Firefury's BAD 'God' Jokes and Comments
.......... .....~ Kaioshin no Miko
Mwahahahahahahah! Watashi wa Kaioshin no shichiseishi Firefury! Your co-host! 

Here we go... Remember, these are called BAD for a reason. And most of them have a small set up, being as these are paraphrased from real life. (Further proof that neither Miko-sama or Firefury-san has a life.)

Kaioshin isn't like, 'sexy' like Tasuki is, but he's cute!
.I dunno. Sex with GOD has gotta be something!

*watching Miko play Black & White* ... You know, in this game, you're a god and you've got your 'Creature'. In DBZ, Kaioshin is basically god. D'ya think Kibito is Kaioshin's Creature?
No, Fury.
.If he is though... This raises some INTERESTING questions about the leashes!
..... (Really, you'd have to understand Black & White to get that.)

He's huggable! Maybe even glompable!
Oh yeah, I'm sure 'God' would just love having some rabid fangirl clinging to his waist.
That was NOT a bad god joke. That's a Miko insult!

You're taking your miko cues from Fushigi Yuugi. You DO remember what happens to most mikos who successfully summon their gods and make their wishes, don't you?
Um... yeah....
It happened to Yui! They get 'consumed' by their god! *coughs*
That's a bad Miko and a bad God joke.

*playing Smash Brothers Melee* Hey, Miko. If Kaioshin was in this, what do you think his "b button" move would be??
Oro? ... WHY are you asking?
Well, if Kirby swallowed him and got his "b button" move, I was wondering what a white-mohawked Kirby would copy from him.
WHAT!? Kirby is unholy! His similarities to Majin Buu are... are... RRRRRRR!!!!!!! HE'S PINK, MARSHMALLOWY, SWALLOWS PEOPLE, AND GAINS POWER FROM IT!!! HOW DARE YOU EVEN PONDER SUCH A THOUGHT! *BRICK!Oooowwiiieeeee *falls over*

You know, I still haven't figured out how I went from a Tasuki and Quatre fangirl, a fanfiction writer, and stuff to shrine maiden. I don't think I'll ever know how this came to be exactly...
'Divine Inspiration'?

*song on the radio* - ~/o Raise a little hell... o\~
I wanna raise a little hell.... Rrr.
You'd like to... WITH GOD!
Firefury! That's TERRIBLE! *appalled*
That's HENTAI!

*listening to friend complain about boyfriend* ....
(I'm not in this one, honest. This is all Miko's doing.)
Who needs a boyfriend when you have GOD? *stares at the screen captures she's working on.*

Gundam Wing's opening shows all our sexy guys.
No. Tasuki is my sexy guy. Quatre is my sweet guy. Kaioshin is my god.

Firefury's little disclaimer: Contrary to how I sound in this list, I am not a rampaging hentai. o.O; I do this to bother Miko and for your entertainment purposes only. ~ Firefury
You stole my special ~ !!!! ~ Kaioshin no Miko
YOU'RE the one at the keyboard, Miko! Don't try to frame me for your.... uh... whatever.
Entertainment purposes. ~ KnM