Arpean Roleplay Policy

Stored within this text is the official roleplaying policy of the Shogunate of Reploid Productions and its colonies.

Concerning the 'personality' of the Shogunate: "Violence is the final resort of the intelligent... and the first resort of the incompetant."
-The Shogunate is a violent-pacifistic nation. Meaning it will protect its interests, but actively keeps warfare as a final resort.
-The Shogunate generally avoids entanglement in alliances that may, as a result, drag the country into a large-scale war.
-The Shogunate is non-expansionist, and therefore will not go to war to acquire territory. If land is needed, Shogunate officials will inquire about purchasing land from other nations.

Roleplay guidelines: "It is the right of every player to choose who they will and will not roleplay with."
-The Shogunate's tech level can't properly be categorized. I would peg it as being a bizarre blend of modern tech, future-tech, and 'magic' (though generally the term 'thaumatology' is applied to anything 'magic')
-Most Shogunate roleplays center around specific characters, be them diplomats, geologists, archaeologists, or military personel. The Shogunate will not partake in 'battle of the numbers' wars.
-If, for some reason, you want to fight the Shogunate, no just suddenly declaring it on the forums. Telegram me first so we can work out a storyline.
-Characters will often be in multiple places at once (time dialation), however, military units will not, barring some circumstance where it would be permissible to have a military unit it two places at once. (For example, the thaumatological attack carrier Zeroel, as it is both a military unit and a character.)
-There are three nations currently considered part of the Shogunate: The Shogunate of Reploid Productions (main), The Incorporated States of RPRA Techcorp (puppet), and The Colony of Aquamarine (puppet). As far as population count is considered, all of Reploid Productions' population is counted. The entire population of RPRA Techcorp is considered to be taken from Reploid Productions' population. The population of Aquamarine was added to that of the Shogunate when the nation was given over at a population of 500 million. Half of the Aquamarine population is taken from Reploid Productions and not counted, while half is. So the Shogunate's total population is this:

Reploid Productions + 0.5 Aquamarine = Shogunate's total population

Concerning the use of the Idiot Godmoder Omni-Repellant Eradicator (I.G.N.O.R.E.) Supercannon: "I DISBELIEVE!"
-The Shogunate will ignore nations that do any of the following:
    -Godmode (You can have your OMG-WTF n00klear missiles- they just can't be foolproof
    -Crash or otherwise derail an established roleplay thread (particularly invite-only ones)
    -Declare war on the Shogunate for no reason/OOC reasons. (In short, no declaring war on Evil Empress Rep Prod the Game Mod.)
    -Nukewank (abuse of nuclear weapons)
    -Nanowank (abuse of nanotechnology)
    -Interstellarwank ("Ha ha, I'm attacking you with my spaceships, but I'm on Alpha Centuri's third planet, so your bombers can't reach me!")
    -Are puppet nations of previously ignored nations.
-The Shogunate will deploy the large pictures of its I.G.N.O.R.E. Supercannons for:
    -Humorous situations that really do call for the image of a gigantic Ignoretech weapon
-There are two forms of Arpean Ignoretech:
    -The I.G.N.O.R.E. Supercannons/mechs/tanks: Target nation/event simply never existed
    -The RPRA-TS02 Purgatory class transport ship: Target nation is totally and completely obliterated by the impact of one or more 151 km long, 51 km wide space junkers.