
    "We like it this way better anyways. Ne?" Kiandra grinned goofily, probably thinking of Wufei.
    "And lastly, put reindeer antlers on Altron."
    "That's going to be my present to Wuffie..." Kiandra was lost in her own little world.
    "Got the equipment and ammo, Moe?" Shannon inquired. Momoko nodded and held up some kind of control.
    "Got it! Heheheheh. Anyways, memorize your codenames. They're vital to hitting the targets."
    "They'll never know what's coming!" Stephanie unleashed her evil laugh, "BwaHAahahahahah!"
    "Keetia's comin' to spike the drinks, right?"
    "D'uh. We didn't even need to ask! She's worse than US sometimes!" Jenna pointed out. It was true. Keetia had all but asked to provide food and beverages for the party. And booze.

Morning, December 25th, A.C. 216

        "Wai! Wai! Christmas treeeee!" Stephanie cheered and set the tiny potted tree down on the table.
    "Um.... THAT'S a tree?" Tiffany sweatdropped.
    "It's a bonsai Christmas tree." Steph made a face and started putting tiny decorations on it. Shannon rushed in with her brilliant tree topper.
    "The perfect tree topper!" The younger sister held up a small menorah, modified to be placed upon the small tree. Tiffany sweatdropped slightly.
    "Multi-cultural party, no da!"
    "I just like those chocolate coins." Shannon admitted.
    "You WOULD." Tiffany sweatdropped again, "Remind me NOT to hang out with you guys the next time our holidays coincide."
    "Awww! That's mean, Tiffany-san!!!" Kiandra walked over to the tree, "I got an ornament I wanna put it! It took a long time to make, but it's so cute!"
    And thus, Kiandra placed a tiny ceramic Wufei on one of the branches. Sweatdrops were had by all. It was eventually followed by tiny ceramic Tasukis, Duos, Kenshins, Zechses, Trunkses, Quatres, Kaioshins, Tamahomes, Zelgadises, Seijis/Sages, Nurikos, Junos, Heeros, Allens, Harrys, Dilandaus, Vans, Chichiris, Xelloses, and many other anime characters the PMS deemed 'bishounen.'
    "There's a tree under there?"
    "Somewhere." Shannon put on a Santa hat and started putting gifts under the tree.
    "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!" Momoko cackled from somewhere in the hangar.

Flashback. December 22nd, A.C. 216

        "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING FOR TIFFANY!?!" The PMS chorused at Trowa, after tracking him down on the campus. He stared at them for a moment.
    "There's three days until Christmas, no da!" Jeanie said, hidden safely behind Momoko and Stephanie.
    "Shopping is a pain in the ass this late!" Jenna crossed her arms.
    "And it'll only get worse!" Kiandra joined in.
    "Do you need any help? We're good at shopping!"
    "....." Stephanie looked at her sister, "I hate shopping."
    "Spoil sport." Jenna made a face.
    "Sure, she doesn't celebrate Christmas, but that's no excuse!!" Moe pointed the Finger of Accusation at Trowa, but jumped back behind Jeanie the moment he moved.
    "DON'T SHOOT!" She flailed.
    "DON'T SHOOT MOMO, NO DAAAA!!!!!!!!"
    "I wasn't planning to." Trowa replied flatly.
    "Oh. You moved. I thought you were going to pull a gun out of nowhere and shoot at us again."
    "Hah! You're all wimps! Afraid of being shot!" Jenna laughed.
    "You whined the whole trip back to Mars, no da."
    "....." Jenna looked miffled.
    "TO THE MALL!" Shannon announced. She latched onto one of Trowa's arms, and Kiandra latched onto the other. The pilot was swept away in a similar fashion to the way Duo had been swept away into spying at Keetia's bar.

Afternoon, December 25th, A.C. 216

        Stockings were hung up on the walls for everyone the PMS had invited to their party. Slowly, the guests were trickling in. Even Heero had been dragged along by Ariana.
    "... Why are there icicle lights on Deathscythe?" Duo blinked.
    "I think it looks cute!" Stephanie waved. Hilde sweatdropped at her, holding little baby Relena in her arms.
    "Kawaiiiii!" Various PMS members cooed.
    "We got gifts for her too, no da!" Jeanie smiled as the baby tried to steal her kasa, which was painted red and had a white ball of fuzz on top, in honor of Christmas.
    Siduri sat in a corner idly tapping out Christmas tunes on an electronic keyboard, waiting for Sidra and his parents to show up. I bet she didn't get me anything. Hmph.
    Wufei walked in along with Sally, followed by Meiran. Wufei looked slightly disgruntled as his daughter dropped a Santa hat on his head.
    "Bah humbug."
    Everyone froze and LOOKED at Wufei. He sweatdropped slightly.
    "Loosen up, honey." Sally smiled.
    "Yeah! I got you something GREAT, Wufei!" Duo waved. Wufei was filled with a sense of impending doom.

