Episode 16:

        The year is After Colony 216. After their original attempts at defeating the World Nation and Martian forces, Venusian governess Nimeesha Pembroke, with the aid of her trusted assistant Kwannon Yokoshima, sets in motion a new plan to destabilize the World Nation from its source, rather than waste precious forces in any more futile attacks.

    Kwannon and Tiana arrive on Earth and are attending a formal State dinner. Ariana is 'talked' into coming by her father, and Sidra goes with her. Yoshino has apparently arrived home, hoping the peace talks will remove the need for the Gundams while others are skeptical. Duo has returned home to Hilde, only to discover the joys of dealing with a pregnant woman. Tiffany seems to be making some progress with Trowa... But Momoko has vanished after being sent on a mission to tail the not-quite-a-couple.

        Yoshino carefully crept through the crowds to where Ariana was... And.... SIDRA!? Nobody said she was here!! She ran... to MY HOUSE!? And Mom and Dad let her stay!? Without telling Uncle Milliardo and Aunt Noin!? Uncle Milliardo is gonna wanna kill Dad if he hears about it. And who are they talking with? Shino slipped over and put a hand over his sister's eyes while Tiana and Sidra blinked.
    "Guess who."
    "Shino!!" Ariana wriggled free and glomped (yes, glomped) her older brother, "You're home! Did ya bring your Gundam?? Where is it? Can I see it? Huh huh? Can I????" Ariana chattered. Tiana blinked.
    "Your brother is a Gundam pilot?"
    "I didn't bring it, Ari! Remember, this a time for peace talks! Coming home with a Gundam probably wouldn't look too good, now would it?"
    "... I suppose not..." Ariana sighed, disappointed. Shino eyed Sidra, giving her a look that meant 'I want to talk to you later'. Sidra rolled her eyes. Shino returned his attention to his sister.
    "Where are your manners, Ari? Who's your friend?" He looked over at Tiana. Ariana also looked over.
    "That's Tiana! Nimeesha Pembroke's daughter. She came with their ambassador." Ariana pointed in Kwannon's direction. Shino glanced over there. A scarred woman with black hair was talking with some of the people.
    "Ah... So who is she?"
    "Her name is Kwannon Yokoshima." Tiana looked over at Kwannon, then over at Shino, "So you are-?"
    "Yoshino Yuy. I usually just go by Shino." The older Yuy child bowed slightly, the epitome of courtesy. Ariana razzed him. Tiana chuckled slightly.
    "You two seem nothing alike! Ariana says she didn't even want to be here tonight."
    "... You came voluntarily!" Ariana pointed an accusing finger at Shino.
    "The horror." Sidra stated flatly, "And Ariana... It's not polite to point."
    Ariana almost fell over.
    "Well, I had to come check and make sure you weren't getting into any trouble." Shino smiled. That smile wouldn't last for long.
    "Guess what!" Ariana grinned that grin that caused people to question somebody's sanity. Shino's smile dropped a notch.
    "Sidra and I have been practicing with FalconWing and the Tallgeese when Mom and Dad aren't home!"
    "W-what?" Shino's smile vanished. And she's talking about this like it's a good thing? In front of Tiana who doesn't even know!? What if she tells that Kwannon person??
    "Practicing with what?" Tiana blinked, not knowing the names of the suits.
    "Um.... Tiana... You wanna dance??" Shino, hastily escorted the confused Venusian girl away before she could answer. Anything to get her away from where she might overhear something she shouldn't. Sidra whacked Ariana.
    "Idiot! You shouldn't go splurging that kind of stuff around a possible enemy! What if she tells their ambassador!? And who knows what kind of person that Kwannon is!" Sidra glared down at her younger cousin.
    "Her? An enemy? No way, Sid!" Ariana waved a hand, "She's too nice."
    "Even if she isn't, she might slip and say something to their ambassador! And who KNOWS what her intentions are."

    "That was a bit... abrupt..." Tiana blinked, as Shino lead her into a waltz, "I wasn't supposed to hear what they started talking about, was I?"
    "Uh... um... No. Not that at all." Shino was a bit surprised. The girl was quicker on the uptake than he had really expected her to be. Tiana closed her eyes.
    "You are lying, Mr. Yuy." She stated calmly, "But I can understand. After all, I am the daughter of the person who declared the war. Since you've been fighting in it, and since you are apparently one of the people piloting a Gundam for Mars, it's only logical not to trust me. Especially since Venus so suddenly declared a cease fire for peace talks. I didn't come here expecting to be welcomed with open arms. I actually came expecting much worse. But I believe my mother's intentions are good." She opened her eyes and studied Shino.
    "Oh... um... Well. Just call me Yoshino or Shino... um... yeah."

