You Know You're A Kaioshin Fan(girl) When...

Friends and family alike are absolutely FORBIDDEN from sneaking up behind you and shouting "BOO!" 

And there is a good reason for that. The last person to sneak up on you and shout "BOO!" in an attempt to startle you ended up the Intensive Care Unit for weeks.

You have developed a chronic fear of marshmallows, the letter M, and certain shades of pink.

Those pink M & M's that are around during Easter REALLY scare you. Your uncertain about the purple ones. While they are a pretty purple, they do have the evil letter on them.

Purple Pixy Stix are sacred to you, and you won't share them with anybody. 

In fact, the color purple is sacred to you. 

You think Potara earrings are quite fashionable.

So fashionable that you make yourself a pair.

You fight with your sister, a Mirai Trunks fangirl, over who has a prettier shade of purple.

You win on the grounds that Kaioshin has more purple skin than Trunks has purple hair.

You spend a whole period of religion class trying to explain the mythology of DBZ to your teacher.

After awhile, your religion teacher starts to believe you are talking about an actual religion.

You go all the way to Tuscon to beat up, or at least tell what for and set straight, a friend's friend who said Kaioshin sucks. 

Sadly, even after your long journey, you don't end up meeting the infidel. 

But that's okay. You'll remember two years from now when you next head to Arizona. 

Marshmallows burn nicely... 

Mohawks are great, and you seriously consider getting one.

You do get one, or you make your boyfriend get one.

Your mother worries about your unhealthy fixation on Pixy Stix. Specifically purple ones. 

Hell, your mother worries about your 'unhealthy fixation' on the little purple guy whose name she can't pronounce. 

Most of your friends who are into DBZ think you're strange, but know better than to say anything or diss Kaioshin.

You don't pray to God. You pray to the East Kaioshin.

You take the title of Kaioshin no Miko/Aijin/Aisai/whatever, and open an online shrine. 

You slave away for hours hunting images of Kaioshin, even though you are only able to dig up a few handfuls of pictures. 

Your sister frequently makes bad 'God' jokes/comments to annoy you. 

You don't like watching Disney's Cinderella much. Especially when the Fairy Godmother is busily turning pumpkins into carriages and mice into horses.

Whenever you are watching the Buu Saga, you hiss, snarl, growl, or make other displeased noises at the screen whenever Babidi or Majin Buu are on screen. 

To hell with displeased noises, you sound like a pissed off cat when Buu is beating up Kaioshin. 

Your father has forbidden you from bringing home guys with mohawks. Even if they are some sort of deity.

You wonder if they make Kaioshin plushies. 

If they do, you want one. 

You confuse the heck out of a pure dubbie when you try to explain that 'Shin' is the East Kaioshin. 

Unfortunately you end up left with no choice but to give up when they fail to understand the difference between the kaioshins and the kaios and say they "thought the East Kai was female." 

You have an extreme dislike of fleas. 

You regret that the walls in your room are no longer painted lavender. Sadly, they were repainted light gray when you were a little kid, before you even knew about Kaioshin or DBZ. 

Over all, you co-exist well with Nuriko, Xellos, and Trunks fangirls because you all have a common love for the color purple. 

You now realize how navy blue, red, orange, and light blue all go so well together.

You decide you must add more of those colors to your wardrobe.

You distrust your entire family because they ALL like marshmallows. (Remember, you have a chronic fear of them.) 

You burn mini-marshmallows over a candle flame in protest when anybody in your family buys mini-marshmallows.

Normal and extra large marshmallows are also burned in protest when they are purchased. Or they are taken outside and squashed flat with a very large sledgehammer.

You wonder if it is possible to bleach your hair that white. 

You actually TRY to bleach your hair that white.

You actually SUCCEED in bleaching your hair that white.

By now your whole religion class knows and comprehends information on at least the East Kaioshin.

They've also threatened to hold a witch trial if you spend another class period lecturing about it, but that's beside the point.

You want your car to be light purple.

Even your friends who don't like DBZ know who Kaioshin is.

After MUCH effort, you finally get the moron mentioned above to understand the difference between kaioshins and kaios.

Your mother (or other family member) INSULTS Kaioshin behind your back after finally seeing a bit of DBZ with him in it. You're informed of this. You sulk for an extended period of time, call her an infidel, and vow to get revenge. (You cannot bring yourself to repeat her words.

