VMF-BSAC02 Nemesis class battleship

(CG Model by Mechmaster)

General and Technical Data

Class: Nemesis
Ships of the line: n/a
Unit Type: battleship/carrier
Manufacturer: Venus Military Force
Operator: Venus Military Force
First deployment: AC 217
Length: 960 meters
Height: 360 meters
Wingspan: 620 meters
Equipment and design features: High-power sensory and tracking array
Propulsion: 32 x Standard chemical engine
Fixed Armaments: 4 x large beam cannon, mounted on pylons for heat dispersion;  1 x double barrel beam cannon, mounted in bow; 20 x quad-barrel point defense turret; 12 x anti-MS missile launcher
Mobile Suits: 50
Launch catapaults: 2

Technical and Historical Notes

The heavyweights of the Venus invasion fleet, the Nemesis class was intended to flag various divisions within the invasion fleet. While not as fast or agile as the much smaller Erinyes class, these massive battleships made up for the lack with a massive mobile suit capacity of 50 suits in a fairly spacious hangar deck and with a set of main guns second only to the Aphrodite's massive main cannons. These ships also were equipped with the most precise sensors and tracking array in use at the time, lending to the ship's role as a command outpost, able to scan for targets at a greater range, counter some electronic warfare devices, distribute the information to its detachment of ships and suits, and coordinate the movements of those ships. While not nearly as numerous as the more versatile Erinyes, the Nemesis would prove a formidable foe to the Earth Defense Organization and later the Mars Defense Corps.

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