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    For those of you who want to link to us, we've, or rather, One has made banners and buttons with which you can do so. She's made so many that we decided it'd just be easier to make a section for them! Anyways, for those of you who don't want to use these nifty .gif files, the address to the main page is ^-^

Thanks again goes out to our artists, specifically Jeanie and Momoko. Characters pictured to the left (from top left top bottom right) are Siduri, Chayton, Shino, and Arthur. Characters pictured to right (from top left to bottom right) are Sidra, Kwannon, Meiran, and Nimeesha.

Aw, come on, you didn't see one of these coming? We don't need to tell you who's pictured here =P And you all you sissies who frown at cannon character and original character pairings no matter what, you can... well... no da. (Thanks again to Momoko for the art of Tiffany)

Expect more of ones like theses. One wants to make one for every character! ^^;; (Yes, even DOROTHY!)

Once again, thanks to our artists. Specifically Momoko and Kia.

We really like this one. Thanks to OverWing and Jeanie for the art. The song lyrics were taken and tweaked from a country song called "Girls With Guitars" which we don't own, and by saying so, hopefully nobody will sue us =)

Thanks againt to our online little bro, OverWing, for the artwork used in this one. The extremely hard to read sond lyrics came from "Playing With the Boys" from the Top Gun soundtrack. They may not be accurately transcribed. And again, we don't own that song ^^; (As we dislcaim our rear ends off.)

The first ANE button to sucessfully use Photoshop! Time to disclaim again. Lyrics are from "Silent Legacy" by Melissa Etheridge, and therefore, we don't own them. ^.~;

Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Mechmaster! ^^; Mecha fanatics rejoice! Mecha link buttons for you!

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