    "Jerk." Ariana twitched, watching her brother, "And he's always harping on me for MY manners. I don't DRAG people out onto dance floors!"
    "He did the right thing. He got her away before you could stupidly splurge everything we've been doing."

        While Tiffany had returned to her apartment after dinner, Trowa had returned to the hangar to work on Heavyarms. He was greeted by panicking PMS members. Jeanie ran over.
    "YOU SHOT MOMOKO, NO DA!!!" She cried out. The others clustered over.
    "Have you seen Momoko?"
    "Momoko?" Trowa blinked, "The loud pink haired woman?"
    "Yeah! Her!"
    "YOU SHOT HER, DIDN'T YOU!?!?! WHERE'S THE BODY!?!?" Jeanie demanded, then was hit with another 'brilliant' conclusion, "AND WHERE IS TIFFANY!?!?!?!?"
    "She went back to her apartment. And no, I haven't seen Momoko. Why would I have shot her?" Trowa raised an eyebrow.
    "Uuuh....... She went out shortly after you and Tiff did... so you might have thought she was following..." Shannon thought fast for an answer.
    "I haven't seen her."
    "... Maybe she went home?" Jenna eyed the still panicky Jeanie, "Maybe she's skipping work. After all, Tiffany set us a FINE example."
    All eyes turned to Trowa.
    "...." He ignored them and went to work after shooing technicians away from his suit. He'd fix it on his own.

        "Man, those two have been out there talking all niiiight!" Ariana crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, "What could they possibly have in common to talk about??"
    "Excuse me, but might I have this dance?" One of the 'old farts' smiled at Ariana. She paled and looked at Sidra.
    "Oh come on, Ariana. The party is almost over." Sidra grinned maliciously. Ariana paled further and followed one of those dreaded 'old farts' to the dance floor.
    This sucks... I'm not good at dancing! Ariana sweatdropped. This was soon apparent to her partner because his feet were getting sore.

    Kwannon walked over and tapped Tiana's shoulder. Tiana had been dancing and talking with Shino the entire evening. Shino blinked. Tiana looked over her shoulder.
    "Sorry to interrupt, but we need to be going Tiana." Kwannon looked over at Shino. He nodded and stepped away slightly.
    "It was a pleasure to meet you, Tiana." Shino performed another one of his little half bows and went to rejoin his sister and cousin. Ariana was beet red after having returned from her one dance of the night. Kwannon and Tiana went to say good night to the hostess.
    "Leaving?" Relena looked at them, "Well, good night. I'm sure we'll see you again soon. Oh... Tiana, did you meet Ariana?"
    "Yes," Tiana nodded, "and your son, Yoshino."
    "Well, you're welcome to come over anytime." Relena eyed Heero, who nodded slightly.
    "Thank you. It was nice meeting you and Ariana and Yoshino." Tiana smiled. Kwannon nodded.
    "We'll see you tomorrow at the conference."

    "You were sure out there awhile, Shino." Sidra commented.
    "Yeah, with the 'enemy'. And you looked pretty happy, bro." Ariana eyed Shino, who was still looking quite content with himself.
    "She's not the enemy. It's Kwannon we have to watch ourselves around."
    "Earth to Yuy brat number one!" Sidra sweatdropped, "She's with Kwannon. She's the DAUGHTER of Nimeesha Pembroke. She may just be acting all sweet and innocent. She could be a spy. She could USE you-"
    "And I trust her. She's a smart young lady and has complete faith in her mom's plans for the peace talks. I'll be careful though, if it'll shut you two up." Shino stated in a tone that brought the conversation to a screeching halt.

        "Okay... Here's the plan." Stephanie instructed, "Jenna, you're going to follow them. Find out if you can where they hid Momoko's body."
    "Guys," Shannon sweatdropped, "Tiffany-san said they were going to the hospital so Trowa can get a  DNA test done! Momoko's probably just skipping on us today!"
    "A likely excuse, no da." Jeanie crossed her arms.
    "Um... I'll just go work on Altron..." Kiandra sweatdropped, "Meiran and Wufei are going to be able to leave soon and if we work fast enough, we can get Wuffie's suit done."
    "Will you stop calling him that??" Shannon rolled her eyes.
    "But it's CUTE!" Kiandra countered.
    "Exactly. It's disgustingly cute."
    "Hurry! Jenna! Go! Follow! They're leaving now! We have to find Moe's body and give her a proper funeral." Jeanie shoved Jenna out the hangar door after the two in question headed out, "Good luck, no da!"

