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MaxChat VI: Max Barry and the Half-Completed Movie

August 18, 2011

* MaxBarry has joined #nationstates
<@SalusaSecondus> All hail!
* @SalusaSecondus bows
* @Reploid_Productions bows

* @CrazyGirl hides behind Sedge
* Reploid_Productions sets mode: +o MaxBarry
<@Reploid_Productions> ... Seriously, we ALWAYS forget to do that.
<@Flibbleites> It wouldn't be a MaxChat if we didn't
<@MaxBarry> *coughs*
<@MaxBarry> hello!
<@MaxBarry> I just figured out how to see who's in this channel
<@MaxBarry> Hi everyone; thanks for coming!
<@MaxBarry> ok so who's MCing this shindig?
<@MaxBarry> hit me up reppy

<@Reploid_Productions> I guess I am this time around. ;) Everybody, I'm proud to present the creator of Nationstates, author of a number of very awesome books, and soon to have his very first movie... Max! Applause in the Q&A room, please. ;)
<@MaxBarry> oh, you
<@MaxBarry> so many famous names in the sidebar
<@MaxBarry> Great to see you guys

<@Reploid_Productions> Anyhow, to kick things off and to prevent a flood of this in the Q&A room, I am totally abusing my mod powers to gank the first question.
<@MaxBarry> typical
<@MaxBarry> corruption

<@Flibbleites> OMG Mod Bias!
<@Reploid_Productions> As the father of two young girls and given that it's become quite the internet pop culture phenomenon, have you seen/become a fan of the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
<@MaxBarry> No!
<@Reploid_Productions> On behalf of the 600+ page pony thread in the forums, and all my bronies out there.
<@MaxBarry> Although now I'm intrigued
<@MaxBarry> Oh wait, is this some kind of really brutal twist on My Little Pony?
<@MaxBarry> Like, the ponies kill each other?
<@MaxBarry> I don't want to research that with my five-year-old by my side

<@CrazyGirl> It's cute.
<@Reploid_Productions> Nah, it's very family friendly. Just avoid parts of the fandom.
<@MaxBarry> Okay
<@MaxBarry> That's all right then
<@MaxBarry> At this point I am basically shielding my kids from mass media
<@MaxBarry> My 5yo has seen about two movies

<@Ardchoille> <@Ardchoille> Considering current events, When will the Libyan flag be changed in the game to that of the National Transitional Council, or when will the NTC flag be appended alongside that of Gaddafi's regime? That's charlotte Ryberg asking
<@MaxBarry> ooh
<+CharlotteRyberg> Hi.
<@MaxBarry> good question
<+CharlotteRyberg> I saw you on twitter.
<@MaxBarry> Our policy is to go with whatever is officially recognized
<@MaxBarry> ALthough "official" is sometimes murky, with some countries disagreeing with others

<+CharlotteRyberg> Because the UK and many EU countries currently recognises the NTC.
<@MaxBarry> Libya I guess is a good example
<@MaxBarry> I just looked up our libyan flag
<@MaxBarry> Generally I say we should use whatever Wikipedia does

<+CharlotteRyberg> It says it is disputed.
<@MaxBarry> So if WP changes, we will
<+CharlotteRyberg> No flag at the moment.
<@MaxBarry> oh those bastards
<+CharlotteRyberg> Because there is no flag we could decide now.
<@MaxBarry> Ok, I'll have to look into it
<+CharlotteRyberg> Thanks. APPLAUSE!
<@MaxBarry> thanks CR!
<+CharlotteRyberg> and for me too.

<@SalusaSecondus> Next question:

<@MaxBarry> Boy is the previous-official Libyan flag boring
<@MaxBarry> lol
<@MaxBarry> This question is designed to get me hate mail

<@SalusaSecondus> Sorry...
<@Reploid_Productions> Not like we can count on a C&C from a real World Assembly like we had for the UN-to-WA reset!