Your plan for revenge - Set the desktop background to an image of Kaioshin since your mother (or other family member) doesn't know how to change the background back. 

While you sister (or other family member or friend) is playing Super Smash Brothers Melee, the both of you come to a realization as she's battling Kirby. Kirby is a pink, marshmallowy mass. Who swallows people. (Granted, he spits them back out.) You are suspicious of Kirby now and harbor a strong dislike for him, given the similarities he has to Buu. 

Let's face it, you think Kaioshin is huggable. He's just so short and cute! (It's a short people thing I guess. Friends, who are all taller than me -.-; mistakenly think I'm huggable.

Friends and family have been known to steal one of your fake Potara earrings mentioned above and blackmail you by threatening to put it on.

Fake!? They aren't fake!

You can relate with Piccolo fangirls (yes, they do exist) about the cuteness factor of pointy ears. 

You can also relate with Zelgadis fangirls about the pointy ears thing. 

Your friends fear you after you've been eating (purple) Pixy Stix. 

Light purple and white are your new favorite colors. They go so well together.

You spend yet more time searching for Kaioshin images. 

You're going to be spending time at Anime Expo 2002 searching for Kaioshin animation cels. 

You're more than willing to shell out $200 for a good enough cel. 

Still wondering if they make Kaioshin plushies. And you still want one if they do.

Maybe they at least make keychains? Anime keychains make great Christmas tree ornaments. 

Mandarin (Chinese) collars? They're excellent!

And if you can find yourself a navy blue Chinese blouse with red trim, you'll be one happy fan(girl). 

Or if you can find a cheongsam (also know as a 'China dress') of the same description. 

Everytime you see light purple, you happily think of Kaioshin. 

Your mother (or other family member or friend) is making fun of Kaioshin again, and you're calling them an infidel again. 

You waste time reading/adding to this list when you should be doing school work. (Sssh!

WASTE!? It's not a waste of time! Nothing having to do with Kaioshin is a waste of time. 

Well, you can't get your hair white, so you go for the next best thing. You bleach it and dye it light purple.

Light purple flowers are the best kind. Why? Because they're purple!

White ones are nice too.

You've decided that, since you can't have Kaioshin, your at least going to date guys who are shorter than you.

What do you mean 'can't have Kaioshin'!? Popular fangirl delusion states that bishounen ARE real. Just in another world. 

And damnit, you're going to get to that world.

Everytime you watch the Buu Saga, you shake your head at the other characters, muttering to yourself "If they'd just LISTENED to Kaioshin in the first place and teamed up against Babidi's goons, things would have been a lot easier. But nooo..." 

You think Kaioshin has the best eyes in the series. (He does!!

While were at  it... You also think he has the best hair, clothes, voice, etc. 

You think he gets just the cutest expressions on his face! 

Even the creepy smile when he first shows up grows on you. After awhile it doesn't seem so creepy anymore. (Working on that still.)

You wish you could make emphasize sparkles like that!

Especially for your Potara earring replicas.

The next friend or family member who refers to Kaioshin as "that little purple guy" or "the (little) purple dude" gets hit over the head with something heavy. He has a name! 

You complain to the multiple companies with rights to DBZ that there should be more Kaioshin merchandise.

Not only do you still hiss, growl, snarl, and sound like a pissed of cat when Buu is pounding on our beloved purple guy (and when Babidi is being a little ass) you spend the rest of the day/night in a foul mood about it. Grumble/sulk for days. (Rivaled only by your sister's week of agonizing over Trunks' death at the hands of Cell.) 

Anybody in the house at the time can hear you and thus tell exactly what is going on during the above mentioned episode at any given moment. 

Sometimes you just aren't sure what you hate more... Marshmallows, or fleas. 

You actually cry about the above mentioned episode. (I can honestly say I haven't. So stop looking at me like that!)

You sit for hours on end taking and perfecting screen captures. 

You spent at least an hour sitting and uploading them all. 

You take odd screen captures too, just because you're a) strange, and b) think Kaioshin is cute from all angles! (Backshots, too-close-to-the-camera ones, a few with the emphasis sparkle, etc.) 

You edit a picture of yourself and color all your skin light purple... er... heh.