        " *Fzz.* This is Airwolf. Do you copy, Yui-chan? *ffzzz* "
    " *fzzt* YUI. Not Yui-chan! And hai, all the radios seem to be working. *fzzz!* "
    " *fzztzz* This is Martina, checking in. *zzfzzzff* "
    " *fzz* Yuuki Miaka! Hi Yui-chaaan! *ffz* "
    " *fzzz!* Misao is here! *fzt*
    " *fzztzt* Watashi wa Kaoru desu! *fz*
    " *FZZT* All right. Mission start in T-minus five minutes. *fzz...* "

Afternoon, December 25th, A.C. 216

        "They don't seem to have hung up any mistletoe." Quatre noted, "My sisters used to always put it up at the family Christmas parties."
    "Bad memories?" Duo grinned.
    "... A few."
    "This is so cool." Duo looked around, "Lena's first Christmas! I need to get one of those collectable ornaments or something with the year on it." Duo was still, as he should be, full of pride about his baby daughter. Hilde was sitting in one of the chairs rocking her while she dozed.

    " *fzzt!* This is Kaoru! Tamahome and Kenshin are talking. Tomoe seems otherwise occupied. Can you bomb them, Airwolf? *fzz* "
    " *Fzzzzt* Roger that, Kaoru. Are Yui and Miaka interested too? *Fzz* "
    " *FZT!* HAI! *FZZT!* "
    " *Fzzt* Launching. Airwolf out. *ffzt* "

    A black radio controlled helicopter launched from the depths of the hangar and made its way towards the connecting lounge, to the party.
    "... What is that?" Dorothy set her glass down and looked up.
    "Uh... It looks like a remote control helicopter. Imagine that." Kiandra looked away. I wonder who will get to 'Tamahome' first? 'Yui' or 'Miaka'? The pigtailed redhead looked in the direction of Shannon and Jeanie, both looking like lionesses ready to pounce.
    "Huh?" Duo looked up. Hovering above was a black helicopter with a bundle of mistletoe hanging from its landing struts, "Oh, that's cute...."
    "....." Quatre blinked up at it.
    "I CAUGHT YOU!" Stephanie tackled Duo clear out of the way of the incoming catfight. Quatre sighed and walked off while Jeanie and Shannon duked it out. They didn't even notice.
    "DUO!" Hilde shouted. Duo ducked instinctively. A baby bottle sailed over his head and hit Steph in the face.
    "Itaiii!" Stephanie fell over and held a hand over her nose.

    " *fffzzzt!* Status report? *fzz* "
    " *ffz* This is Misao. They all failed. Yui and Miaka are fighting still. *ffzzzt* "
    " *ffzt* This is Kaoru... I was so close... the Dead Fish noticed. *fzzt* "

    The little helicopter flew up into the rafters and landed, waiting to be called to duty once more. It probably wouldn't be too long.

    " *ffzzt!* This is Misao. Aoshi is by the eggnog. I repeat, Aoshi is by the eggnog. I don't see the Oniwabanshu anywhere. Request an air strike! *ffzzt* "
    " *fzz* Roger that. Get ready. Airwolf out. *zzt* "

    "Hi!" Kiandra wandered over to get herself a glass of eggnog, "Nice Santa hat!"
    "....." Wufei glanced at her as Keetia poured their glasses, "What do you want?"
    "Your hot sexy body, but I'm not getting that, am I?" Kiandra replied innocently.
    Wufei nearly dropped his drink.
    "What kind of woman ARE you! Huh?" He looked up. Hovering above was the mistletoe bearing helicopter. Hearts formed in Kiandra's eyes and she prepared to make the kill.
    "Merry Christmas, Daddy!" Meiran walked over to get a soda and gave her father a quick kiss on the cheek, sparing him from the insane PMS member, who's heart filled eyes turned to tear filled ones in an instant as Wufei walked off with his daughter.

    " *fzzt* Oooh, Misao's kiss got stolen. *ffzt* "
    " *fzzt* This is Martina. HAHAHAHAH! *FFZ* "
    " *fzt* This is Airwolf. Do you all read? *fzzz* "
    " *Fz!* HAI! *FZZT* "
    " *fzz* You guys suck. *ffz* Give me the locations of Squall and Rinoa. *ffz* "
    " *ffzzt* This is Yui. Squall is talking with Tamahome. No sign of Rinoa over here. *ffzz* "
    " *ffzzt* This is Miaka. Hi Yui-chan! *ffzt*
    "*Fzzz!* I'll take Tamahome from you. *ffzt* "
    " *ffzt* Yui-chaaan. *ffz*
    " *ffzzzzzzz* This is Kaoru. I'm in the restroom. So's Rinoa. *fzz*
    " *Ffzzt* What are you doing in the bathroom? *ffzzt* "
    " *ffzt* Trying to get my nose to stop bleeding. Tomoe throws a mean baby bottle. *ffffzz* "
    " *ffzzt* Martina here. Can I call in a run on Zelgadis? *fzt* "
    " *FZZ!* NO. *ffzz!* "
    " *ffzzzt* Why not!? *ffzt!* "
    " *Ffz* Out of respect for the late Amelia. *ffzzt.* "
    " *fzzt.* Pfft. *ffzt* "
    " *ffzt* This is Kaoru. Rinoa is leaving the restroom. *ffzt* "

    Siduri got some odd looks as he started playing/singing 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer' but didn't really mind. It just wasn't Christmas without this song, after all.
    "Grandma got run over by a reindeer! Walking home from our house Christmas Eve..."
    Siduri watched the black helicopter wander around, probably looking for another victim. It was a clever idea, so long as the pilot remained hidden.
    "So Sidra," He finished the song, "I heard from Ariana that there's stuff goin' on 'tween Shino and that Tiana chick. But I can't get him to talk about it. Care to fill me in on the gossip? Ari said they went dancing when they first met, and that Shino was like, dumbstruck afterwards, and quite happily so."
    "Well, they've gone out on a few dates." Sidra brushed some of her hair out of her face. It was starting to return to a blonde color, "Maybe the 'Black Cupid' up there," she gestured to the helicopter, "will strike them with its mistletoe."
    "I wonder which lunatic is behind it... Everybody is visible, and Momoko is home with the flu I heard."
    "Maybe they programmed it with some sort of AI." Sidra guessed.
    "Hey, Sid."
    "Yeah, Sid?" Sidra made a face.
    "What'd ya get me?" Siduri grinned. Sidra smirked.
    "I'm not telling."
    "Aw, man. Pleeeeease?"