        "Hmm... " Noin studied the entrance exams, "You haven't piloted before?" She looked at the two brothers seated in her office. Chayton and Arthur Brook... Everything checked out okay on them... I guess we can put them in the class with the advanced students. Including Siduri... He wont' be happy two 'newbies' are already in his class. Heh. Noin smiled to herself.
    "No, we haven't, Ma'am." Arthur answered politely. Chayton nodded.
    "I'm going to put you in our advanced class with our best students. You'll start tomorrow."
    "All right. Thank you." Chayton got up. Arthur watched something out the window.
    "If you'll excuse us, we have to get some of our things..." The black haired Arthur looked at Chayton.
    "Dismissed." Noin nodded. The two brothers quietly left the office. Chayton looked at his brother.
    "Find something?"
    "Indeed. Let's go."
    "Right." Chayton nodded and the two left campus in search of... well, who knows what they were looking for.

        "Noin... One of our high speed shuttles is missing." Milliardo walked into his wife's office with some reports, "Disappeared a few days ago. And obviously not in flight."
    "Hmm... No witnesses, huh?"
    "None. It just vanished." Milliardo shook his head, "We already have the Taurus patrols on the look out, but there hasn't been any signs of unscheduled shuttles leaving."
    "Interesting... It's probably still on Mars then."
    "But why would somebody steal it? And who?"
    "I'm sure we'll find out eventually..." Noin sighed, "I wish I knew where Sidra was... Did you call Relena?"
    "Yes. She wasn't home. Ariana answered and said Sidra wasn't there. I hope she's okay, wherever she is." Milliardo shuddered to at the thought of what might have happened to his daughter in that Tallgeese suit.

        "Jenna isn't back yet." Shannon frowned, "And Tiffany and Trowa got back hours ago. Suppose she got lost?"
    "I doubt it. YOU'RE the one with no sense of direction." Steph smiled at her sister. Shannon rolled her eyes. Jeanie cried out.
    "DA!!! TROWA SHOT JENNA, NO DA!!!" Jeanie became super deformed and flailed her arms. Trowa looked at her. Tiffany rolled her eyes.
    "Now who did I shoot?"
    "AAAH! DON'T SHOOT ME!!!" Jeanie fled in a panic and hid behind Stephanie. Stephanie stepped aside. Jeanie ran and hid behind/clung to Quatre, who was trying to read something in the newspaper about the arrival of the Venusian ambassador. It was also good to know what was going on in the world, after all.
    "Um... Will you please let go? I'm trying to read..."
    "QUATRE-KINZ! TROWA'S GONNA SHOOT MEEEEE!" Jeanie whined. Quatre looked at Trowa, who shrugged.
    "Will you please let go of me???"
    "You've traumatized Jeanie, Trowa. I hope you're happy." Tiffany sweatdropped, "She's probably skipping, you guys. And what a horrible day to do it. I finished going over her redesign of Epyon and touching it up. Since she's not here, we ought to get to work on it without her. And Jeanie! Let go of Quatre. He pays us. Remember??"
    "DOWN, JEANIE!" Shannon yelled. Jeanie sighed and let go of the blond pilot, much to his relief.
    "I'll just be in my room now..." Quatre hastily excused himself. Shannon twitched.
    "Way to go, Jeanie. You scared him off!" Shannon scolded, then sulked.
    "Why are you sulking, no da? You HAVE a boyfriend, no da!" Jeanie made a face.
    "But he's not nearly as cute as Quatre!" Shannon whined. Trowa blinked and.... sweatdropped.

        Shino knocked on the guest room door.
    "Sidra! I need to talk to you!"
    "What?" Sidra yawned and opened the door.
    "Your parents have been worried sick about you!"
    "Yeah, yeah. Ariana said they called. She told them I wasn't here."
    "Oh- WHAT!? Ariana lied to them???"
    "Yup. Aunt Relena and Uncle Heero said they wouldn't tell. Not immediately, anyways."
    "It's been over a month! How long are you going to stay here without telling them?" Shino was, to say the least, surprised.
    "Dunno, Mr. Ladies Maaaaan." Sidra made a face at her older cousin.
    "Oh shut up. But that reminds me... YOU LET ARIANA TAKE HER SUIT OUT!?!?!" It was a good thing Relena and Heero weren't home.
    "Mm-hmm. I needed somebody to practice against. She's pretty good too. And we haven't been doing anything serious. Just a little sparring. Besides... You made her promise not to take it out to SPACE." Sidra grinned, "And we haven't once been into space practicing. Why don't you go bug her about it, Lover-boy?"
    "Only if you call your folks."
    "Bah! Later. But hey... Send Siduri a letter, would ya? He asked me to write, but that would give away where I am."
    "You're calling them today. If you won't, I will." Shino's tone left little doubt of this fact.
    "Hey! Yer parents said they would let me stay awhile without telling them! Can't it wait awhile?"
    "It's been awhile!" Shino retorted, "But... how about a week? Call them in a week?"
    "Fine... Can I go back to bed now? It's too early..." Sidra stretched.
    "It's 10 AM." Shino sweatdropped.
    "Ari told me you sleep until afternoon when you're not on duty, Shino."
    "Augh... that traitor." Shino sweatdropped.

