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Screen Captures

.........Proof Miko-sama has time on her hands. Some of these may look the same as thumbnails, but each one is different, even if it's only a little bit. (She kind of got carried away in her wanting to get as many as possible, so if the image changed as she slow-motioned throught things, she made a capture.) Oh yes, as for the occassionaly odd backside shot or too-close-to-the-camera shot, all the Miko has to say is "Why not?"

.........Your miko is not an idle miko! Anyways, these were all made by me, at the cost of $27.05 (for three episodes... I feel ripped off) and a lot of my time I'll never get back,spent filtering to make quality images for my site. Now, guess what! You CAN take them! BUT! You have to e-mail me with the address to your site, and link to me. Please don't take them all though. 10 is a good number if you've already got a bunch for your site, 15 if you're just starting up or have none. Maybe 20 at the most. At any rate, it's only fair that I share, since I started up without images of my own. Now enjoy! ~ Kaioshin no Miko

102 screen captures and growing!

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