    " *ffzt* This is Martina. Can I call in a strike on Char?? *fFzZ* "
    " *Ffzt* Roger that. Don't blame us if you get hurt though. *ffzz* "

    The twin siblings watched the helicopter change direction and head for their father.
    "Think we should tell mom?"
    Jenna scurried nearby where Milliardo was examining the 'tree'.
    "Isn't it cool???" Jenna asked him, keeping an eye on the incoming helicopter.
    "Why is Zechs on it? Why are Duo, Heero, Wufei, and Quatre on it for that matter?" Milliardo looked over at the blonde PMS member who seemed to be anxiously awaiting something. A moment later the helicopter was above him, and before he knew it, Jenna had stolen a smooch and ran off. The only success thus far.

    "*ffzzt!* Direct hit! *ffzt* "
    " *ffzt!* GO ME! *ffzt* "
    " *ffzzt* This is Yui. I wanna try something. I'm calling an air strike on myself. *ffzzt* "
    " *ffzt* I suppose that's a new strategy. Airwolf is on its way. *ffzzt!* "

    "....." Shannon stared up at the mistletoe above her, then looked around. Siduri walked right past her. Duo walked right past her. Wufei snorted and walked right past her.
    "....." She waited more. Trowa walked right by. Heero walked right by. Milliardo walked right by. Howard walked right by.
    And stopped.

    " *ffzzzt* HAHAHAHAH! *ffzt!* "

    " *FzzT* This... is Yui.... WAAAAHHH!!!! Happosai germs! *ffzt!* "
    " *ffzzt* This is Kaoru! Squall and Rinoa are BOTH by the bar! *FZZT!* "
    " *ffzt!* Launching now!! *FZz* "

    Silence had taken its favorite place above Tiffany and Trowa. Tiffany, along with the rest of the PMS, had spend most of the past few weeks working, and so the two hadn't talked much except in passing.
    Keetia poured Tiffany a few ('a few' being five) Nuriko Specials and noted the incoming helicopter. Not that she was going to warn them about it. She'd just point it out when it arrived and it was too late for the couple before her. She quietly spiked Trowa's drink before giving it to him.
    "So." Keetia leaned on the counter, "Have you made it to first base yet?"
    Tiffany nearly choked on her drink, and Trowa stared at Keetia. Keetia smiled happily.
    "Look up, lovebirds." The raven haired bartendress pointed upwards.
    "....." They looked up. The black helicopter of doom circled lazily above them, dangling its payload of mistletoe.

    " *ffzzt* Kaoru here. I think we've got a direct hit. *fzzt* "
    " *ffzt* Well, hopefully they won't just sit there and stare. *ffzt* "

    "... Well now it makes sense." Tiffany mused.
    "Sometime this century, kids." Keetia made a face, "Or I'll have time to go get a camera."
    "What 'makes sense'?" Trowa quirked an eyebrow. The helicopter circling above with mistletoe didn't make much sense to him.
    "Hello? Didn't you guys hear me?" Keetia tapped her fingers on the counter.
    "Something one of the others asked me. They asked if, even though I don't celebrate Christmas, if I would let somebody kiss me if I was caught under mistletoe or not."
    "So you're saying they probably planned this?" NOW it made sense for Trowa.
    "Excuse ME. But are you going to adhere to tradition and kiss or what!?" Keetia held a camera up and focused it on them, "I'm ready for your close ups."

    " *Fzzt* I'm not sure they're gonna go for it, Airwolf! *ffzt* "
    " *ffzt* Somebody get Bar 1 to yell for everybody's attention. She's got a radio. Maybe if *fzz* they're put in the spotlight, they'll do it. *fZztT!* "
    " *ffffz* They might be too embarrassed then though! *fzt* "

