VMF-BSAC01 Erinyes class cruiser

(CG Model by Mechmaster)

General and Technical Data

Class: Erinyes
Ships of the line: Vengeance
Unit Type: Cruiser
Manufacturer: Venus Military Force
Operator: Venus Military Force, civilians
First deployment: AC 217
Length: 320 meters
Height: 270 meters
Wingspan: 360 meters
Equipment and design features: Ballute re-entry systems
Propulsion: 2 x Standard chemical engine suite; 4 x auxillery booster, mounted on wings
Fixed Armaments: 5 x anti-battleship missile launcher; 2 x primary beam cannon, mounted in bow; 16 x double-barrel anti-MS beam turret
Mobile Suits:15
Launch catapaults: 1

Technical and Historical Notes

A light mobile suit carrier intended to be the workhorse of the invasion fleet, the Erinyes was the only warship in the conflict capable of atmospheric re-entry and sustained flight. Because of this, the ship was an excellent unit for both space warfare and planetary occupation duties. Unfortunately, the first combat action involving an Erinyes was not part of the Venus government's plan. An incompleted Erinyes, later dubbed the Vengence by the hijackers, was stolen by a group of about fifty men under the leadership of New Years Massacre survivor Donovan. Taking matters into his own hands, the insane man commanded the stolen ship to Earth, where it commenced a suicide ramming attack on the resource satellite MO-II, destabilizing its orbit and sending it crashing to Earth despite the best efforts of the Earth Defense Organization. Never before had one ship and one man been responsible for so many deaths.

Ironically, Donovan's unsanctioned actions helped to pave the way for the Venus invasion fleet, and dozens of Erinyes ships would later swoop in and assist in seizing control of the devastated planet.

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