        Kwannon stood up before the people gathered, not quite accustomed to public speaking, she was a bit nervous.
    "I am Kwannon Yokoshima, the ambassador of from the Venus Sphere. As you know, Venus has executed a number of attacks on Mars, and one on Earth. While this is common knowledge to all, the hardships people suffer on Venus are not. Water plants destroyed in A.C. 207 have not been repaired or replaced. Farmlands soils are still to acidic to use for planting. Also, Venus is isolated from the rest of the World Nation for about half of the year since its orbit takes it opposite of Mars and Earth."
    Relena stood up.
    "We understand that Venus is a hard place to live in, but starting a war was no way to deal with the problem. Wars drain supplies that could have been used to help repair the damages caused by the storm."
    A murmur of agreement was heard. Kwannon swallowed hard.
    "The people of Venus are aware of that, however, the discontent was of such a level that they, the people, decided to use their supplies for a war. The Venusian Governess, an elected official, like all of you, can only do what the people give her the power to do. But the people of Venus have realized they may not have made the best choice in starting a war with the World Nation, which is why the cease fire has been declared."
    Heero's eyes narrowed, and he whispered, "They're the only ones who have been shooting." Relena glanced at him.

        "You're late." The class instructor eyed the two new students. Siduri studied them from his seat.
    "Sorry, we're still learning our way around campus." Chayton answered.
    "I understand, but try to not be late again. You can sit by Meiran and Siduri." The instructor pointed to the two. Meiran scowled as the two took seats next to her and Siduri. How'd they get into this class so fast? Were they transferred?
    "S'up?" Chayton smiled at Siduri, who had picked up on Meiran's uneasiness.
    "... The sky." He replied flatly, then resumed taking notes from an overhead projector. Arthur had already started taking notes. Chayton sighed and pulled out a notebook. Strategies for defensive battles, huh?
    Meiran quickly scrawled down the notes, closed her notebook, and left. Chayton blinked. The instructor didn't seem to mind the Chinese girl's departure.
    "Hey... " Chayton tapped Siduri's desk to get his attention, "Why'd she just walk out and not in trouble?"
    "She's not a student here. After all, she isn't in uniform, now is she?" Siduri pointed out.
    "Well, I'm Chayton Brook. You are-?"
    "Siduri Peacecraft." Siduri sounded oh so thrilled, "I'm trying to work."

        "DA!!! TROWA SHOT KIANDRA, NO DA!!!" Jeanie shouted, once again super deformed and flailing arms in a panic. Kiandra had been dispatched to follow Tiffany and Trowa when the pair had gone to dinner, but it was now after midnight. While Tiffany had returned, and Trowa had gone to the room on campus he'd been given, Kiandra had failed to appear. Tiffany hurled a screw driver at Jeanie from where she was working on Altron in Kiandra's place.
    "Knock it off. Trowa hasn't even pulled out a gun on anybody this past week. I'm annoyed they're all skipping though-"
    "IMPOSSIBLE-" Shannon covered Jeanie's mouth before the black haired engineer could go off on the same rant she'd been yelling the past two hours, "We should start on Epyon, Jeanie-san, besides, I called Keetia and she said that Tiffany and Trowa did in fact go to her bar for dinner."
    "Why would I let him shoot my co-workers, Jeanie?" Tiffany sweatdropped.
    "Well, you said he could shoot Moe when the suits were doooooone!" Jeanie whined.
    "I was JOKING. Sheesh. Get to work!"
    "Oh yeah! GUESS WHAT!!!! I STILL GOT THAT CEL!!!" Shannon cheered suddenly.
    "Eh? That thing you were whining about losing on eBay?" Tiffany sweatdropped.
    "Yep." Shannon grinned, "It'll be here in a week!"