<@MaxBarry> Okay, so this is a reference to the transition from the old United Nations to the World Assembly
<@Reploid_Productions> *C&D even
<@MaxBarry> When we basically decided to start afresh with a new organization
<+Glen-Rhodes> Well, some people _do_ say the UN thing was just a ploy for a reset. :P
<@MaxBarry> and possibly did not completely understand the downside of that for a goodly number of committed players
<@MaxBarry> I would never do another reset like that

<@Flibbleites> Yay! I won't have to pass the NAPA again!
<@MaxBarry> If things stagnated, I would look at messing with the structure, to allow legislation to flow more freely somehow
<@MaxBarry> There are plenty of things you could do: subcouncils, a panel of elected nations, etc

<+Glen-Rhodes> Not sure if I can ask another question, but might one of those changes be additional categories?
<@MaxBarry> Yep, of course
<@MaxBarry> But I would want to allow new ways of dealing with what we have, rather than throwing it all out and saying, "Okay, go!"

<+Glen-Rhodes> Well hopefully we never stagnate, but it good to know that thing would be changed if we do!
<@MaxBarry> Thanks for your question G-R!
<+Glen-Rhodes> Your welcome!
<+Glen-Rhodes> Wow, ignore the typos!

<@Reploid_Productions> Next up is a two-fer from Mahaj and North Wiedna:
<@MaxBarry> oh-oh
<@Reploid_Productions> <Mahaj> Which of your books is your favorite?
<@Reploid_Productions> <North_Wiedna> repost: Out of all the characters you've written in your books, which is your favorite?

<@MaxBarry> hmm
<@MaxBarry> That's a really hard question to answer
<@MaxBarry> By the time I'm finished with them, I kind of hate all my books
<@MaxBarry> I've read them about fifty times, I'm just sick of them

<+Mahaj> but surely one you have to hate less than the others?
<@MaxBarry> Then they're published and people say nice things and I start to think, "It's not so bad."
<+Mahaj> but then?
<@MaxBarry> Wow, I really can't say.
<@MaxBarry> I have loved them all
<@MaxBarry> It's like asking my favorite ex-girlfriend

<+Mahaj> lol
<@SalusaSecondus> Well? Now we're curious about that too.
<+North_Wiedna> Indeed
<@MaxBarry> Characters: I think my favorite character is 6, from Syrup
<@MaxBarry> Possibly just because I've been reminded by working on the script and film recently

<+North_Wiedna> Heh, I'm excited for the film
<+Mahaj> and as for the book itself?
<@MaxBarry> But I really like her; she's a character I feel I know very well, and understand better than anybody.
<@MaxBarry> With Machine Man I was able to write a first-person story again, which always means you get into character quite strongly
<@MaxBarry> One of the things I like most about that book is the personality of the protagonist
<@MaxBarry> He basically is the whole reason for the story
<@MaxBarry> I hope that kind of answers your difficult questions

<+Mahaj> kind of, yeah. :P
<+North_Wiedna> Indeed, it does, thanks Max!
<+Mahaj> thanks!
<@MaxBarry> Thank you!

<@Kryo> <Ballotonia> If any, which part of your body would you replace with a mechanical substitute?
<@MaxBarry> 6:20am here by the way
<@MaxBarry> Hi B!

<@Reploid_Productions> (Who didn't see that one coming? I mean really? ;)
<@MaxBarry> Okay, I have been asked this before, so I've had time to think about it.
<@MaxBarry> I'm thinking eyes and ears.

<+Ballotonia> That's two!
<@MaxBarry> It's like with TVs...
<@MaxBarry> Bear me out

<+Ballotonia> (four, actually :p)
<@Kryo> (Better Eyes?)
<@MaxBarry> Shuddup
<@MaxBarry> You're happy with your current TV, there's nothing WRONG with it, but you go into a store and see an AMAZING widescreen with popping color
<@MaxBarry> and suddenly your TV seems kind of crappy

<@Reploid_Productions> And 3-D!
<@MaxBarry> I think that works for eyes too
<@SalusaSecondus> 3-d supporting eyes would be cool
<@MaxBarry> Once you try on a set of Better Eyes, you can't go back
<@MaxBarry> And if one of your friends gets Better Eyes, they're seeing all this stuff you can't, you'd feel jealous
<@MaxBarry> So you'd check it out

