.........So you seek the meaning in more detail? Well, there isn't much more detail. My inspiration for my own Mikohood is Tasuki no Miko, who maintains the infamous Drooling Tasuki Fan Club. The purpose of this club is to try and bring the fans together. I've been looking around a lot, and most people seem to think they're alone in the fandom. People are really happy to have found another site when they sign my guestbook, and when I look at other shrine's guestbooks, it's the same. There is definitely a Kaioshin fandom out there. So for those who don't have a shrine to scream to the world that you're a Kaioshin fan, they can at least display on their own website/whatever, that they're a fan. I'm guessing we're all pretty much fangirls though, ne? 
.........Well, after looking at all the sites I could find, and guestbooks... I decided that it was my duty as Miko to try and bring everybody together. Also, I thought it'd just be a fun thing to do! So here it is, "The Holy Order of Kaioshin" for your enjoyment.  ~ Kaioshin no Miko