.......... Welcome to the Other section! Where anything that doesn't fit in ends up! (For some reason I suspect this section will end up with the most stuff... hm.) Anyways, there are a few sub-sections to this section. Some of it is actually rather entertaining, so take some time to look around here. ~ Kaioshin no Miko
The Holy Order of Kaioshin: The first, and probably the only... Kaioshin fanclub! Yes, now you can proudly share your love of the little purple god with others.

Humor: This sub-section contains a You Know You're A Kaioshin Fan(girl) When list and a collection of Firefury's bad 'god' jokes/comments that she uses to torment the Miko  . This will probably grow.

Purple Pixy Stix: Well, this is hard to sum up... You've probably noticed the Miko mentioning purple Pixy Stix before... This should explain what they have to do with her and this shrine.

Rambles: Not quite rants. Just the Miko rambling about whatever comes to her mind and being a wannabe-philosopher.

The Black List: A tribute to theft, brought to you by Miko-sama's dark side.

About the Miko: Just a few pictures, a description of herself, and what she likes or dislikes.