MDC-HES10b High Energy Output Shuttle (Special Use)

(CG Model by Mechmaster)

General and Technical Data

Class: MDC-HES10b
Ships of the line: N/A
Unit Type: Transport shuttlecraft
Manufacturer: Winner Corporation
Operator: Mars Defense Corps, Winner Corporation
First deployment: AC 216
Length: 15 meters
Height: 4.4 meters
Wingspan: 16 meters
Equipment and design features: High Energy Output systems
Propulsion: 4 x HEO engine
Fixed Armaments: none
Mobile Suits: none
Launch catapaults: none

Technical and Historical Notes

At a glance nearly identical to the MDC-HES10 High Energy Output Shuttle already available commercially through the Winner Corporation, this craft technically doesn't exist so far as actual records go. While it was produced in limited numbers shortly before the Venusian conflict, these slightly larger and faster versions of the commercial shuttle were exclusively used by certain members of the Mars Sphere government and reportedly by Quatre Winner, head of the Winner Corporation. These craft appear to have served no particularly special purpose in the conflict aside from personal transport of various officials.

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