To begin with, we do not own the original characters, suits, etc, etc, etc, from the T.V. series Gundam Wing, or Endless Waltz. (Though we wouldn't mind owning some of those bishounen.) Sotsu/Sunrise owns them, so basically, we aren't making any money off of this. Just paying homage to their hard work. The star background we're using was, we believe, found on a free graphics site and is therefore, fair game. The star bar we're using has been sitting around on our computer for awhile and we have no idea where it's from. Basically, it's  not ours. HOWEVER, all the nifty stuff that has the story name on it (for example, the animated title banner) is ours (you can take the link buttons and banners, but make sure they link back to us!). Theft of these items will not be tolerated, and it's really rather pointless unless you're going to try and steal our story. If you do that, we will take action because we will find out. We have our ways. Further more, the artwork featured in the gallery is owned by the respective artists who drew the pictures. The sprites editted are not for use anywhere else without permission, and may not be editted in any way, shape, or form. A lot of 'free handing' went into them. One will be Not Happy if they get ripped off. All original characters and mobile suits that we have created/designed do belong to us, and may not be used without permission. It doesn't take long to email us and ask.

Concerning "Flames" Play with fire and you're going to get BURNED.

While we TRY not to offend people, we know we aren't flame proof. And undoubtedly, somebody will get pissed off about something and go on a self-rightous rant to us about it. Especially since we aren't afraid to state our opinion on the hot topics of the Gundam Wing fandom.

We're prepared. Such emails lacking signs of intelligence and respect will be posted here and publicly mocked. Email addresses of offenders will also be posted. We have a board of crazy people who would gladly take the time ridicule and MST3k stupid emails. Consider yourself warned.

And one two three more little things. (We love stating our opinions on controversial matters.)

Yaoi is a touchy subject among Gundam Wing fans it seems, and this is our opinion on the matter. Please, be considerate. Flames insulting us for our choice will be ridiculed more so than normal flames.

We suggest visiting 3rd - The Alternative Trowa Site and seeing what they have to say about it. Go to the In Depth section and click on Controversy, then read "The Interview That Never Existed" to see the essay. (Ya know, did anybody ever stop to think he may act the way he does 'cause he DOESN'T HAVE A NAME? Any psychology books cover that issue-?)

Um, people... Duo is a guy. Where did people come up with the idea of making him pregnant? Sure, imagination has no bounds, but sometimes ya gotta cash your reality checks, people.

"My fic may not be flame proof, but I am fire resistant!" - One Amahira

With all that said and done, enjoy the story!