.........Want to join? That's great!! The more the merrier! There's just a very few rules and joing is easy. Just follow the instructions. I'd make a form, but I haven't had much luck with those in the past. ~ Kaioshin no Miko

1. You've got to have some place to put the banner.
2. Don't be rude. Save the image to your own harddrive and upload it to your own server/free account.
3. You must link the banner back to
4. Shichiseishi positions are not available. Those are people the Miko picks herself.


1. E-mail the Miko.
2. Please state the name you want to be known as.
3. Please state if you want your e-mail listed or not.
4. Please give Miko-sama the URL to your site.

And that's it. Your in. You don't have to wait for Miko-sama to add you to the member page. Just grab a banner and go proudly display it!