For those of you who want to link to us, please go here. Thanks! ^.~

First of all, people we owe a debt of gratitude to.

The CG Lair
Mechmaster's CGI website! Go here for images that AREN'T up on our site. He doesn't just do Gundams! We command you to go! You'll like it. We promise!

PMS Member, Jeanie! This is her art site and she's done some wonderful artwork for us, and of course, let us put her in the story.

Kia Purity's Website
Kia (Kiandra) Purity's website of stuff, including tons of her artwork! She's also a PMS Member and has, obviously, given us artwork!

IJ's Site!
Our new host's site! Not much, but elegance in simplicity, man! =) You can thank him for hosting us after One got sick of Nate and his stupidity!

Second of all, sites of interest.

As if you haven't been here before ;p This page has been and excellent source of information and provided us with the lyrics and translations for songs. If you haven't been here, well, you'd better go! Plenty for every fan. Including Episode Zero translations.

Some of the bases for the sprites in the Art Gallery came from here. This place has a huge gallery of Sailor Moon sprites and such.

Aishiteru - Gundam Wing Fanworks
One of the largest archives of non-yaoi Gundam Wing fanfiction on the Net. Some of Firefury's non-A New Era works are there!

Maintained by our friend Chichiri no Aijin! Got a burning question for one of the Suzaku Seishi of Fushigi Yuugi fame? Then this is the place to ask it!

*ahem* Shameless, very shameless, plug. Our main site (What? You though this story was all we managed? Fwah.) which is a site for our fanfic and other stuff. Unfortunately, it's still very small, but still worth a visit. The humor section is one of a kind. ^.~