    " *ffzt* Bar 1, this is Airwolf. Nod if you copy. Over. *fzt* " The small radio piece hidden in Keetia's ear buzzed. Keetia bobbed her head slightly.
    " *fzt* Get minna-san's attention on them. *Fzzzzt* "
    Keetia bobbed her head slightly again.
    Tiffany delivered a Death Glare unto Keetia. Not that it had any effect.
    Siduri was the first to react, deviously grabbing his microphone. Thus his words were loud and heard by all.
    "Aw, come on, Uncle Trowa!!" Siduri was soon aided by a background choir of the PMS.
    "Kiss him Tiffany! Kiss him! Kiss him Tiffany! Kiss him!" They went on and on and on and on...
    By now, everyone's attention was focused on the two.
    "GO FOR IT, TROWA!" Duo held up his drink, "AND LIKE YA MEAN IT!"
    Tiffany was beginning to turn a nice shade of red by now. And it was clearly apparent on her pale complexion.
    "We're all waiting." Siduri spoke into his microphone again, "Do you require some music?"
    Even Trowa was starting to look unnerved by the situation. Keetia waited patiently with her camera.
    "You guys had your chance to do this the easy way." She noted.
    "The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get it over with." Heero pointed out dryly.
    "Unless you want to make it a long one!!" Duo shouted again.
    "HURRY UP!!! KISS!!!" The PMS shouted into Siduri's mic. Tiffany's eyebrow twitched slightly.
    "... They've got us neatly trapped, and self-detonation isn't an option." Trowa joked flatly.
    "Yeah! We've got you there, Tiffany-san! Don't be a liar!!" Kiandra shouted.
    "Everyone's gonna be REALLY disappointed if you don't." Keetia smiled evilly.
    "Trowa! Tiffany!" Quatre shouted above the PMS's noise, "You may as well just kiss! It's not like you've got anything to lose!"
    "YEAH!" Jenna shouted.
    "Ah... he agrees with us." Shannon and Jeanie went starry-eyed briefly, then glared at each other.
    Tiffany sighed and turned her back to the crowd, picked up her first Nuriko Special and downed it in one gulp. If that's what they all bloody want, I'm going to leave them speechless.
    The albino woman turned to face Trowa, grabbed him by the front of his shirt to pull him over, and kissed him in a fashion much similar to the kisses seen in chick flicks. (Which, for those of you who don't watch chick flicks, means long, passionate kiss probably involving tongue. Was that a good enough description for you all?)
    Needless to say, Trowa, along with everyone else was left stunned and speechless. Though Keetia had managed to snap a photograph.
    "...................." Was all the crowd had to 'say'.
    "....." Was all Trowa had to 'say'.
    "....." Was all Tiffany had to 'say' as she turned back to her drinks and let her hair fall in her face as embarrassment sank in.
    The helicopter flew off, swaying back and forth as if it were dancing with joy.

    " *Fzz!* Was that a success or WHAT!? *fzt* "
    " *FzzZ* Direct hit! *fz* "
    " *fffzz* For a moment, I thought they wouldn't do it, no da. *fzfz* "
    " *Fzzt* There was no 'they' in that. That was all Tiffany, man. *FzT!* "
    " *FZZ* Dude, there must have been tongue going! I mean... DUDE. *fztfzt* "
    " *ffzt* Either way, that mission is complete. *fzZZ* "
    " *fzt* This is Yui. I want to call another strike on Tamahome. *fzzt* "
    " *FZZZZZ!* TAMAHOMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!* *fzzt* "

    Several of the PMS members cringed, and Jeanie earned strange looks from those around her.
    "Um... That's part of... Miaka Syndrome... Terrible disease, incurable, and I'm afraid I have it, no da!" She hurried away to the restroom.

    " *fzt* So, Airwolf, will you bomb Tamahome for me? *fzt!* "
    " *ffzzzzz* Yep. Get ready. Airwolf out. *fzt* "

    Shannon slowly worked her way towards Quatre, her plan all worked out.
    "Do we get Christmas bonuses!?" She popped up from behind the blonde pilot, surprising him.
    "Uh... Aren't you getting paid enough as is??" Quatre sweatdropped slightly, "Especially with all the over-time after the evacuation?"
    "..... point..." Shannon glanced up briefly. Ah, Airwolf is here!
    "Considering the amount of funds you're receiving for the projects, " Quatre continued, oblivious, "and the amount you're receiving as payment for your services-"
    He was interrupted by Shannon glomping onto, and this time successfully planting a kiss on him. But Shannon didn't have too long to savor her victory and Jeanie charged out.
    "YAMERO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jeanie ran towards Shannon, who let go of Quatre and hurried to the other side of the room. Jeanie stopped by Quatre, looked up to make sure the mistletoe was still there, planted her own kiss on him, and then resumed heading for Shannon.
    "....." Quatre sweatdropped.
    "It seems," Dorothy leaned against the wall, "that they have their little hearts set on you."

    " *ffZzt!* This'll be good. *fffz* "
    " *fFzZ* Oro? Airwolf? *fZt*"
    " *Fzzt* Miaka and Yui are gonna hate me. Heheheh. *FZZT!* "
    " *FFFZ!!* NANI!? *fzt!* "

    The helicopter began to turn around.
    "Me and somebody named 'Tasuki'." Quatre continued to sweatdrop as the two PMS members tangled in a dust cloud nearby.
    "Hm." Dorothy looked up. The helicopter bobbed happily over her head. Quatre looked slowly. As realization dawned, his expression turned to that of a deer caught in headlights.
    Dorothy waited patiently.
    "Well?" She smirked slightly, "I'm not that intimidating, now am I?"
    "Actually, you are." Quatre admitted before giving the woman who'd once run him through a quick kiss on the cheek.
    "And here I'd thought I'd mellowed since the wars." Dorothy responded dryly.
    The cloud of dust faded suddenly, Jeanie and Shannon stopped mid-brawl. Jeanie was tugging on Shannon's hair, while the latter was trying to knee her in the gut.