        "So any word from Momoko, Jenna or Kiandra?" Tiffany walked in the next morning. Shannon shook her head.
    "Nope... None what so ever."
    "WHERE DID TROWA HIDE THE BODIES?!?!" Jeanie yelled. Tiffany rolled her eyes, "Get a life, Jeanie."
    "But.... If I get a life.... I'LL GET SHOT!"
    "Um... Maybe you shouldn't have come in today, Jeanie?" Stephanie sweatdropped, "Imoutosan! Let's go! I have a model to get and a paycheck to cash!"
    "Not in that order, but, HAI!" Shannon grinned, "We'll be back in awhile, unless my aneki decides to build her model as soon as she gets it."
    "NO! DON'T GO! IF YOU GO, TROWA WILL SHOOT YOU TOO, NO DA!!!" Jeanie cried out.
    "I'm not going anywhere today." Trowa stated flatly from where he was running a diagnostic, though he was tempted to point the gatling gun at Jeanie, just to see her reaction. But he decided against it.
    "I think I wish you weeeere... " Jeanie whined, "I'm going to go look for Quatre!!" She leapt up and ran out of the hangar. Tiffany blinked.
    "Well there goes the work force." She sighed.
    "I'm still here!" Well look who's still around, the ancient Howard!
    "... Oh like you've been any help." Tiffany sweatdropped, "You only helped redesign the Tallgeese! Oh well, get the technicians working on Epyon and Altron."
    "Right." Howard turned around, "YO! TECHIES! GOT SOME GUNDAMS TO BUILD OVER HERE! GET TO WORK!"
    Reluctantly, the under paid technicians set down their coffee cups and went to work.

        "Hmm... so that's where they keep the Gundams." Arthur mused, "And isn't that our dear classmate Siduri listening in?"
    "Looks like. Poor security." Chayton glanced around.
    "They're too trusting."
    Stephanie and Shannon chased Siduri away on their way out. Stephanie could be heard shouting.
    Shannon sweatdropped.
    "Well, Chayton, we should have enough time before class. Shall we go?" Arthur smiled.
    "Guess so." The two headed off. Siduri blinked and watched them go. They planning on listenin' in too? Somebody tapped his shoulder.
    "Eh?" He turned around, "Oh, hey Meiran! S'up??"
    "I don't trust those two. I've been trying to follow them around, but it's pretty hard. I'm going to be going in a few days, so I want you to watch them for me. Some of the engineers have disappeared."
    "I know. I overheard it. Jeanie thinks Uncle Trowa's shot them. Why don't you go talk to my mom and dad about the vanishing engineers? I don't think anybody has yet because they've been so busy."
    "All right."

        "Why didn't somebody say something sooner!?" Noin paced. Meiran shrugged.
    "It was assumed they were skipping work. Apparently everyone of them but Tiffany has done it before. Though Jeanie is convinced Uncle Trowa shot them." Meiran sweatdropped.
    "Somebody stole one of the high speed shuttles, too." Milliardo crossed his arms, "We haven't been able to locate it yet."
    "Siduri and I don't trust those two new students who you put in the advanced classes, Aunt Noin." Meiran frowned, "Especially that Arthur one."
    "We're going to have to increase security around the PMS... that'll be hard. They're all pretty independent. They won't be happy." Milliardo sighed.

        "I thought I told you to try not to be late again." The class instructor frowned. Siduri eyed Arthur and Chayton.
    "Sorry... It's a large campus an-"
    "I don't need excuses. Take you seats." The instructor ordered. Siduri sighed. He wished Meiran had showed up today instead of being with her father. He didn't want to have to be with these two new students in class alone.

