Opened August 27th, 2001, 9:47 PM
Greetings! ;p

        Themes, image songs, and insert songs have been used to express emotions in anime for a long time now. While we can't compose music to go with these, let alone sing them if we had the music, we've compiled lyrics we've written for Gundam Wing: A New Era. This is still a section in progress, and will not be completed until we've written the correct amount of opening and end themes, and have also written character vocals for important characters. At this point in time, there is only one insert song.
    While this is only a fanfiction, we want to make it as close to an anime as possible without animating it and getting sued. ^-^; We hope you enjoy our poetic efforts and that these lyrics provide you with insights into the characters and their mindsets.

Track Listing
Forgotten Dreams
Season 1 Opening
Eyes Reopened
Sidra's Image Song
Frozen Smile
Siduri's Image Song
Cold Reflection
Meiran's Image Song
To Fly Once More
Yoshino's Image Song
Do You Ever Feel Lonely?
Insert Song
Between the Clouds
Tiana's Image Song
Outrunning the Moon
Season 1 Ending

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