<+Ballotonia> Ah, going for improved senses / experiences.
<@MaxBarry> And this is a core concept from the book: that bioenhancements are getting to the stage where they can be for everybody, a consumer-level product, not just a fix for people who have something that doesn't work properly
<@MaxBarry> So although there is nothing wrong with my eyes, I would like to see what is better

<@sedgistan> We all saw the puppy-dog eyes you installed when appealing for us to buy your books >_>
<@MaxBarry> Also I assume they'd have some kind of built-in color enhancement filter so they look awesome
<@MaxBarry> Haha
<@MaxBarry> Yes, I apologize for that

<@Reploid_Productions> Hey, those puppy dog eyes have gotten my mother interested in reading Max's books finally! =p
<+Ballotonia> Thanks!
<@MaxBarry> Thanks Ballotonia!

<@Ardchoille> <butmanland> What new features of Nationstates are you satisfied with the most right now and what are some updates you are planning?
<@MaxBarry> Okay!
<+butmanland> hI
<@MaxBarry> It was great to be able to get back to adding some solid features this year
<@Reploid_Productions> Going for the good stuff early on this time around!
<@MaxBarry> We had a long period in what was basically maintenance mode
<@MaxBarry> Because there just isn't a whole lot of admin manpower
<@MaxBarry> It's a few of us writing code whenever we find the time
<@MaxBarry> But in February when we added trophies and long RMBs, I think it kind of refreshed the game
<@MaxBarry> Even though those are not exactly core features, just the fact that the game was getting new stuff reinvigorated it, to a degree

<+butmanland> It sure did!!
<@MaxBarry> We saw our numbers going up quite strongly, etc
<@MaxBarry> So I really want to continue that.
<@MaxBarry> I have two things in mind in particular for the second half of this year
<@MaxBarry> Which I can't reveal!
<@MaxBarry> But will be good!

<+butmanland> Ohhh!
<+butmanland> that sounds sweetr
<@Reploid_Productions> Hype 'em up and let 'em down! How bastard mod of you, boss!
<@MaxBarry> I also want to see if I can increase our admin manpower, i.e. get more people writing code
<@MaxBarry> We put ads on the game a while ago, and at first they were just barely keeping the game alive
<@MaxBarry> i.e. only just covering hosting costs
<@MaxBarry> But the revenue has gone up, so I'm hoping to actually hire someone to write code for us
<@MaxBarry> These are plans for the second-half of this year
<@MaxBarry> We'll see
<@MaxBarry> Thanks for your question!

<+butmanland> welcome!!!
<+butmanland> I am reading your book!
<@Flibbleites> If that doesn't work you could always pay us mods. :D
<@MaxBarry> Then double thank you!
<@SalusaSecondus> Or admins :-)
<@MaxBarry> I *would* pay mods, but they'd just become even more corrupt
<@Reploid_Productions> I dunno about you, Flib, I got a raise just last week!
<@Reploid_Productions> (Of course, double nothing is still...)

<@MaxBarry> admins do it for love
<@Flibbleites> I did too, but twice nothing is still nothing.
<@MaxBarry> the glory
<@MaxBarry> who's up next?

<@Reploid_Productions> Next up, going for a bit of retrospective, is United Gordonopia:

<@MaxBarry> Wow, that is crazy, isn't it... 2002-2011
<+UnitedGordonopia> Hi max!
<@MaxBarry> Hello!
<+UnitedGordonopia> Yeah
<@MaxBarry> It was never exactly an "advertising project..."
<@MaxBarry> I justified it to myself that the game would hopefully promote my novel Jennifer Government...

