The Immortal Shogunate and Affiliated Territories of Reploid Productions

"May the Goddess bind our foes with Her chain, and destroy them with Her axe!"
Arpean Roleplay Policy

UN Category: Capitalist Paradise
Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Frightening Political Freedoms: Below Average

Location: Space Sector RPRA
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The Immortal Shogunate and Affiliated Territories of Reploid Productions is a massive, socially progressive nation, notable for its complete absence of social welfare. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 3.784 billion are proud of their wide-ranging civil freedoms, and those who aren't tend to be dragged off the streets by men in dark suits and hustled into cars with tinted windows.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Defence, Social Equality, and Education. The average income tax rate is 100%. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Book Publishing industry, followed by Information Technology and Gambling.

Torture is illegal, government officials frequently cut taxes as a distraction from antics with their secretaries, a government program is underway to revitalize Reploid Productions's beaches, and anti-government web sites are springing up. Crime is totally unknown. Reploid Productions's national animal is the reploid dragon, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the arpean yen.

Secondary Nations:
The State Corporation of RPRA Techcorp
The Shogunate  Colony Nation of Aquamarine

Related Nations:
The Colony of Dosei

Government: (ages listed are when said people took office)

-Firefury Amahira, age appears to be roughly 21, ruler of the country, alias "Queen of the Skies", for elite aerial combat skills during the Dividing War,  full title "Lady Shogun Eternal under the Wings of Chaos".

-Tiffany Celta, age 27, Secretary of Defense, alias "Black Death", for stealth combat  accomplishments during the Dividing War

-Tsume Dragonis, age 19, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Governor of Aquamarine

-Katana Dranotisainak, age 43, Secretary of the Treasury, alias "Chaos", for successful guerilla warfare tactics during the Dividing War

-Kithanrya Swordsbane, age 28, Secretary of Internal Affairs

-Michelle Richter, age 23, Minister of Homeland Security, alias "Seven-Pointer", for using uncoventional methods during the Dividing War, detonating a nuclear bomb deep within a major fault line, triggering a large magnitude earthquake in the Nekoite capital hundreds of miles away.

Military breakdown:
12,000,000 total personel

600,000 RPRA-LX01 Bandit Mk-I combat cycles
    -1,000 of the RPRA-LX01-H version (Humor Battalion modification)
    -700,000 of the RPRA-LX-P version (Police/embassy security modifiation)
1,000,000 RPRA-LX02 Bandit Mk-II combat cycles
1,950,000 RPRA-LX03 Bandit Mk-III cycles
5000 WMNK-LX04 Razor Multipurpose tanks
25 Mammoth Mk-7 tanks
140 Mammoth Mk-5 tanks
400 Mammoth Mk-1 tanks

Air Force:
300 RPAF-FX-5 Victory multi-role fightercraft
1500 RPAF-FX-1a Elite Victory Mk-II fightercraft (production model)
10 RPAF-FX-0 Elite Victory fightercraft
5 RPAF-FX-1 Elite Victory Mk-II fightercraft (prototypes)
10 WMNK-IX02 Supersonic Nightwind recon aircraft
220 RPRA-IX03 Tsubasa unmanned recon aircraft
250 RPRA-RU05 Yotaka unmanned attack aircraft
5 C-1 Daedalus cargo/transport aircraft
200 RPRA-CC01 Hamakaze transport jets (cargo config)
770 reploid Dragons (Dragonis model)
135 reploid Dragons (Drakos model)
100 reploid dragons (Ryuujin model)
2 Terracoste-class gravships (Electric weapons config)
2 Terracoste-class gravships (Incendiary config)
3 Terracoste-class gravships (Classical config)
2 Terracoste-class gravships (Covert config)
75 Sidali class ground-saturation gunboats

5 Guided missile trimaran Frigates
5 Anti-submarine trimaran Frigates
2 Anti-air trimaran Destroyers
5 trimaran Heavy Bombardment Cruisers
3 Anti-submarine trimaran Frigates (16 VLS, /w minesweeping gear)
2 guided missile trimaran Corvettes
8 Shaldag trimaran patrol boats