        After class, Siduri made his way towards the hangar and spotting something in the bushes. Eh? What's this? WHAT IF IT'S A BOMB!?!? So, he WISELY picked the box up and shook it. There was no ticking, but something inside rattled. He turned it over.
    "'Perfect Grade MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam'" Siduri blinked. "COME TO ME, MY SWEET PERFECT GRADE ZETA MODEL!" Whoa! Sh*t! This is hers! But... Where is she? OH CRAP! This means her and her sister...!!!
    Siduri burst into the hangar, holding the banged up box up.
    "I couldn't find Quatre...." Jeanie whined, but was interrupted by Siduri.
    "THEY'RE GONE!!!"
    "Who?" Tiffany blinked and walked over.
    "Those two crazy sisters! This is that model she wanted right!? It was in the bushes!" Siduri showed the PMS founder.
    "Yeah. That's what she went out to b-"
    "DA!!! TROWA SHOT STEPHANIE AND SHANNON, NO DA!!!" Jeanie was about to panic.
    "JEANIE! Trowa has been here ALL DAY!" Tiffany scowled at Jeanie, "He hasn't even left the hangar!"
   Noin and Milliardo walked in.
    "Why didn't anybody tell us what was happening?? Siduri! What are you doing in here?" Noin scowled.
    "Reporting two missing persons..." Siduri set the model box down.
    "Well... I assumed they'd skipped work, but I am starting to get worried about them all." Tiffany glanced at the model box, "Stephanie wouldn't have just left this lying around."
    Worried glances were exchanged.
    "... Okay... Maybe Trowa didn't shoot them.... da...." Jeanie pulled her kasa over her head, "We're next Tiffany!! THEY'RE COMING FOR US, NO DA!"
    MORE worried glances were exchanged. Milliardo cleared his throat.
    "We're going to increase security around you two. Don't go anywhere alone. And tell people where you're going and when you'll be back. You can use the dorms on campus. It'll be easier to keep you two safe if you stay on campus. Siduri. Go find Meiran and Quatre. They should know what's going on exactly. I'm going to station some of the Defense Force outside the hangar-"
    "Isn't that a little over kill?" Tiffany twitched, "I have a life to live, you know."
    "We can't have all of you vanishing." Milliardo remembered what happened to the LAST set of mad scientists during a war. Not that PMS members were mad scientists of course.
    "... Can I go to the bathroom by myself?" Jeanie sniffled. Everyone nearly fell over. Siduri left to find Meiran and Quatre.

        Wufei was getting out of bed for the first time since the accident, but he had orders to take it very easy, though his ribs were healing nicely already. Meiran helped him up.
    "We're going to be going home soon. Your suit isn't done yet, but that doesn't really matter since you can't pilot it. We're going to be taking my suit home with us. Mom might not be too thrilled about it, but Aunt Noin thinks it would be a good idea to spread out in case Venus does have something planned."
    "... Can I see the suits?" Wufei asked.
    "I suppose..." Meiran blinked. Siduri opened the door.
    "Hey! Meetin' in the hangar. Dad's setting up stuff to guard the PMS members that are still here. Stephanie and Shannon are gone now too."
    "Well... We're heading that way anyways... You're sure you can walk, Daddy?" Meiran frowned, "I can get a wheelchair..."
    ".... all right..."
    "Hey, Meiran. Ya know where Uncle Quatre is?" Siduri leaned in the door way.
    "In his room. I believe he's trying to talk to all his sisters about how the business is doing. He's probably got a lot of work piling up even with their help."
    "Right. Thanks!" Siduri took off. Meiran sighed and paged a nurse who brought in a wheelchair shortly after. You'd never have accepted this kind of help before, Daddy... Meiran wasn't sure if she should be happy he was doing the smart thing and accepting aid for the trip across campus or be sad he wasn't acting like himself.

        "... Where is Jeanie?" Tiffany looked around.
    "She said she had to go to the ladies room." Howard leaned against a wall, "That was a half hour ago."
    "... I'll order a search of all the rest rooms... " Noin sighed. Siduri came in, followed by Quatre. Meiran came, wheeling Wufei in shortly after.
    "Bad news..." Siduri sweatdropped. Quatre held up Jeanie's kasa.
    "That's.... Jeanie's beloved kasa..." Tiffany took it and studied it. Silence filled the room.
    "... That leaves Tiffany." Trowa stated the obvious, which seemed to need to be stated, as the obvious usually needs to be.
    "... I'll be in my office." Tiffany set the kasa down and quietly walked into her office, closing (and locking) the door behind her. This is outrageous.

