About the Miko
"Nobody is flawed quite like me." - KnM 
Aliases: One (Amahira), One-chan, Kaioshin no Miko (KnM)
Real Name: Shannon
Birthday: January 5th (Capricorns rule. )
Age: 17
Eyes: Blue, shade varies.
Hair: Gold-brown.
Height: 5' 2 1/2" ish
Weight: 110-120 depending on current eating habits.
Blood type: O
Status: Taken! (See? Aren't we cute?)

Likes: Tasuki, Quatre, Kaioshin, Kyou, anime, manga, cosplaying, shopping, pasta, pizza, chocolate, breads, saving her money, chick flicks, philosophy, intellectual conversation, dogs, snakes, reading, writing (stories, poetry, and lyrics), bells, her sunglasses (won't leave home without them), the ocean, frosting, cherry blossom trees, the giant redwood trees, music (mostly country, soft rock, rock, a little techno, some new age, Celtic music, oriental music, J-pop/J-rock, video game music, and some oldies), reading the dictionary, 'words of wisdom', the night, rain, Marvin the Martian, cloudy days, peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, thunder/lightning, wolves, orca whales, swords, the paranormal, salmon or swordfish at the Outback Steak house, and adults who treat her as more than just a teenager. ... And so much more.
Dislikes: Extreme gore in movies and/or horror movies, organized religions that try to force their religion on you, marshmallows, the Odyssey, the Iliad, Romeo & Juliet, racism and other forms of intolerance, math, bright light, several people she can't name, being bleed for compassion, most meats (especially steak done rare),  music being up waaaay too loud, whip cream, the drive to Phoenix, the beds at Best Western Inns, guys who LOOK at her (look and LOOK are two entirely different things), spending more than she has to, her mom's kitchen knives, shopping with her dad, people who pick on or bully her friends, Harry Potter, spiders, tiptoeing around way too easily offended or over sensitive people, jealous fangirls, bad dubs and/or bad translations, her allergies, when people don't take care of or pick up after their pets, adults who treat her like she is a child who knows nothing. ... And so much more.
Pet Peeves: Hates it when people don't put shopping carts away. Hates people butchering her real name into things like Shan, Shanny, etc. Hates being called Uno.

Favorite TV Shows: In no order whatsoever, though underlined ones are liked more than others, and not including anime. (Laugh if you will, but I like them!) Scrubs, Cybil, Nash Bridges, Just Shoot Me, Will & Grace.
Other TV Shows Miko Will Watch: (This are the ones I end up watching if I happen to be in the same room as my mom.) Xena, E.R., West Wing, Third Watch (Are we starting to notice an NBC trend?)

Favorite Books: In no order whatsoever... Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (No, I'm not kidding about that.) Song In The Silence, The Last Unicorn, Watership Downs, Shizuko's Daughter, Farewell to Manzanar, The Good Earth. There are others, but it'd take a lot of space.....

Favorite Anime: Again, no order. And again, underlined titles are liked more. Fushigi Yuugi, Slayers, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Haunted Junction, Inu-Yasha, Fruits Basket.
Favorite Manga: Fushigi Yuugi, Fruits Basket, Ayashi no Ceres, Inu-Yasha, and probably others.
Disliked Anime: Underlined titles are strongly disliked.Ping Ping Club, Furi Kuri (FLCL), Sexy Commando, Initial D.

Other: Miko-sama is a walking paradox. She has an extremely dual nature and could be considered two-faced. It all depends if you're on her bad side or not. She has called herself a violent pacifist, saying she doesn't like to fight, but if somebody makes her, she'll damned well win. She has also called herself an optimistic pessimist because, while she normally hopes for the best and encourages her friends to as well, she's usually expecting and preparing for the worst. The Miko can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. While her reputation for being mean, sarcastic, cynical, bitchy, cold, and calculating is well earned and true, her close friends and older sister know what is beyond that.

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Stephanie & Shannon 2001