.......... For those you who might actually want to tell me something in a place other than the guestbook, there are many ways to get in touch with me. Please be polite. Flames will be dealt with in the matter described in the main page disclaimer. ~ Kaioshin no Miko
1. E-mail the Miko.
2. Instant Message Miko-sama. Her common SN is Keetia. It may be her sister who is on at the time though.
3. Log onto IRC. Server:, port 5555. Type /whois One or /whois Shannon or /whois Kaioshin_no_Miko since those are her most common names. If she is on it will tell you, and your more than welcome to /msg her. (Example - /msg One Hi! ) If you're not afraid, you could contact her in public channel. The Miko's local haunt is her own chatroom, #Reploid_Productions. Type /join #Reploid_Productions to join.