'Off-road' Mobile Suit

Affiliation: eXtreme Terrain Racing Association
Manufacturer: Winner's Circle Mobile Sports
Model #: WCMS-03Mt
Intended sport: Severe off-road racing
Height: 7.9 m
Weight: 5.9 t
Armoring: reinforced titanium
Foot-mounted cleats
Optional armaments:
Hand mounted climbing spikes
Torso-mounted 'rescue' cage
Arm-mounted winch x 2

Production model top speed: 80 mph

Appearance notes:
 Shorter and lighter than the WCMS-01S, the 01Mt is slower and built for off-road racing in steep, harsh, and highly dangerous terrain. Equipped with foot and hand cleats, the suit is capable of scaling a nearly vertical surface. The cockpit is an ejectable unit in case the suit becomes trapped, inoperable, or must otherwise be evacuated quickly. Equipped with a more powerful booster rack than the 01S to aid the suit in making large leaps. The suit is much slimmer than the 01S, and better proportioned. Lacks the tri-toed feet/legs. Decoration varies according to race team/organization. Because of its ability to get in close to areas even aircraft have difficultly hovering near, several emergency rescue teams also employ these off-road suits in their squadrons, outfitting them with a passenger 'cage' and a pair of high-power winches.

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