Purple Pixy Stix...
There's Just Something About Purple Pixy Stix

..........So you come seeking knowledge about what purple Pixy Stix have to do with anything. By now you must have guessed that it has to do with Kaioshin's complexion, but in truth, the Miko's relation to Pixy Stix and Kaioshin goes, uh, much 'deeper' than that.

.......... Well, for those of you seeking an answer... I have it, but it's a rather strange a slightly long story. It all started one day, when I was upstairs watching Dragonball Z with Firefury. We are known for MSTing the show and randomly making comments about the characters. Now, this fine comment popped up out of the blue one day, before I became the lunatic I am today. (Of course I was lunatic then anyway.) I declared that Kaioshin, or rather, "Shin", was "PIXY STICK PURPLE!" It was early in the week, if I recall correctly. Soon after, over the weekend , I developed a rather unhealthy fixation on and a craving for Pixy Stix. So I plotted to get some on the monthly junk food run before going to work at the Los Angeles Kart Club's monthly race, another week away. However, I ended up annoying my mom so much she decided she would get me some.
..........I had at that time also been solely a Tasuki and Quatre fangirl. Before that, I was only a loyal Tasuki fangirl, and a proud member of the Drooling Tasuki Fan Club. (Still am a proud member too.)  I was very set on holding onto what loyalty I had left after I had cracked and become a Quatre fangirl. Firefury was very set on destroying my loyalty. Or rather, getting me to 'expand' my 'horizons'... Very set on it. But she hadn't started in on me yet, because she hadn't known much of my ailment.
..........As the days progressed, I complained to friends of this strange Pixy Stix issue. It was Zero X who actually ended up planting the seed which Firefury watered. Here is a excerpt from IRC.

* One runs around
* One stops, "You know, I worry myself sometimes. Ever since I had my realization last week that Shin was Pixie Stick Purple, I've developed an unhealthy fixation on Pixie Sticks."
<One> Do you suppose it means anything?
<One> Hello?
<One> Am I talking to myself? ;-;
<Zero_X> ..;
* One grabs ZX and shakes him roughly.
<Zero_X> Ack! @_@
<Zero_X> You like Kaioshin as a bish? ..;
Bish meaning 'bishounen' of course.

..........My craving for Pixy Stix was curbed briefly, after I spent morning of November 6th paying homage to the porcelain throne  . The fatal result of my failing to take my first birth control pill on Sunday, and thus having to take two pills on Monday. (For my extremely out of control PMS, mind you. Don't go getting any ideas.) The night of the 6th, when I was no longer in extreme pain, I told my problem to Firefury. Perhaps an even more fatal mistake, though much less painful. She attacked my loyalties, and soon, I was questioning them. I'm not a huge DBZ fan, so why was this hassling me so? It just didn't make sense. Well, on the 7th I complained to friends of Firefury's actions, and Fury continued her assault.
 ..........So it was the night of the 7th I went out into the backyard. It was a clear and windy night. It was cold out, but I didn't mind much. For about 45 minutes I sat cross legged on a lounge chair, listening to my meditation music. (It's a CD called 'Zen Garden' and it's got BEAUTIFUL music.) I did not tell my answer to Firefury until the 8th, attempting to seek revenge by keeping it from her, though obviously that plan failed.
..........I had concluded that when I had been watching DBZ that day, and seeing Buu beat up Kaioshin  , I felt the same way that I felt whenever I watched evil Tamahome beating up my beloved Tasuki  . (Did I mention after awhile of watching Majin Buu  pounding poor Kaioshin with my arms crossed and looking miffed, I caved and shouted at the screen? That was fuel for my sister, and believe me, she used it.)
..........On the 8th I confessed, and have been surprising my friends who haven't found out since then. I took the title of Kaioshin no Miko, began hunting images, researching, and once I had images, made a concept sketch of the graphics layout. I made the graphics, my little sprites, and then began to build this shrine. It is to Pixy Stix, Zero X, and Firefury I owe my Miko-hood too. Mostly Pixy Stix though. For had I not declared Kaioshin-sama was Pixy Stick purple, it may never have gone this far. ~ Kaioshin no Miko