        "Thank you for letting me come over." Tiana smiled. Heero ignored her and leaned against a wall while Relena sat down.
    "Ariana won't be home from school until later. And Sidra is hiding out in her room. Yoshino is back on duty with the Preventers, so he won't be home for a few days."
    "I see."
    "So how has your stay her on Earth been so far?"
    "It's wonderful!" Tiana's smiled widened, "The sky is so much clearer here than it is back home. It's such a pretty shade of blue. Though it's colder here than on Venus. My brothers were born here. I was born on Venus during the terraforming. I've always wanted to come here though. My brother Arthur said it was a boring place though. But he acts like the world bores him. And he's always picking on Kwannon."
    Relena blinked, a bit surprised by that.
    "Why-? Is it because of her scars?"
    "That among other things. She came from a 'lower class' as he calls it. He's really stuck up about such things. She puts up with a lot from him though, considering she outranks him. He's just a pilot and Kwannon is Mother's chief assistant."
    That caught Heero's interest.
    "Assistant in what?"
    "I'm not actually quite sure. I'd assume with running Venus." Tiana noted Heero's sudden interest, "And yes, that does include the military. But she's here for peace. Not for war."
    "..." Heero wisely dropped the subject.
    "Yes. She seems to really understand the needs of Venus." Relena glanced at Heero to make sure her husband was behaving.
    "My mother wants me to go into politics. That's why she sent me here along with Kwannon. You're a prominent figure in politics... Maybe you could teach me some things about it?" Tiana asked timidly.
    "I'M HOOOOOOME!" Ariana barged in and thoroughly ruined the conversation, "Oh! Hi Tiana! I didn't know you'd be here!"
    Relena smiled.
    "We can talk some other time, Tiana."
    "All right. Thanks. Hello, Ariana!" Tiana looked over at the younger of the Yuy brats. She excused herself and went off/was dragged off by Ariana, who was chattering something about model collections.
    "The Venusian ambassador can't be trusted." Heero scowled after the girls had left.
    "Heero... Just because she helps to run the military doesn't mean she's here to cause trouble. You shouldn't make assumptions like that. Their ambassador knows first hand the hardships of Venus. Deep down in her heart she probably just wants to help the people."

        "I'm going home." Tiffany shouted so everyone in the hangar could hear her.
    "You're staying here on campus." Milliardo looked at the single remaining PMS member.
    "No... I said 'I'm going home'." Tiffany scowled, "I'm not going to stop living my life just because I'm some kidnapper's target!"
    "It's not safe-" Noin was interrupted.
    "LOOK. My apartment has an alarm and locks. I'll make sure everything is locked before I go to bed. I'm not going to live in fear because of this!" Tiffany snapped.
    "Aunt Noin is right." Meiran glared at Tiffany, "It isn't safe. And who said it was a kidnapper... It could be a murderer. Or worse."
    "I'm not going to stay here on campus forever. I'll be FINE. Siduri! OUT! Stop blocking the door!" Tiffany scowled at the Peacecraft son.
    "For once I don't have to follow orders to get out!" Siduri grinned, "Sorry."
    "Miss Geslacht," Quatre attempted to reason with the Not Happy PMS founder, "It's just until we can find out where the others has disappeared to. I'm-"
    "If somebody wants to kidnap or kill me or whatever badly enough they'll get past any damned security. I. Am. Going. Home. What part of that do you people not understand??"
    "... I'll escort her home. How's that?" Trowa looked at the people gathered in the room. Tiffany rolled her eyes slightly in annoyance. She just wanted to go home and get some sleep after all.
    "... Fine." Milliardo gave up on talking Tiffany out of heading home. Tiffany sighed.
    "Let's go then. And I'll come back briiiiight and early. How's that?"
    "We'll send someone to escort you back here." Noin added.
    "FINE." Tiffany twitched. Siduri moved out of the way. Trowa and Tiffany walked out, Tiffany slamming the door in Siduri' face.
    "... OW." Siduri winced, "At least I was on the inside of the door for once..."

        "They were right, you know."
    "Don't you start on me too." Tiffany frowned, "I figured you'd go back to mostly ignoring me after the DNA tests. Or will that happen after the results are mailed to my office?"
    "... I don't know."
    "Well if you don't know, then I sure as hell don't know." TIffany sighed, "So... What exactly are we?"
    "Huh?" Trowa looked at her in surprise.
    "Are we friends? Are we business partners? The PMS would insist we're a couple. What? What are we? Give me a clue!"
    Trowa stared.
    "Well we've gone out, for crying out loud. And more than once. I've stuck my nose into your family business. I've nagged on you about your EATING HABITS. Help me out here! Give me a clue to what you're thinking for once!" They arrived at Tiffany's apartment door.
    "... I don't know." Trowa admitted after a long silence.
    "Well neither do I! That's why I'm asking!" Tiffany dug out her keys.
    "You can go back now. Go back to the academy, think about what I've said, and give me some sort of answer tomorrow."
    "Good NIGHT Trowa Barton!" With that, Tiffany ceremoniously slammed the door in Trowa's face. He stood there for a few moments, completely dumbfounded.