Diplomatic fleet:
3 RPRA-BC01 Harukaze 110 business jets
6 RPRA-BC02 Harukaze 45 business jets
1 prototype RPRA-BC03 Harukaze 100-S luxury jet (The 'Tsurugi')
2 RPRA-BC03 Harukaze 100-S luxury jets
1 RPRA-CC01 Hamakaze 220 executive jet (The 'Silver Ryuu')
1 Archangel class thaumatological attack carrier (The Zeroel)
The RPDC-GB01 Queen's Wing

Wildfire fleet:
20 RPRA-CC02 Jinkouu water-drop aircraft

The First Space Defense Fleet ('1SDF' or the Tengai fleet):
3 Archangel-class thaumatological attack carriers: Seraphim, Boo, Asmodeus
6 Tenmou-class battleships: Largo, Dom, Ed, Ping, Erika, Pirogeth
1 Shogunate-class flagship: Piroko
4 BFG-class gunships: Quad-Damage 1, Quad-Damage 2, Quad-Damage 3, Quad-Damage-4
20 squadrons of Fyuta class gunboats
20 squadrons of Orca class fast attack gunboats
30 squadrons of Black Raptor class gunboats
90 Elite Victory Mk-II aerospace fighters

The Second Colonial Guard Fleet ('2CGF' or the Amatsu fleet)
5 Archangel-class thaumatological attack carriers: Twilight's Fall, Solara, Golden Dawn, Evenstar, Aura
15 Tenmou-class battleships: Dragonfire, Hitokiri, Glorymorn, Shimeki's Axe, Arpean Pride, Queens' Memory, Midnight's Shadow, Sunrise Reborn, Eclipse's End, Moonlight, Thunderseige, Red Rain, Dark Intent, Riftcrossing, Soulkeeper
3 Shogunate-class flagships: Sol's Hope, Nekoa's Legacy, Pegasii's Vengence
12 BFG-class gunships: Hope 1, Hope 2, Hope 3, Hope 4, Legacy 1, Legacy 2, Legacy 3, Legacy 4, Vengence 1, Vengence 2, Vengence 3, Vengence 4
40 squadrons of Fyuta class gunboats
40 squadrons of Black Raptor class gunboats
20 squadrons of Orca class fast attack gunboats
150 Elite Victory Mk-II aerospace fighters

The Third Space Defense Fleet ('3SDF' or the Tenchuu fleet)
1 Hand of God class flagship/fleetkiller: Peace with Conviction
5 Shogunate class logistical battleships: Cynical World, Ravishing Rain, Auguries of Destruction, Final Consolation, Silent Redemption
13 Archangel class thaumatological attack carriers: Ishamael, Aginor, Balthamel, Sammael, Rahvin, Be'lal, Demandred, Asmodean, Lanfear, Graendal, Semirhage, Mesaana, Moghedien
35 Tenmou class battleships: Ivory Oblivion, Crimson South, Cerulean East, Bloodless West, Emerald North, Obsidian Depth, Crystal Continuum, Lapis Lazuli, Viridian Infinity, Cobalt Heights, Diamond Storm, Mythril Sabre, Midnight Void, Platinum Mists, Golden Dawn, Violet Dusk, Icy Falls, Ruby Eye, Dark Star, Death Fog, Chaotic Blue, Amethyst Turmoil,  Black Horizon, Brilliant Skies, Opal Fields, Amber Madness, Prism Wind, Sapphire Stream, Silvered Echoes, Titian Inferno, Halcyon Vision, Argentate Javelin, Auric Fury, Damask Seraph, Beryl Empyrean, Radiant Chaos
20 BFG class gunships: Cynical-1, Cynical-2, Cynical-3, Cynical-4, Rain-1, Rain-2, Rain-3, Rain-4, Auguries-1, Auguries-2, Auguries-3, Auguries-4, Final-1, Final-2, Final-3, Final-4, Redemption-1, Redemption-2, Redemption-3, Redemption-4
50 squadrons of Fyuta class gunboats
50 squadrons of Black Raptor class gunboats