    Tiffany downed her remaining four Nuriko Specials in a quick succession, then grabbed her coat. She weaved her way through the clusters of people towards the door.
    "Tiffany," Noin intercepted the PMS founder, "if you want, I'll have a few words with my son later, about the whole mistletoe thing."
    "Ah. Don't worry about it. He's not the one who needs a talking to." Tiffany looked over in the direction of Keetia, who was serving Kiandra, Jenna, and Stephanie a few drinks. It's her and the others who need a talking to.
    "That was quite the kiss though." Noin smiled slightly.
    "That was more than 'quite the kiss'." Milliardo glanced over at his wife, who briefly glared at him.
    "Uh, yeah." Tiffany mumbled and continued to the door. Safely outside, she leaned against the wall and banged her head back on it once.
    Needless to say, she wasn't feeling all too bright.
    Oh, that was brilliant, Tiffany. Brilliant. You're never going to hear the end of this. By tomorrow, those fools will be out shopping for wedding presents.
    Of course, there was a little voice in the back of her mind kindly reminding her that she wasn't getting younger. Yes, the nagging voice that haunts us all when we reach a certain age. The voice of our biological clock, ticking away... Tick, tick, tick.
    "Damnit!" Tiffany growled under her breath. Why did they have to go and do that, anyways!?
    Well, Tiffany sighed and held out a hand to catch some of the falling Martian snow, maybe if I drink enough, I won't remember embarrassing the crap out of myself. ... 'Course I probably embarrassed Trowa too.
    Though he could have done more than just sit there! ... Well I did... sorta surprise him and everybody else. ... Ooooh! How could I have been that stupid!? I fell right into their little TRAP! And where are they piloting that thing from!?! And just WHO is piloting it!?!

        "Hmm..." Ariana wandered through the hangar. At least this party has been more fun than the huge ones we used to have. With all those old farts. Blah. Now where did FalconWing go?? Ariana looked at the Taurus that was occupying the spot her Gundam had been parked at before.
    "Hn." She studied the mobile suit in annoyance. They better not have put it out in the snow!! It was then something near the cockpit of the Taurus caught her eye. It was a small cable, leading to some kind of transmitting antenna on the mobile suit's head.
    "Now what could that be..." Ariana made her way up the scaffolding to the cockpit. She opened it up.
    "ACK!!!" Momoko flailed, dropping a radio controller in her panic, "DON'T SHOOT!! Oh... you're not Trowa."
    "Mo... moko? I thought you were sick with the flu!!! What are... what's this!?" Ariana grabbed the radio controller. Momoko waved her arms in a greater panic.
    " *ffzt!* Airwolf? What's going on!? *Fzzt!* "
    "'Airwolf'?" Ariana quirked an eyebrow. Momoko sweatdropped.
    "Jim has found the nest. I repeat. Jim Hawking has found the nest."
    "Eh-heh. Code names." Momoko sweatdropped.
    "'Code names'!? What's going on??" Ariana demanded.
    "Give me that controller back and I'll tell you."
    "This?" Ariana looked at it. There was small monitor in the unit, showing the room where the party was from up in the air. Realization dawned.
    "OH! You're the one who's been piloting the mistletoe chopper! COOL!!" Ariana handed the controller back.
    "'Cool'?" Momoko blinked. That was not the reaction Moe had been expecting.
    "Heeeeey! Can you do me a favor??" Ariana grinned psychotically, "And I promise I won't tell on you."
    "Maybe." Momoko squeaked.
    "Can you hit Tiana or Shino with it?? You know, get one of them under the mistletoe??" Ariana's grin widened.
    "Sure... thing..." The pink haired PMS member blinked. She got on her radio headset. "Jim is with us. New mission objective. I need Gene Starwind and Melfina's locations."
    " *FzZfzt* Jim wants to bomb Gene and Mel?? *fzzt!* "
    " *ffz* KAWAII, NO DA! *fZt* "
    "And one more thing." Ariana looked at Momoko.
    "Can I get a new code name??"

        "You didn't spike this, did you?" Shino took his glass of soda from Keetia.
    "Of course not! You're underage!" Keetia made a face.
    "She spiked yer dad's though." Yancha pointed out, "But I don't think it's really affectin' him."
    Shino sweatdropped slightly.
    "Need any pointers on how to score with that girl ya been talking too?" Yancha grinned.
    "I don't think he needs help from somebody who hits on guys in drag." Keetia noted with a smile. Yancha cringed.

        "Hey, Ti!" Ariana bounded over to her friend, "Why don't we go get some soda. Keetia won't spike our drinks, I'm sure. She just spikes the adults."
    "Um..." Tiana blinked slightly, "I suppose." She glanced over at Wufei, who looked much merrier in his Santa hat than he had earlier, as he talked happily (yes, happily) with Duo about the joys of fatherhood. Ariana grabbed Tiana by the hand and led her over to the make shift bar, where Shino was also contemplating the tipsy Wufei with Sally.
    "I think he should get his drinks spiked more often." Sally laughed.
    "Didn't he get tipsy at the last Preventer Christmas party?" Shino inquired.
    "Who didn't?" Sally looked at younger Preventer, "They kindly spiked the whole punch bowl."
    "Eh-heh." Shino sweatdropped slightly, "It was interesting though."
    "Hi Shino!" Ariana waved and promptly demanded two sodas from Keetia, who's back was to the group.

