.........Here are the links, for those of who want to escape, or are just plain sick of seeing purple. ^.~  I'm really surprised. A lot of sites dedicated to Kaioshin seem to be springing up. Well, not too surprised. I'm trying to link every single one of them. If you aren't here and you've got a shrine, contact me and I'll add you. Heck, just sign the guestbook and include your URL. I'll head over and check your site out. Anyways...   I think you'll find the largest collection of links to other shrines here! ^-^  ~ Kaioshin no Miko

Please link to

Kaioshin Sites (Miko-sama is a not alone in her obsession!) 
* sites have been given permission to use screen captures from this site.

Higashi no Kaioushin
Venerable Warriors
Beyond The Truth
Kaioshin Obsession
Kaioshin's Lounge
Kaio-Shin no Koibito
The Temple of Shin
Earth like Eden
Kaioshin the Lonely God
Tribute to Kaioshin
Superior Kaioshin Kai sister site Kaioshin's Kingdom
The Kaio-Shin's Planet Not quite a shrine, but still....
Kaioshin Crater
The Legacy of the Z Warriors A Kaioshin and Juuhachigou shrine.
Purple People
Rising Son
*Kaiooshin's Mirror
*The Last Kaioshin: A Shrine To East Kaioshin
Shadora Shin
*WWKD (What Would Kaioshin Do?)
Higashi No Kaioshin's  Crystal & Ice Shrine
Sweet Purple Deity
It's In Your Eyes
Other Sites of Interest
IJ's Site My new host's site! Which isn't much at this point, but still. 
The Ultimate DBZ Information Site Excellent site. 
Dragonball of Japan Great site.
Capsule Corporation Gallery Small gallery.
FuZiOnS DragonBall Z Page Gallery.
sTaRoNeR's Dragonball Z Image Gallery Gallery.
Dragonz Anime Image Gallery Gallery.
Shin's DBZ Palace Mostly a gallery it seems.
Temple o' Trunks Trunks shrine, and a very cool site. 
Reploid Productions Studios Shameless plug.
Gundam Wing: A New Era Shameless plug.
Gundam Wing: Endless Fuel Free plug for Firefury.
Ask the Suzaku Seishi Free plug for Chichiri no Aijin.
CSUN Anime Club Free plug for the club I'm a member of.
Mirai Shock Um, home of a fanfic Firefury thinks is awesome.
Kia Purity's Website Free plug for Kia.

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