EDO-MSX01 Scorpio


General and Technical Data

Model Number: EDO-MSX01
Code name: Scorpio
Unit Type: Mobile suit
Manufacturer: Earth Defense Organization
Operator: Earth Defense Organization
First deployment: November 2, AC 216
Pilots: EDO pilots
Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Height: 16.1 meters
Weight: 8.3 tons (without weapons modules)
Armor: Titanium alloy or Neo-Titanium alloy
Powerplant: Ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Equipment and design features: Head-mounted sensors, range unknown; 2 x shoulder hardpoint for various mission-specific weapons modules
Fixed armaments: 1 x 8-tube micromissile launcher, mounted in left waist armor
Optional fixed armaments: Beam cannon module, mounted on one or both hardpoints; Cannon module, mounted on one or both hardpoints, 30 round magazine; Defense module, carries 3 x planet defensor, mounted on one or both hardpoints; Sniper module, cannon on right shoulder hardpoint, energy collector and sensor equipment on left shoulder hardpoint; 2 x High-Mobility module, mounted on both hardpoints, equipped with 1 x vulcan gun each and additional thrusters and control surfaces for high-mobility/space combat; Missile module, mounted on one or both hardpoints, each carries 1 20-tube micromissile launcher
Optional hand armaments: 1 x beam saber, stored in charge rack on right waist armor; beam rifle; beam gun; machine gun

Technical and Historical Notes

The first new mass-production mobile weapon produced in the Earth Sphere since the MMS-01 (OZ-17MS) Serpent, the Scorpio could best be described as "the new Leo", filling the same mission role as a general purpose mass production mobile suit. Unlike the Leo, however, the Scorpio was designed to better be able to meet a wide range of mission roles through the use of interchangable modules that were also designed to work with the EDO's aerospace mobile suit, the EDO-MSX07 Draco. While vastly outperforned by the PMS-P00SMS Gryphon, the Scorpio was far cheaper and simpler to mass-produce, which would eventually relegate the limited number of Gryphons in the EDO to ace pilots or special forces. A number of Scorpios were part of the second wave of battle during the Une Conflict, when the Preventers were divided between supporters of Lady Une and supporters of Josie Selvaggio.

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