    " *fZt* Gene and Melfina are here at the bar. Fire when ready! *ffZzt* "
    " *Fzzt!* Roger that. Airwolf is on the way! *FZz* "

        "Hey Ari, Tiana." Shino looked over. Sally wandered off to point out her tipsy husband to her daughter.
    "Hello!" Tiana smiled. Ariana scooted over to the other end of the bar. Shino looked past Tiana at his sister oddly. She busily struck up a conversation with Yancha. The black helicopter zoomed across the room towards the pair.
    Tiana sat up on one of the stools and sipped her drink.
    "I wanted to get you something," She looked down, "but I don't really have any money, and it wouldn't seem right to spend Miss Catalonia's money. I just want to find a way to thank you. You've been a really big help to me these past few months." Tiana looked up at him.
    "Just, uh... doing my job..." Shino blushed.
    "Psst." Keetia leaned on the bar by them, "Hate to interrupt such cuteness, but you've got company." She pointed up at the 'Black Cupid'.
    "Huh?" Tiana blinked and noted the black helicopter with the mistletoe. Ariana snickered in the background.
    "Time for some kissie face." Keetia winked. Shino looked over at her.
    "I'm sorry, but you're not going to get a repeat of the Tiffany and Trowa incident." He then turned his attention back to Tiana. He gently cupped his hand under her chin and tipped her head up to face his.
    "Shino-" Tiana began to say. She was interrupted by Shino softly pressing his lips to hers. Keetia cooed.
    "He's had practice." Ariana grinned. Yancha hit her over the head with an empty soda bottle.
    "Yer ruinin' the moment!!" Yancha glared at Ari, who rubbed her head.
    Keetia snapped a photo before the kiss was completed.
    "Heeeh!" She held up the polaroid.

    " *FzT!* KAWAII! *fzzz* "
    " *Fzzt* Why couldn't Squall and Rinoa be like that! We have to force them to do anything! *fzT!* "
    " *fZt* This is Misao. I think that could make the wedding night interesting. *FZT* "
    " *FZZZT!* MISAO!!! HENTAI BAKA!!!! *FFFZT!* "

        "um..." Tiana blushed and looked down at her drink. Ariana was yammering away.
    "That was your first kiss, huh? That was so sweet! You looked so cute together!"
    "I said be quiet, you're ruining the moment!!" Yancha sweatdropped.
    "The moment is over." Keetia looked the polaroid as it finished developing, "But it's forever captured in time."
    "I'll be taking that." Shino smoothly snatched the photo from Keetia who briefly looked miffed.
    "Oooh, he TOLD you!!" Yancha laughed at Keetia, "I wish I had a picture of it!! Hahahahahah!!!"
    "At least I haven't hit on guys in drag."
    "....." She'd TOLD him!

        Heero stood holding Hilde's daughter while they talked, and observed Shino. 'Lena cooed and waved her arms around.
    "Like father like son I suppose." Hilde noted.
    "... What do you mean?" Heero looked over at Hilde.
    "I was at the wedding, you know. Everybody saw. That was quite a kiss." Hilde winked. The Perfect Soldier, whose wits were slightly dulled by spiked beverages, looked down at the baby he was holding and blushed slightly, though he did feel sad remembering Relena.
    "Hm. I bet Shino had lots of girls after him in high school!" Hilde chuckled to herself.
    "He did, but he's only had a few girlfriends." Heero noted, "One moved away. One I scared off because she was no good. And the last left him when he said he was joining the Preventers."
    "And here I'd always thought it was mothers who chased girls away from sons! So what do you think of Tiana then, Heero? She's a little young, but she seems more reasonable than most of the adults running around these days."
    "Her heart is in the right place."

Evening, December 25th A.C. 216

        Tiffany was still standing outside, watching the snow fall. The door opened and Trowa stuck his head out.
    "Hm?" The PMS founder was finally interrupted from her thoughts.
    "They're starting to open the gifts. You should come inside."
    "I suppose so." Tiffany sighed and removed herself from the wall.