The Fourth Space Superiority Fleet ('4SSF' or Daijuusan Shinken)
1 Hand of God flagship/fleetkiller: Love and Peace
10 Shogunate class logistical battleships: Shabranigdo, Phibrizo, Zelas Metallium, Deep Sea Dolphin, Dynast Grauscherra, Ceiphied, Vorfied, Zanaffar, Zoamel Gustav, Chaos Dragon Gaav
30 Archangel class thaumatological attack carriers: White Base, Albion, Grey Phantom, Throroghbred, Blanc Rival, Dominion, Troy Horse, Stallion, Pegasus, Argama, Peacemillion, Freeden II, Eternal, Kusanagi, Izumo, Gaunland, Ra Cailum, Ra Gusta, Amalthea, Shubaten, Falmel, Remul, Vesalius, Tsuigara, Garuda, Audhumla, Sudry, Melord, Endra, Mindra
25 Tenmou class battleships:  Lohengrin, Cross Punisher, Igelstellung, Armor Schneider, Phase Shift, Schlag, Scylla, Kaefer Zwei, Todesblock, Gleipnir, Trikeros, Armfeuer, Geschmeidig Panzer, Eckzahn, Hresvelgr, Nidhoggr, Ahura Mazda, Vosgulov, Coustaut, Gardi  Ruu, White Ark, Einerad, Aineias, Aswan, Lombardia
75 Shinken class grav-battleships:  Arc Brass, Assha Dist, Blade Haut, Bram Blazer, Burst Rond, Dam Brass, Diem Wind, Disfang, Dolph Strash, Dragu Slave, Dynast Brass, Elmekia Lance, Fehlzareid, Ferrous Bleed, Flare Arrow, Flow Break, Freeze Rain, Gaav Flare, Gaia Graze, Gark Ruhaad, Goz Vu Rou, Gu Lu Douger, Howl Freeze, Laguna Blade, Laguna Blast, Laphas Seed,  Ly Briem, Megido Flare, Mos Varim, Ra Tilt, Raugnut Rusyavuna, Raywing, Raza Klouva, Rune Breaker, Shadow Snap, Shadow Web, Swightflange, Valmeceid, Van Rehl, Vas Gluudo, Vigarthagaia, Vlave Howl, Vun Ga Ruim, Vu Raywa, Vu Vraimer, Wind Brid, Zelas Brid, Zelas Gort, Giga Slave, Air Valm, Astral Break, Balus Rod, Bephis Bring, Bomb Di Wind, Bram Fang, Burst Flare, Chaos String, Dark Claw, Demona Crystal, Diem Claw, Digu Volt, Dill Brand, Dimiliar Wind, Dolph Zork, Dug Haut, Dynast Breath, Elmekia Flame, Flare Bit, Flare Seal, Gray Buster, Guumueon, Icicle Lance, Mega Brand, Mega Vraimer, Rune Flare
40 BFG class gunships:  (named for their respective Shogunate class command ships)
50 squadrons of Fyuta class gunboats
50 squadrons of Orca class fast attack gunboats
100 squadrons of Black Raptor class gunboats

The Fifth Mobile Reactionary Fleet ('5MRF or the Setsujoku fleet)
1 Hand of God class flagship/fleetkiller: Northridge
3 Wings of Chaos class supercarriers: Granada Hills, Chatsworth, Sylmar
10 Shogunate class logistical battleships: San Fernando, Buelton, Cambria, San Simeon, Monterey, Lost Hills, Harmony, Ventura, Gaviota, Pismo
50 Archangel class thaumatological attack carriers: Meadow Wood, Balboa, Rinaldi, Zelzah, Titian, Westbury, Windsor, Roscoe, Corbin, Centinella, Irwindale, Pasadena, Saticoy, Knollwood, Refugio, Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Sepulveda, Ardath, Reseda, Hatteras, Bodee, Truckee, Donner, Calgrove, Myrtle, Dorina, Meadowlark, Sesnon, Devonshire, Nordhoff, Encino, Burbank, Riverside, Oxnard, Willow Springs, Rosemead, Cascades, O'Melveny, De Soto, Tampa, Huntington, Grapevine, Van Nuys, Vanowen, Santa Susana, Moonstone Beach, Tahoe, Castaic
25 Tenmou class battleships: Anaheim, Hollywood, Rayen, Shoshone, Skirball, Islander, Morro, Montana Del Oro, Tuscon, Calabasas, Anacapa, Carpenteria, Erringer, Thousand Oaks, San Diego, Santa Monica, Winchester, Reno, Santa Rosa, Santa Clarita, Soledad, Villna, Shangri La, Whites Canyon, Los Osos
25 Shinken class grav-battleships: Arrowhead, Big Bear, San Bernadino, Alemany, South Bay, Palmdale, Lancaster, Seacliff, Shammel, Orosco, Mission Tierra, Kartchner, Lassen, Sacramento, Mendecino, Somas, Gilroy, Dana Point, Mojave, Ojai, White Water, Fogcatcher, Cavalier, Laguna, Rockwell
40 BFG-class gunships: (Named for their respective Shogunate class command ships)
Many, many squadrons of gunboats and fighters