<+UnitedGordonopia> I didn't join until almost exactly 3 years ago, and I'm surprised how active I've become in it.
<@MaxBarry> because otherwise it would have been insane to spend four months or whatever writing code for a web game
<+UnitedGordonopia> So it was more that you wanted to make a game, and to justify the time spent on it, you decided to make it somewhat of a promotion?
<@MaxBarry> Yeah, exactly, it was an excuse, really, because I love to make games
<@MaxBarry> What surprises me most is how many long-timers we have
<@MaxBarry> Because I seriously did not think this game would keep anyone entertained for more than about five minutes
<@MaxBarry> And of course the core of the game itself, there's not much there
<@MaxBarry> The reason we have long-timers is because of the community that has grown around that

<+UnitedGordonopia> I'm sure a huge contributor to that was the addition of the forums.
<@MaxBarry> and added to it
<@MaxBarry> Yes, exactly
<@MaxBarry> The forums were almost an afterthought in 2002

<+UnitedGordonopia> And the numerous different communities.
<@MaxBarry> I thought, "Maybe people will want to talk about their nations," and just stuck it on
<+UnitedGordonopia> So that there's something for everyone.
<@MaxBarry> That's kind of a key thing about NS: it's better for me to not try to predict how people will use a particular feature, and just give them the tools and let them do what they want
<@MaxBarry> because they end up building great stuff
<@MaxBarry> The communities: yes, there are SO MANY

<+UnitedGordonopia> Are there some features though that you expect people to use in a certain way?
<+UnitedGordonopia> Such as the new NS mentors?
<@MaxBarry> I think some people get the idea that NS is mostly just about their own particular community, and don't understand how big and deep the other communities are
<+UnitedGordonopia> Makes sense
<+UnitedGordonopia> Even in RPing, my personal community, there have to be dozens of subgroups
<@MaxBarry> The NS mentors I haven't had much to do with...
<+UnitedGordonopia> Different tech levels, things like sports, storefronts, lots of stuff.
<@MaxBarry> That's a great example of an idea that comes from the community, from people who know what will work there
<@MaxBarry> If NS only had stuff that I thought of, being used in ways I anticipated, it would suck
<@MaxBarry> Hope that answers your question!

<+UnitedGordonopia> Thanks! Here's a nice cup of seattle coffee as a thank you present :D

<@SalusaSecondus> Next up, one by Denecaep:
<@MaxBarry> Ohhh, I wish I could have that for real... too early... no coffee yet...
<+Denecaep> Hi!
<@MaxBarry> Hello!
<@MaxBarry> Well, it'd be nice if they all were filmed
<@MaxBarry> That would be super

<+Denecaep> So, you'd be willing to work to get all of them filmed, with potential directors, producers, etc?
<@MaxBarry> What happens is my agent attempts to sell the film rights to my novels, and then whoever buys the rights tries to get a production happening
<@MaxBarry> and usually I don't have too much to do with it
<@MaxBarry> because the last thing a production company wants is an author hanging around, wringing his hands about how they're destroying his brilliant book
<@MaxBarry> So my involvement is usually just deciding who we're going to sell the film rights to, and hoping they can do something great with it
<@MaxBarry> It sounds pretty glamorous, some of these Hollywood deals, but really I'm just getting emails
<@MaxBarry> Not, you know, partying with George Clooney

<+Denecaep> On that note, do you think that the people making your current movie are representing your book well?
<@MaxBarry> Clooney bought the rights to Jennifer Government and the closest I got to him was seeing a parking space on the Warner Bros. lot marked: RESERVED: G. CLOONEY
<@MaxBarry> All my books have been optioned, but the Syrup movie is the first one to go into production
<@MaxBarry> So I didn't really know what to expect

<+Denecaep> Is Syrup the only one currently in the works, then?
<@MaxBarry> It has the potential to be awesome and also has the potential to be the worst thing ever, you know?
<@Reploid_Productions> I know last MaxChat you mentioned something about AMC doing a series on JG or something. I take it that hasn't gone anywhere?
<@Flibbleites> I was wondering that too.
<@MaxBarry> But I went over there and on set it seemed like magic
<@MaxBarry> JG: No, it was a classic tale...
<@MaxBarry> AMC liked the idea of a TV series, and got into talks with a director, a script was produced, everyone was happy...
<@MaxBarry> Then AMC's management changed
<@MaxBarry> and OUT! went the old projects