        "All right!!" Siduri put on a Santa hat, "I'll be handing out the loot! Everybody sit down! And no stealing!!" He grabbed one of the packages and scanned it's label. "This is from the PMS to 'Chibi Relena-chan' so... would one of her parents please take the package?"
    Duo bounded up and took the package, then bounded back to Hilde and the baby. They opened the package. On top was a strange black baby cap with two points, kind of like ears of a sort. Beneath that and some tissue paper was a high tech, custom made baby monitor. That looked like a miniature DeathScythe.
    "THAT'S SO COOL!!" Duo held it up, "... Now what is it exactly??"
    "It's a baby monitor, dear." Hilde sweatdropped.
    "You put Chibi Deathscythe in the baby's room, and carry the receiver with you so you can see if the baby is okay while you aren't in the room. You can hear and see her from anywhere in your house!" Stephanie explained.
    "Let's see..." Siduri picked up another package, "This is from me to you, Sidra!" He tossed the square box to his twin. She looked at him suspiciously and opened it up.
    "....." She pulled the tissue away and pulled out a mask. With a strange v-fin on it. "Not. Funny. Bro."
    "LOOK INSIDE! That's just a joooke!" Siduri ducked instinctively as the box flew over his head.
    "Hm?" Sidra looked inside. There was a gift certificate for one of her favorite stores.
    "Try the helmet on?" Siduri inquired hopefully. He had to duck again as the helmet went sailing over his head. It hit their father in the face.
    "Ow! Sidra!!" Milliardo clutched his nose.
    "Next next...." Siduri grabbed another colorfully wrapped gift, "This is from Sidra! To me!! Aw..." Siduri tore the colorful paper off.
    "It's.... ooooh! ALL RIGHT!!!" Siduri triumphantly held the twelve disc CD player over his head.
    "Hey! NEXT GIFT!" Jenna shouted.
    "Right, right. Here we go... This is from Keetia and Yancha to Tiffany..." Siduri held up the rather small box and looked at it suspiciously. Tiffany took it from him with the same suspicion. She carefully opened the box and peered inside.
    A variety of expressions crossed her face, mostly disbelief and disgust, followed by an angry blush. She closed the box and threw it at Yancha, pegging him right between the eyes.
    "HENTAI BAKA!!!"
    "It's just in case!!!" Yancha whimpered. Keetia giggled from below the bar.
    "IN CASE OF WHAT!!?!?!?" Tiffany glowered.
    ".... Fluff?" Kiandra guessed.
    Nobody inquired about the gift.
    Siduri hurriedly passed out more gifts.
    "This is from Shino to Tiana." Siduri held up a gift bag. Tiana blushed slightly and took it, carefully removing the tissue paper. She pulled out a small stuffed puppy.
    "First it's teddy bears, now it's stuffed puppies." Duo noted. Heero picked up a wrench and hit the God of Death over the head. Shino sweatdropped and put a hand behind his head.
    "As I said. Like father like son." Hilde smiled.
    "This is from the PMS to Stephanie... man... this is heavy." Siduri handed a large, long box to Stephanie, who shredded the paper, much like a lioness clawing her prey.
    "IT'S..." Her eyes went starry, "A EXTRA LARGE GOLD WRENCH!!!" The lunatic PMS hugged it close. "WAIIII!!!!!!!!!! SUGOI!!! DOMO ARIGATOU!!!!" She then read the inscription. "'One wrench to rule them all, One wrench to find them, One wrench to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.' COOL!"
    Everyone else sweatdropped while Steph cuddled the wrench, happily murmuring, "My precious..."
    "This one is from TIFFANY to TROWA." Siduri announced loudly. The other PMS members gasped and waited to see what it was. Siduri handed the package off to Trowa. The PMS clustered around him to see what it was.
    "Maybe it's a bomb, no da." Jeanie said hopefully.
    "Jeanie-san..." Steph looked at her.
    *POW!!!* Jeanie was the first victim of the 'One True Wrench'.
    "SHUT UP GUYS!!!" Tiffany shouted. The other PMS members fell silent. Trowa sweatdropped briefly and opened the neatly wrapped gift, reveal... a stuffed lion. But it had a nice, personal touch. A half clown mask. He smiled slightly.
    The PMS stared, confused.
    "I don't get it."
    "Tiffany-san got Trowa a present without consulting us?"
    "And this is the last one... From the PMS to 'The Great Albino Leader'.... right." Siduri handed the gift to Tiffany. The PMS clustered around her now as she opened it.
    With in moments, she pulled out... a headband with large bunny ears. The rest of the costume sat neatly in the box.
    "Gonna try it on?" Shannon took the bunny ears from Tiffany and put them on her leader's head.
    "....." Tiffany did not respond.
    "You'd look cute in it! Come on!"
    "It cost a lot to get made, no da!"
    "HEY!" Duo shouted, "I almost forgot! MY GIFT TO WUFEI! It was too big to put under the tree. It's actually from Kiandra and I to Wufei." Duo ran off into the depths of the hangar. The sound of a mobile suit firing up was heard and it clomped to the edge of the lounge area. It had a tarp over it and a bow on it. Duo climbed down and handed the end of the ribbon to Wufei.
    "Go on, open it!"
    "OPEN IT WUFFIE!" Kiandra cheered.
    "... I take it you FINALLY finished Altron..." Wufei eyed Kiandra. He was suspicious as to why the PMS had not allowed him to see it. He yanked the ribbon and the tarp fell away. Wufei was shocked sober, and his Santa hat slid from his head.
    Altron was various shades of pink. With reindeer antlers instead of a v-fin. But most importantly, it was pink. PINK. PINK!
    "... I'll kill you." Wufei looked at Duo, who was hiding behind Heero.
    "Revenge! FOR MY BRAID!!"
    "DUO!" Hilde twitched, "You still haven't gotten over that!?"
    "Well... That was 20 years of work down the drain! And I started this awhile back."
    "I think it looks cute that way." Sally grinned, "What do you think, Meiran?"
    "..." Meiran looked thoughtful, "... I'm not sure I want to take sides in this, Mom."
    "Well, actually. An enemy would probably be stunned so silly by the sight of that in combat they'd be too busy laughing to attack." Dorothy noted. Wufei glared at her, then went back to staring at his beloved Nataku.
    "... I WILL get you for this."
    "You can get me any time!" Kiandra shouted joyfully. Everyone stared at her. "Especially after my bedtime!"

