EDO-02MSC Trinity class carrier

(CG Model by Mechmaster)

General and Technical Data

Class: Trinity
Ships of the line: Laurasia
Unit Type: Mobile suit carrier
Manufacturer: Earth Defense Organization
Operator: Earth Defense Organization
First deployment: AC 217
Length: 520 meters
Height: 120 meters
Wingspan: 210 meters
Equipment and design features: Rotating catapault decks
Propulsion: 30 x Standard chemical engine
Fixed Armaments: 2 x double-barreled main gun, mounted near bridge section; 10 x quad-barrel point defense turret; 6 x anti-MS missile launcher
Mobile Suits: 50
Launch catapaults: 6

Technical and Historical Notes

Envisioned as a mobile suit carrier for modern fleet warfare, the Trinity is somewhat slower and less manuverable than the much smaller Terra class cruiser, but the ship managed to cram fifty mobile suits- as many as the much larger Venusian Nemesis class- into its internal hangar. While the ship's armament is comparitively light and mostly for point defense, the ship can very rapidly launch its entire mobile suit compliment from its three catapault decks, each one housing two catapaults. To minimize collisions during rapid launching, the outer two catapault decks actually rotate into "firing position", so some suits launch forward, while others launch to port and starboard. The main cannons have a slightly limited firing arc due to their position on the ship, but the Trinity was meant to stay back from the front lines and send its mobile suits out, a role very similar to that of the much smaller carriers that saw use throughout the Eve Wars.

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