......... Or rather, a lack of information, unfortunately. I must make clear a few things for later on, as this section grows before I begin telling you about Kaioshin-sama. For starters, there may be spoilers- And here is one. Kaioshin fuses with Kibito, via the Potara earrings. Fused characters are different characters entirely, to my understanding. This is specifically a Kaioshin shrine, so it will not deal with a fused character. Next... DragonBall GT. I will not include anything from GT, and not just because of the fusion mind you. (The Miko, like her older sister, thinks GT is unholy, and disbelieves in it.) Lastly, I must credit The Ultimate DBZ Information Site  for their excellent information for which I take absolutely no credit for finding or translating. With that said and done, let's move on. ~ Kaioshin no Miko
Name Variations: Kaioshin, Kaioushin, Higashi (no) Kaio(u)shin, Shin.
Age: Um... a few million or more years. 
Height: Um... short. Obviously.
Hair: White mohawk. Obviously.
Eyes: Black
Complexion:  Pixy Stick Purple! *ahem* Light purple. Again, obviously..
The Back Story
........Kaioshin is the East (Higashi) Kaioshin. (Gee, guess why the shrine is called ~East.  ) Around five million B.C. Bibidi (Babidi's father) created  Majin Buu and went on a planet destroying spree, and then a Kaioshin killing spree  . The first Kaioshin killed was the West (Nishi) Kaioshin, followed by the North (Kita) Kaioshin. The South (Minami) Kaioshin was absorbed, and thus Buu became Huge Buu. Next would have been the Kaioshin we know, but the Dai Kaioshin defended him and was absorbed by Majin Buu, turning Buu into Fat Buu. Later on, Bibidi seals Buu in his ball on Earth when the monster becomes too much to handle. At some point thereafter, Bibidi is killed by Kaioshin, who leaves Buu in his ball on Earth.
Contradicting Information
........Above is the information from The Ultimate DBZ Information Site's Character Guide, which is translated from the Daizenshyu 7. Also translated is a complete timeline. The timeline states it was the West (Nishi) Kaioshin who "manages to kill Bibidi and leaves Buu's sphere shell on Earth." But that can't be possible if she died first, as stated in the character guide!
.......Unfortunately, there is more contradicting information out there than just this, and as I find it and consider its source, I will post it.

........Now for a list abilities. Again, credit is owed to The Ultimate DBZ Information Site. They have definitely earned the 'Ultimate' in their name.

Kai Kai: Teleportation without the need to lock on to someone's ki, which is required using Gokou's method.
Kanashibari no Jyutsu: This technique will freeze a person, using psychic powers. However, the user must not get distracted, or they will lose control of the victim.
Ki Aigan: An attack that fires a wave of ki at an opponent by just looking that them. (Gives 'Death Glare' a new meaning, doesn't it?  )
Toomi no Jyutsu: Again, a psychic technique. It is the ability to sense what is going on in a different part of universe.
Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majyutsu "Magic Materialism": Now THIS is handy. This is the ability to create objects, such as weapons, crystal balls, clothes, etc. (I wonder if you can create money that way...?  )
.........And that is about all the information that exists or seems to findable. Over all, there are more questions than answers it seems, but the rest is left of up to speculation and reasoning. On a side note, Miko-sama would like to note that Kaioshin's dub seiyuu is Kent Williams, and NOT Chuck Huber. ^.~