        Tiffany, bunny ears and all, made her way back to the bar. Yancha made her a few (a few being five) Nuriko Specials.
    "Nice ears."
    Tiffany gave him a look that basically said 'don't go there' and downed her first drink.
    "Aw, come on. Lighten up!"
    Another 'don't go there' look.
    "You're supposed to be a merry drinker, remember??" Yancha leaned on the make-shift counter in front of Tiffany.
    "And right now, I intend to be a merry drunk." Tiffany snapped, going for the second glass. Yancha sweatdropped slightly.
    "It's the most wonderful time of the year! Come on, Tiff! So you publicly made a spectacle of yourself and Trowa... well... mostly yourself. It could be worse!"
    "I'm listening." Tiffany replied dryly.
    "... Um... well... A wise man once said that the funny thing about life is that it never gets so bad that it can't get worse!!"
    "That was Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes."
    "Wise lad, he was. Wise indeed." Yancha nodded, "But seriously..."
    "I'm still waiting to hear how it could have been worse." Onto the third (8th of the night) Nuriko Special.
    "... I'll get back to you about it." Yancha rolled his eyes and looked around the room full of people. Aw, come on. The night can't end this way! Where is that guy?
    Yancha's thoughts of salvaging the night for his infamous customer were interrupted.
    "Yancha! Five more. Pay attention!" Tiffany glared at him.
    "I was hoping for a more tactful method of getting his attention." Yancha got up and whispered to Keetia. Tiffany rolled her eyes.
    "Thank you, Keetia." The albino spoke rather sarcastically, to say the least.
    Much to Keetia's surprise, Trowa actually made his way across the room over to the bar.
    "Hm. I should have figured to have looked here." Trowa noted. Tiffany looked at him and raised an eyebrow.
    "You were looking for me?"
    "You were looking for her?" Yancha and Keetia asked at the same time.
    "Shut up and make those Nuriko Specials." Tiffany snapped at Yancha.
    "How many have you had?" Trowa blinked. Tiffany pointed at the five empty glasses by her.
    "Five now, five earlier. That makes ten total. And if Yancha or Keetia will stop staring at us, it will be fifteen." She gave the two mentioned a look.
    "I need to talk to you." Trowa informed her, with soooo much detail. Not.
    "Hm? So talk." Tiffany waited as Yancha made her drinks, not too terribly thrilled to be talking to, or having to look at Trowa after her 'little' stunt. She was, obviously, still extremely embarrassed, and quite aware how easily embarrassment could show up on her face.
    Yancha stopped what he was doing. Keetia dropped a glass, which was thankfully plastic.
    "Before they recover." Trowa indicated the stunned bartenders. Tiffany blinked and reached for one of the two completed drinks. Trowa moved it out of her reach.
    "I'd prefer you be able to remember the conversation."
    Tiffany glared at Trowa briefly and got up. They grabbed their coats and slipped outside the hangar and its lounge.
    "I better tell the PMS!" Keetia declared to Yancha after she recovered.

    " *Fzz!* This is Bar 1. Airwolf, do you copy? *fzZt* "
    " *fZt* This is Airwolf. I read you. What is it?? *Fzzz* "
    " *FfZt* Squall and Rinoa have LEFT the building. Squall needed to talk to her. 'Alone' and he would 'prefer she be able to remember the conversation' *FZT* "
    " *Fffz* NANI!?! *FZTT!* "

        "So what is it?" Tiffany leaned against the wall outside and looked down, arms crossed.
    "... You probably shouldn't drink so much, you know." Trowa stood next her.
    "It's a fact I'm well aware of." Tiffany sighed, "I hope you didn't drag me out here just to give me a health lesson."
    "No, it's just that I remember you talking about your father having a drinking problem. But I didn't just drag you out here to talk about that." He stepped out in front of her.
    "Well, that's good, I suppose. So what DID you drag me out here to talk about? If it's about the mistletoe thing-"
    "It's not. Would you let me finish?" Trowa sighed. She's certainly not making this easy.
    "... Sorry."
    "I have a gift for you-"
    "Oh? So why didn't you give it to me when all the gifts were being handed out?"
    "Sorry, sorry." Tiffany looked off to the side.
    "I didn't want you to be embarrassed... well, embarrassed further."
    "I would have if I were you. I think I embarrassed us both plenty under the mistletoe."
    "Yeah... I'll have to pay you back for that." Trowa noted, more to himself than to Tiffany, as he removed a small box from his pocket. Tiffany blinked and stood up straight. Trowa handed the little package to her.
    "....." Tiffany looked at Trowa and then the box, "It's a good thing you didn't. The others would probably jump to all sorts of conclusions."
    "... They'd have known what it was if I hadn't escaped them at the mall."
    "'Escaped them at the mall?'" Tiffany raised an eyebrow and looked at Trowa again. Trowa nodded slightly.
    "Aren't you going to open it?"
    "Well, yeah... But you're going to have to tell me about this 'escape' sometime." Tiffany undid the ribbon and opened the box. Resting inside on a small gold chain was a little gold angel, with her wings spread, and arms stretched out. Tiffany blinked at it for a moment.
    "... Do you like it-?" Trowa asked hopefully, though he sounded a bit uncertain. Tiffany nodded.
    "Yeah... It's beautiful..." There was a certain amount of happy-surprise in her voice as she held it up to get a better look at it.
    And it was then the door opened a bit.
    And it was then the black helicopter flew out.
    "....." They both looked over at it. The 'Black Cupid' wasn't carrying its deadly load of mistletoe.
    And it was then that Trowa pulled out his gun and neatly shot it down. It sputtered and fell unceremoniously to the snow-covered ground in several pieces. Trowa put his the pistol back in his jacket, and was quite surprised when Tiffany hugged him.

    " *FZtT!* Where!? *Fzzt!* "
    " *Fffz* Behind enemy lines! *fzZt* "

The End

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