<+Denecaep> Aw...
<+Denecaep> That would have been interesting to see.
<@MaxBarry> So JG is basically resetting, and we'll hopefully take another run at it in some form in the near future
<@MaxBarry> But right now there are no plans with that one, no
<@MaxBarry> Aside from Syrup, my other big hope is Machine Man, because it's with such great filmmakers
<@MaxBarry> But a LOT of books get optioned and only a few get made into movies, so we'll see
<@MaxBarry> Syrup is a small indie production; Machine Man would be a big one
<@MaxBarry> If MM gets made into a film, I am definitely hiring a coder for NS
<@MaxBarry> Thanks for your question!

<+Denecaep> Thank YOU for answering it!
<@SalusaSecondus> Yay!!!!!

<@CrazyGirl> <frattastan> Will you take measures to reduce NS's ever increasing Dutch population?
<+frattastan> *coughs*
<@CrazyGirl> Hello, Frattle.
<@MaxBarry> bwahaha
<@MaxBarry> it's like a CANCER, isn't it

* @SalusaSecondus glares are CrazyGirl
<+frattastan> Aye. They are everywhere.
<@MaxBarry> The site is oddly popular in some countries
<@MaxBarry> well
<@MaxBarry> maybe I shouldn't say "oddly"
<@MaxBarry> It's disproportionately popular

* @CrazyGirl smiles innocently
<@MaxBarry> We have always been very popular in the Netherlands
<@MaxBarry> I'm not really sure why
<@MaxBarry> Someone told me that people there tend to be more interested in politics, but I dunno...
<@MaxBarry> I guess on a related note, people ask about translations of NS sometimes
<@MaxBarry> Because it would be nice to make the site more accessible to non-English speakers
<@MaxBarry> But it's such a huge task, I think it would be too hard to get a good translation and keep it current

<@Reploid_Productions> Nothing wrong with people doing unofficial fan translations though, I imagine ;)
<@MaxBarry> Anyway, to answer your question, I have no oppression planned against the Dutch peoples
<@SalusaSecondus> Awwww
* @CrazyGirl yays
<+frattastan> Translations nice, but I guess it would be hard to have.
<+frattastan> Same for the Dutch suppression.
<+frattastan> Thank you.
<@MaxBarry> Thank you!

<@MaxBarry> Okay!
<@MaxBarry> Good question!
<@MaxBarry> The issue here is that it's quite difficult to recruit in NS
<@MaxBarry> It's hard to find people who want to be recruited, and hard to message them efficiently
<@MaxBarry> There *are* a lot of people in NS who are interested in receiving recruitment messages
<@MaxBarry> But there are plenty who don't want to be recruited, and consider that pure spam
<@MaxBarry> So really we need to find a good way to match recruiters to people who are open to being recruited, without bothering those who don't care

<+southernbellz> Would you consider coding an in-game recruitment tool?
<+southernbellz> Or banning the use of semi-automated scripts?
<@MaxBarry> Yes -- I think those recruitment tools exist only because there are no good in-game tools
<@MaxBarry> That was a yes to your first question
<@MaxBarry> The only reason we have fairly tight rules on scripts is that we don't want to wind up in a situation where some regions have a big advantage over others
<@MaxBarry> Just through the use of scripts
<@MaxBarry> So I think what we're looking at now is maybe opening up our rules on automated tools & scripts, so long as they're public, i.e. usable by anyone
<@MaxBarry> And hopefully using that as a stepping stone to taking the best ideas and building them into the game
<@MaxBarry> This will also hopefully tie into our messaging revamp, so it will be a lot easier to message multiple recipients
<@MaxBarry> By bringing that "Mass Telegram" concept into the game, it allows us to control it -- to say, okay, nation X can send Y telegrams so long as these criteria are met
<@MaxBarry> That way we can work to target messages better and encourage good interaction while keeping down spam

<+southernbellz> I think a public script or an in-game recruitment tool would fix the issues the private semi-scripts have created. Thanks for your time.
<@MaxBarry> I kinda feel we've been too harsh on scripts in the past, and that we can benefit from encouraging script-writers to work for us, instead of in the dark
<@MaxBarry> Thanks for your question!