The Sixth Space Defense Fleet ('6SSF' or the Shusen fleet)
1 Hand of God class flagship/fleetkiller: Nuhcuto'j Rcuto
1 Wings of Chaos class supercarrier: Wiuhtaud
10 Shogunate class logistical battleships: Jectaoh, Najojk Edo, Jfouh'j Kxhen, Xoulod'j Vaho, Giood'j Viho, Dolohtoukx, Cawxk ev Veholoh, Ceht ev Fuhutajo, Xo Nxe Wiatoj, Tund ev Dawxk
20 Archangel class thaumatological attack carriers: Xeco Jneht, Xeco Cudso, Xeco Uhhen, Xeco Jfouh, Xeco Jkuvv, Xeco Suhhaoh, Xeco Nuhjxaf, Xeco Noufed, Xeco Sudded, Xeco Johludk, Xeco Tojkheooh, Xeco Zitwo, Xeco Wiuht, Xeco Tovodtoh, Xeco Vawxkoh, Xeco Baccoh, Xeco Nudtohoh, Xeco Fousorhadwoh, Xeco Nuhmuboh, Xeco Odt
20 Minerva class thaumatological fast attack carriers: Jnavk Nadw, Jacodk Hid, Giasb Jkhabo, Cawxkodadw vhem Urelo, Giasbjacloh, Vujk Jcuiwxkoh, Rhawxk Toukx, Cedwjfouh, Toukxrhadwoh, Nuhceht'j Xudt, Xunb'j Scun, Huqehrcuto, Rcutonadw, Jnehtrcuto, Uccjooh'j Cudso, Upo ev Xoulod, Huo ev Cawxk, Jkooc Sujkhukaed, Toukxrhadw, Hulo Mujkoh
20 Tenmou class battleships: Uhsxudwoc, Temadaed, Nxako Rujo, Lojucaij, Aqime, Kxeheiwxrhot, Cuihujau, Duqsu, Ucraed, Kheo Xehjo, Mushejj, Dahludu, Uhwxumu, Rcuds Haluc, Okohduc, Medkwemoho, Jato Kxhoo, Doe Qoed, Kakudj, Tocuq Vcook
20 Shinken class grav-battleships: Mijua, Qudqaruh, Sxalluo, Jucumaj, Muwoccud, Wukkco, Zasse, Jurohvajx, Ocmokx, Rawhe, Raw Qum, Todtheraim, Doio Qaoc, Wocweew, Qubi Kne, (15)Hasb Tem, Jecuh Huo, Qoku Widtum, Xoubi Jxaba, Lucbohao
40 BFG-class gunships: (Named for their respective Shogunate class command ships)

Orbital stations:
Tengoku - Orbital shipyard, research station. Home port for the Tengai Fleet
Makai - Orbital shipyard/spaceport. Home port for the Tenchuu Fleet

Cargo fleet (primarily Busu class cargo haulers):
One Fat Mother-(II), Delayed Blast Flatulence, Lecherous Old Man, I Have a Furry Fetish, Take Me to Your Pr0n