        Tiffany grumbled and grabbed her purse. I can get breakfast at the campus. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. They really did get an escort down here bright and early... It's going to be a long day... She sighed and opened the door. It was none other than Trowa. Go figure.
    "Good morning." Tiffany muttered, "Tell me you didn't stand out front on my door step all night long."
    "Great. I see I'm back to being ignored. I suppose that answers my question, doesn't it?" She stepped out and shut the door, locking it, "But please, tell me you weren't out there all night."
    "All right. I wasn't out there all night." Trowa replied flatly. Tiffany wasn't sure if he was lying or not, but didn't bother asking, and instead stormed down the hallway.

        "So do you have an answer or what?" Tiffany tossed her purse into her office drawer. When she turned around, Trowa had already disappeared. Hmph. I suppose that really does answer it doesn't it?

        Quickly and quietly Tiffany snuck out past campus security. She was just heading down to Keetia's, but the campus security knew what was up and wouldn't let her leave if they spotted her.

        "Heyas, Tiffany! Earlier than usual... Not with what's his name?" Yancha blinked. Tiffany scowled and sat down at the bar.
    "Just give me a Nuriko Special, Yancha."
    "Um... Okay... What's up, anyways?"
    "It's a long, long story." She watched him begin mixing the drink.
    "I've got time."
    "I don't. I've only got an hour at most before they notice I'm missing." Tiffany sighed.
    "Eh?" Yancha blinked, "What's going on??"
    "The other PMS members have vanished. So everybody has been watching me like a hawk today. Not a bit of time to myself. Everyone is worrying their heads off." She took the drink as soon as it was placed before her and downed it, then quickly ordered another.
    "Well, they should be! What are you doin' here alone? I mean, this place IS a safe joint and all, but once ya go..."
    "Don't you dare start on me, Yancha!" Tiffany scowled.
    "Um... Right... But is that all?" Yancha, stupidly, pried further. Tiffany ignored him and studied the bar, noting two young men in the corner wearing red academy jackets. ... Are they cutting class? ... Well, it's a possibility they might not have any classes right now... Hmm...
    "Well?" Yancha set the next drink in front of Tiffany. She looked back over at him, anger dwindling a bit.
    "No, that's not all."
    "I bet it has something to do with that guy!" Keetia popped up from nowhere, "Are you two a couple yet or what??"
    "No." Tiffany glared at Keetia, "The guy can't even give me the slightest clue to what he's thinking or feeling."
    "So it DOES have to do with him!" Keetia grinned and wandered off to the back room.
    "Aw, come on Tiff. Take it easy on the guy." Yancha grinned, "We males get pretty confused by women!"
    "But seriously. Ya know when he walked outta here at that victory party??"
    "What about it?" Tiffany muttered.
    "Well I talked to the guy who went out after 'im!" Yancha grinned, "Ya wanna hear about it??"
    "Why should I care?" Tiffany finished off her second drink and motioned for another.
    "You can't fool me... You want to hear, don't you?" Yancha grinned more, if that was even possible.
    "Fine. What of it, Yancha?" Tiffany sighed again.
    "Well, apparently... You, and I quote, 'confuse him'."
    "Well good. He confuses me probably just as much." Tiffany ran a finger around the rim of her glass.
    "Are you sure it's a good idea to work on getting wasted during all this, Tiff?" Yancha frowned a bit.
    "Don't worry about it." Tiffany sipped at her new drink, "I'll be fine. They all put up such a fuss over my wanting to go home to my apartment instead of staying in a dorm on campus."
    "Hrm... What's his name's name is Trowa, right?"
    "Yeah." Tiffany polished off her drink, once again motioning for another one.
    "Well, was he concerned at all about it?" Yancha leaned on the bar, "Actions speak louder than words, ya know."
    "..... I guess.... maybe.... a little. It's hard to tell." The albino woman stifled a hiccup.

        "Hey! You two! You're academy students, right??" Yancha asked the two boys in the corner. Chayton and Arthur nodded.
    "Then I assume you know who that," He pointed at the sullen (and slightly drunk) Tiffany, "is, right?"
    "Yeah, she's one of the engineers. I heard she was supposed to stay on campus." Chayton blinked.
    "Um, yeah, well. She was. Could you two sneak her back ON campus?"
    "Sure thing." Arthur smiled.

        Tiffany never arrived back on campus.

        Tiffany awoke sometime later and wondered when she had fallen asleep. Then she noticed her surroundings. A small wooden crate with some spots wide enough to see through. She caught view of some other crates. Silence. It was broken by....
    "YEAH! Hey! Think Tiffany's awake?"
    "I'm awake..." Tiffany mumbled, "Where have you guys been all this time!? In fact... Where ARE we!?" Jeanie provided her with the answer.

Continued In Gundam Wing: A New Era, Episode 17,
"Are We There Yet?"