<@Melkor> Next one's from Charlotte Ryberg
<@Melkor> (and it's something I've wondered about too)
<@Melkor> <CharlotteRyberg> Is NationStates censored in China?

<+CharlotteRyberg> Hahaha, Wanted to know that for years.
<@Reploid_Productions> I think we have at least one user who is supposedly in China
<@MaxBarry> huh
<@MaxBarry> Look, I wouldn't have thought so... my understanding is that most stuff is *not* censored... but I really don't know

<@SalusaSecondus> I think it is.
<+CharlotteRyberg> To access free speech sites they usually have to use proxies but I know that NShas blocked proxies due to malicious activity.
<@SalusaSecondus> When I was there a few years ago I don't remember being able to reach NS.
<@MaxBarry> We block some proxies
<@MaxBarry> Huh, okay... well really I have no idea

<+CharlotteRyberg> Worth the try. Thanks
<@Melkor> we block the ones we get trouble from, pretty much
<@MaxBarry> Thanks CR!
<@MaxBarry> (Melkor wants to block ALL proxies.)
<@MaxBarry> (Melkor wants to block the internet.)

<+CharlotteRyberg> Nice one Max (sarcasm)!
<@Melkor> well I never! :O

<@sedgistan> OK, next question: <Naivetry> What do you think could or should be done, if anything, to increase activity in the feeders?
<@MaxBarry> sorry for that incredibly uninformative answer CR
<@MaxBarry> The feeders have changed a lot; they used to be the most lawless places in NS
<@MaxBarry> They were also, I think, where a lot of the real dictatorial tactics for holding power emerged

* +Naivetry nods
<@MaxBarry> Things like endorsement caps and requiring that WA members endorse the delegate
<@MaxBarry> I remember when those things were SHOCKING

* @Reploid_Productions recalls the epic fuctercluck when Sedge snagged the delegacy in TSP earlier this year
* @CrazyGirl grins
<@MaxBarry> People were up in arms about how undemocratic it was
<@MaxBarry> But the reality probably is that unless you use those tactics, you just can't be safe in a feeder
<@MaxBarry> Hence they're all run by people who know what they're doing these days

<+Naivetry> Some of us have complained about inactivity in the feeders since Influence, though - it's made it much easier for the people in charge to hold power.
<@MaxBarry> Right
<@MaxBarry> Well, I have no plans to change anything about feeders at present...
<@MaxBarry> But I know we went through a few proposals maybe earlier this year, and there were some interesting ideas...

* +Naivetry nods encouragingly. :D
<@MaxBarry> It's always hard to know how these things will play out in practice, but if there's one place I'm prepared to break a few dishes, it's in a feeder
<@MaxBarry> I probably shouldn't have said that

<+Naivetry> Perhaps not, but I think there's a few of us who would like to hug you for it!
<@MaxBarry> Anyway, our problem on the admin side has long been that we have more good ideas than time to implement
* @Reploid_Productions watches the gameplayers panic
<@CrazyGirl> Some of us would rejoice there, Reppy :P
<@MaxBarry> So as I mentioned earlier, this is something I want to address later this year... because I think if I could get the codebase ticking over, even doing small things every week, we could get a lot done
<+Naivetry> Thanks, Max!
<@MaxBarry> And I don't think the game needs changes to its core, but there are definitely a lot of things we can do to remove some of the roadblocks to gameplay at present
<@MaxBarry> Thanks Naivetry!

<@Reploid_Productions> And next up, from skwoll:

<+swkoll> hello
<@MaxBarry> Hello!
<@MaxBarry> Well, they're all dystopian novels, which is why that comes up
<@MaxBarry> But those books are famous classics and mine is not
<@MaxBarry> So as a comparison, I'll take it

<@Flibbleites> at least not yet
<@MaxBarry> Right!
<@MaxBarry> :D
<@MaxBarry> Jennifer Government is kind of an anti-1984, in that instead of being about a world of total government control, it's about a world where there really is no effective government
<@MaxBarry> And I think that's maybe more where we're headed...