Ignore Weaponry:
Unknown # of Idiot Godmoder Noncontinuity Omni-Repellant Eradicator Supercannons
Unknown # of Idiot Godmoder Noncontinuity Omni-Repellant Eradicator Supercannon Mk-IIs (Deluxe)
Unknown # of Idiot Godmoder Noncontinuity Omni-Repellant Eradicator Supercannon Mk-IIIs
Unknown # of Idiot Godmoder Noncontinuity Omni-Repellant Eradicator Supercannon Mk-IVs ('Pwnz0r')
1 Idiot Godmoder Noncontinuity Omni-Repellant Eradicator Supercannon Mk-V (The Biggest Damn Gun EVER)
1 Idiot Godmoder Noncontinuity Omni-Repellant Eradicator Supercannon Mk-VI (The "Saturn Gun")
Unknown # of WMNK-LX03 Ignore tanks
Unknown # of RPRA-LX13 Ignore Battlemechs
Unknown # of RPRA-TS02Purgatory class 'cheap ortillery' ships

Weapons of Mass Destruction:
Limited orbital bombardment capability. With the development of Shogunate space assets, most notably the Hand of God glass 'fleetkiller' battleship, and to a lessert extent the Tenmou class battleship, the Shogunate has obtained a variety of methods for slagging targets from orbit, including gravity-diffusion kinetic weapons and thaumaturgic supercannons.

Military units of note:
"Queens of the Sky": Elite 6-woman fightercraft/aerial stunt team. They fly the RPAF-FX-0 Elite Victory fighters, the few ships of their caliber left after the Dividing War. Originally led by Queen Firefury herself, and originally twenty members strong, they are the best of the best in terms of dogfighting, aerial recon, bombing, etc. They were primarily responsible for the Amahira clan's success in driving the Nekoites out of power, after successfully crippling the Nekoite forces in a 20 vs 300+ aerial battle.
Official Motto: "Fly fast, fight hard, forget mercy"
Unofficial Motto: "SUCK IT DOWN!"

The "Negative Zero Humor Battalion": Formed from the anti-Nekoite propaganda crew. This 1,000-person strong unit is akin to the Mischief Committee of Kitsylvania. They ride modified Bandit cycles, armed with stink bombs and paintballs. They have also been equiped at times with rolls of toilet paper, and rumor has it that they are willing to use rotten eggs.
Official Motto: "If it's stupid, vandalise it."
Unofficial Motto: "j00 b33n 0wnz0r3d!" or "w3 r0xx0r j00r b0xx0rz!"
(No, we don't know how they speak l33t aloud, either.)

Army motto: "Outgun, outmanuver, outlive"
Unofficial motto:: "We're the world's largest biker gang!"
Razor tank operators' motto:  "Zoom, zoom, CRUNCH! So much for that Infinity I30!"

Air Force motto: "With wings of steel and breath of fire, we hunt!"
Unofficial motto: "My butt's asleep."

Navy motto: "Control the seas and stars, and you control the world."
Unofficial motto: "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!"

R&D motto: "We build it, they break it."
Unofficial motto: "Did those idiots break it AGAIN!?" or "Who do they think we are? Miracle workers?!"

Foreign Relations:
-Ambassador Kara Grey in GMC Military Arms-
-Host and creator of the AniCon 1 anime convention-
-Archaelogists Tsunami Drakos and  Kiara Alson awarded the Slaglandic Golden Arrow-
-Peaceful annexation of the Rogue Nation of Aquamarine-
-Member of the Triumvirate of Yut-
-Colony Nation "Dosei" on the Titan Ring-

Threads of Interest:
-Echoes of Lives Lost-
Details the history of Firefury Amahira and events from before the Dividing War to the fall of the Nekoa Empire and the formation of the Shogunate of Reploid Productions. (Completed)
-Valley of Dragons-
The discovery of the "Keepers of the Goddess Blades", and the mishaps of the multinational dig team that finds them. (Completed)
-The Journeys of the Far-Searcher-
Follows the wanderings of Najoedo, Eldest of the Keepers, and his misadventures with the ancient cultures he meets. (In progress) -View the Sign-up thread here!-
-A Journey That Aims At the End of the World-
The multi-pronged story that all begins with the Mankind Against Nonhumans attack aboard the Archangel class carrier Zeroel, and quickly turns into quite the ghost story when the ship's captain is later discovered haunting the thaumaturgic systems and then later Firefury Amahira falls senseless for no known reason. (In Progress)
-First Winds of a Future Storm-
(Rated R for violent content)
Another tale out of Shogunate history books, this is the saga of the "Irregular Wars", the series of escalating, multi-factional conflicts between organics and reploids that ultimately helped the collapse of the Nekoa Empire. (In Progress)
-The Archangel Diaries-
The musings of Zeroel Archangel, AI of the Archangel class ship Zeroel, prior to events of "A Journey That Aims At the End of the World".
-RPRA Techcorp Catalogue-
List of various military and non-military hardware available for purchase by other nations.
-Ladies of Nationstates Panty Auction! Rare Goods!-
Parody thread. Come one, come all, and vie for ownership of underwear worn by Firefury Amahira as part of a Truth or Dare game! Brought to you by the Nekoa Bay Auction House!
-History of the I.G.N.O.R.E. Supercannon-
The history of the long-disused Idiot Godmoder Noncontinuity Omni-Repellent Eradictor Supercannon series. An amusing read on a piece of Nationstates history.
-The Bastard NS Moderator From Hell-
Inspired by the Bastard Operator From Hell, a parody thread chronicling the tales of a fictional Nationstates where the moderators are cranky, vicious, vindictive, and prone to rain hellfire and damnation upon the unlucky players who cross them!

