Between the Clouds
Lyrics by One, copyright 2001

    I stare out my window, alone
    You canít see much in the Venus sky
    And sometimes I wonder why I even try
    To glimpse the stars, between the clouds

    I see them sparkle briefly
    And I reach for them
    Just barely falling short

    Surrounded by people, but still alone
    Alone in the crowd one afternoon
    I look up and see the sun peek through
    Between the clouds
    I see it shine briefly
    And I reach for it
    Just barely falling short once more

    I make my way home, ever more alone
    In the darkness of the night
    But whatís that strange light?
    I see the fake moon, between the clouds

    I see it glow briefly
    And foolishly I reach for it
    Knowing Iíll fall short

    I shouldnít give up, even when Iím alone
    Even though itís hard and lonely
    In the end thereíll be someone to hold me
    And weíll reach together, even though we may fail

    I wonít settle for the clouds

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