<+swkoll> One extreme to another
<@MaxBarry> I wrote JG in around 2000...
<@MaxBarry> And corporate power was a really big concern at the time
<@MaxBarry> Then 9/11 happened and for many years afterward people were far more concerned about terrorism
<@MaxBarry> Then the government, esp. the US government, ramped up its power with the PATRIOT act etc
<@MaxBarry> So big government seemed like more of a bogeyman
<@MaxBarry> Then corporations took a hit in the Global Financial Crisis
<@MaxBarry> But now we're getting back to small government and big corporations

<+swkoll> Do you think the way of thinking around 2000 is coming back to the mainstream?
<@MaxBarry> There have been a few developments lately that make me think that corporations are going to get a lot stronger out of all this...
<@MaxBarry> so yes, I think that is becoming more relevant again
<@MaxBarry> Thanks for your question!

<+swkoll> Thanks for talking to you! :)
<@MaxBarry> Thanks swkoll!

<@Kryo> <Mahaj> Describe your ideal coffee
<@Reploid_Productions> Ewww, coffee! =p
<@MaxBarry> One that is in front of me right now
<@Kryo> Mmmm... coffee.
<+Mahaj> on behalf of everyone in The Rejected Realms, this question is asked. :P
<@MaxBarry> That's really all I'm asking
<+Mahaj> no favorite flavor or anything?
<@Kryo> Describe it.
<+Mahaj> how do you drink it?
<@MaxBarry> Okay, I buy coffee beans, I grind them up and percolate 'em, drink it straight with 1 sugar
<@MaxBarry> They are nice beans but I forget the flavor

<@SalusaSecondus> Mahaj: With his cybernetic mouth of course!
<@Kryo> Yay! You drink coffee like a smart person!
<@MaxBarry> They have a little gold sticker on that says something like THESE ARE AWESOME AWARD-WINNING BEANS
<@MaxBarry> That's all I can tell you

<+Mahaj> top secret?
<@MaxBarry> Yes, they swore me to secrecy when I bought them
<@MaxBarry> No, I mean I can't remember

<@Reploid_Productions> It is pretty early in the day down there! ;)
<+Mahaj> 7 am, isn't it?
<@MaxBarry> yep
<@MaxBarry> I'm supposed to be getting up the baby
<@MaxBarry> One or two more questions?

<@Reploid_Productions> Two left in the queue that I see
<@MaxBarry> ok
<+Mahaj> bye Max! thanks for answering!
<@Kryo> Then you're allowed to go have a life again
<@MaxBarry> Thanks Mahaj!
<@MaxBarry> I have kids, not a life

<@ard> <Milograd> QUESTION: How often is NS used for educational purposes? ( ie: used in schools and such ) If so, what is the feedback like?
<@MaxBarry> I'm not sure about how often, because we automated the process so I don't see the requests any more...
<@MaxBarry> actually, when I say automated, I mean the mods can take care of it

<@ard> Often, believe me!
<@MaxBarry> So they would know better than me
<+Milograd> Oh cool, my question. B)
<+Milograd> Yeah, I was looking over the education page a few days ago, or whatever you call that, and I was sort of curious about that.
<@MaxBarry> I think it's been very popular when it's been used
<+Milograd> You see a lot of class regions on NS, so it sparked my curiousity. :P
<@MaxBarry> Some teachers like their classes to play around on it, some structure whole lessons on it
<@MaxBarry> Yes