Businesses/Organizations of note:

RPRA Techcorp:
The primary supplier for the Reploid Productions military, this company is also spearheading the effort to recover technology that had been lost in the war. They help fund research and development with the sales of civilian equipment, such as the RPRA-LX01b Bandit Mk-I civilian version, as well as the Harukaze business jets, and dominate the tech industry of the country. They are currently dedicating considerable manpower to the "Archangel Project", following rumors of a major breakthrough in reverse-engineering the gravity-diffusers that enable the old Elite Victory fightercraft to perform so well in atmosphere or space conditions.

RP Studios:
Major importer of anime in the country, RP Studios is a government owned media corporation, responsible for much of the country's news broadcasting via the Reploid Productions International News. (RPIN)

Arpean Geological Survey:
Reploid Productions' seismic activity tracking center. Led by Redwing Dragonis (a reploid dragon from the same production line as Secretary of Foreign Affairs Tsume Dragonis), the AGS is the nation's nerve center for geologic research. Most of their time is spent monitoring the Jishin fault line for activity, however, the center also tracks major seismic activity around the world and freely assists in pinpointing the epicenter, depth, and size of major earthquakes that occur elsewhere.

Arpean Historic Society:
Reploid Productions citizens and scientists who persue knowledge of the ancient world. The AHS funds archaelogical digs, special programs, and collects and organizes historic data. The AHS's studies vary widely, from study of ancient technology to study of ancient cultures, and even of ancient 'magics' or other paranormal things that currently fail to have any sort of scientific explanation. Tsunami Drakos (combat reploid dragon from the Drakos production line) and Kiara Alson are reknown within the AHS for their work in the latter field of study.

ALTIMIT Systems, Inc:
Major software developer in Reploid Productions, the company has achieved a nearly Microsoft-level of market domination, with their popular computer operating system, ALTIMIT. While they dominate the country's civilian market, their bids on military and government systems have been repeatedly turned down for undisclosed reasons. (Though rumors say it's because of ALTIMIT is not secure enough for government purposes.)

Arpean Thaumatology Institute:
The Shogunate's 'magitech' research group, under the leadership of Pirika Drakos. The ATI works often with the AHS on research of ancient cultures. The recent revelations in the Valley of Dragons expedition have greatly accelerated their work, and the recent victim of thaumatological energies, Kiara Alson, has been transfered from the AHS to the ATI, along with several of the so-called "Keepers of the Goddess Blades".


-Reploid Productions possesses the largest I.G.N.O.R.E. Cannons in the world, the original is three miles long at the foundation, and rises thirty stories into the air at the top of the command tower. The Mk-II is roughly three times larger, just under nine miles in length at the foundation, over a mile wide at the foundation, and rises roughly sixty stories into the air at the top of the command tower. The Mk-III dwarfs both, taking up the same amount of space as a large city. The latest in the line, the Mk-IV "Pwnz0r" redefines overkill. Recently, the Mk-V was debuted, for no apparent reason. Thankfully, the need for such weapons seems to have dwindled recently, and the final version, the Mk-VI, may never have to be deployed.

Reploid Productions Studios
-The website this country gets its name from-

Firefury's Doga FAQ
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