Frozen Smile
Lyrics by One, copyright 2001


    I watch the stars twinkle like ice
    The distance makes them look that way, but truth is theyíre burning hot
    Alone I think about things others take for granted
    Itís reassuring that nobody knows the real depths I reach

    Frozen smile, frozen face. Canít find the room for second place
    Even though the ice is cold, hatred boils, then explodes!

    No one ever worries about the guy with the grin
    That suits me just fine. They can think Iím a fool
    ĎCause I donít want anyone suffering over me
    Even if that means Iíll have to live alone

    Frozen smile, frozen face. Lifeís a game of give or take
    Pain canít always be kept in the dark; rage gets ignited by just a spark

    You canít express the truth in lies
    I want everything to be okay, and Iíll fight for that
    Itís the only way to show I care without losing the smile
    Truth or lie? Which hurts worse?

    Frozen smile, frozen face. The fires burn, and the ice will break
    Canít really care without getting close, itís better that nobody knows

    Keep it all inside and laugh it off
    Fight back tears with a smile
    Even if I donít mean it, no one has to know


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