<+Milograd> How would that work, teaching off of NS?
<@MaxBarry> I remember when we implemented the new regional message boards, the most chatty one in the whole game for a while there was a class region
<+Milograd> Oh yeah, heh.
<@MaxBarry> Well, a request we've had from teachers is whether they can decide which issues their class get
<+Milograd> Ahh, I see.
<@MaxBarry> We haven't been able to do that, but it would allow them to teach to particular issues
<@ard> Damn, I thought Max would use this as an excuse to remind everyone how innocent schoolchildren are and THINK Of THE CHILDREN!!!
<+Milograd> Most of the issues are somewhat silly though, right? :P
<@MaxBarry> I think in general they use it for general politics, both in terms of answering daily issues and electing a regional Delegate
<+Milograd> Ahh, I see.
<@MaxBarry> Well, the issues are somewhat silly and somewhat serious
<@Reploid_Productions> I know some of them use the WA pretty heavily for their lessons
<@MaxBarry> They're serious issues presented in a playful way
<@MaxBarry> Right

<+Milograd> Ahh, I see.
<@MaxBarry> That's another part of NS I completely didn't anticipate: the education use
<+Milograd> Thanks for answering my question Max. :)
<@MaxBarry> Thanks for the question Milograd!

<@sedgistan> And the final question!
<@sedgistan> [21:55] <Mostly_armless> WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MOD OLYMPICS?

<@MaxBarry> OH GOD
<@MaxBarry> I'LL TELL YOU
<@MaxBarry> The person in charge of that is LAZY
<@MaxBarry> It's a DISGRACE
<@MaxBarry> I don't want to point any fingers

<@Flibbleites> Someone needs to light a fire under their ass.
<@MaxBarry> Name any names
<@SalusaSecondus> (Not to mention they are still recovering from the doping scandals)
<@Reploid_Productions> I think the guy who asked that signed off of the chat

<@MaxBarry> But the absence of a mod olympics is A CRIME AGAINST NATURE
<@MaxBarry> Actually the next Mod Olympics is coming, it's just a big one
<@MaxBarry> There are like ten thousand events
<@MaxBarry> It's taking a while to crunch the numbers

<@Reploid_Productions> I kinda hope we go awhile longer without one- I'm catching up to Kryo on several events! :P
<@Kryo> Not on proposal removals.
<@sedgistan> Will the Forum Mods get to sneak into the RMB post deletion competition? :P
<@Kryo> That one is totally secure

<@MaxBarry> We need to have a Mod Olympics because the amount of work the mods do here is amazing
<@MaxBarry> A few mods in particular clearly have nothing better to do
<@MaxBarry> And the site is running thanks to them
<@MaxBarry> This is actually a good opportunity for me to thank them in public, so: THANK YOU LOVELY MODS
<@MaxBarry> I LOVE YOU

<@ard> He's just saying that. He doesn't give us free coffee and cakes.
<@MaxBarry> wait
<@MaxBarry> wrong window

* @sedgistan runs off crying
* @Flibbleites point at sedge and laughs

<@Reploid_Productions> Oh dear, what would your wife think of this? What about the kids?!
<@CrazyGirl> Does that mean I get the GP forum all to myself?
<@ard> No way. I shall RETURN!
<@CrazyGirl> Mine!
<@ard> RULE 5, 6, 7!!!

<@Reploid_Productions> Well, that's all the queued questions. Any final comments before we wrap things up and open the floodgates in here?
<@MaxBarry> I want to thank everyone for coming along today, and for supporting NationStates
<@MaxBarry> We have a great site here
<@MaxBarry> Largely thanks to the quality of people who frequent it
<@MaxBarry> And I know a lot of you have contributed to making NS better in really serious ways
<@MaxBarry> I'm just the guy who started the site; you're the ones who have kept it going and built it into something awesome
<@MaxBarry> So THANK YOU!
<@MaxBarry> And I hope that 2011 is just the start of a new period of prosperity for NS
<@MaxBarry> Now I must change a baby's diaper.

<@CrazyGirl> Ew.
<@Reploid_Productions> Always good to host you in here; hopefully we'll be able to do this again at a slightly nicer time of day for you!
<@MaxBarry> Thank you Reppy for organizing this!

Thanks for coming, everyone! See you around for MaxChat 7... whenever we can lure Max away from his kids! ;)