Your Friendly Neighborhood Terrorist Leader

Name: Noah Hatway
Aliases: Bossman
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, assumed 40s-50s
Height: 6'1"
Eye color: Unknown
Hair color: Unknown
Hair style: Unknwon
Mobile Suits:  Serpent Peacemaker Command Type
Character Design: Firefury Amahira

Background Information:

Best described as a rough and ready, grizzled older man, not much is known about Noah Hathway, commander of the renegade "Peacemaker" organization. He's shown a cynical streak as well as a wry sense of humor, having introduced himself and his organization to Lady Une at the outset of the Une Conflict as "Just your friendly neighborhood terrorist organization with a problem with New Romafellar."

It's known that he's been in the renegade business since the Eve Wars, and that his organization has been handy with old mobile suits. Beyond that, his precise motivations for helping Lady Une and harassing the government are unknown.