Afternoon | January 18th 2004 | Miko's Status: Sorry
Sorry sorry sorry!!! Okay, small update. Fanfiction- I've linked directly to the story by Lady Rivka on fanfiction.net. Holy Order - I'm so back logged with people wanted to join, that I've decided nobody needs to sumbit applications anymore! Just take an image and upload it onto your site! There's one new link in the link section, I've fixed my counter, and, um... Yeah, it's been awhile. Have pretty much a new computer, so I have to get all my spiffy graphics program stuff back, so I can't do screenshots yet. Thinking of making a new layout, even though I like this one a lot. (If I do make a new one, it's going to be very similar to the current one.)

Late Afternoon | October 8th, 2002 | Miko's Status:
Miko-sama is back on her hot streak! Okay, updated my links, I put up the fanart that's been piling up, there's a new HO banner, and yes, I will eventually update the fanfiction section! Oh yes, remember, I'm always open for more fanart and links! Anyways, I'm going to see about getting a new DBZ dvd, which means more screenshots for you all! Mwahahaha, this week Firefury pays me back, plus I get paid, which means some money for anime! And it's been awhile since I had to make screenshots. I think I might try and make some Kaioshin sprites to go with my spiffy Miko ones, and I might do a few one-short comedy fics about ths Misadventures of Miko! And happy birthday Wes! 

Late Afternoon | September 20th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Ok 

GOMEN NASAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know I should have updated more, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I've suddenly developed this social life and oi vey. Anyways, um, I didn't do much. I do have fanart to put up, and I must update fanfiction, but all I've done today is add members to the Holy Order, one thing to the You Know list, and updated my info. (You see, your Miko is no longer single. Heheheheh!) Um... Anime Expo pics can be found here. I wasn't able to find any good Kaioshin stuff at the convention, sadly. But I do have this cute Kyo-kun keychain! Got my picture taken with Watsuki-sensei..... No, damnit, I haven't seen the new episodes of DBZ. *sniffle* I'm  going to have to buy another DVD sometime and give you all more glorious screen shots... Just so everybody know... I will never forget about this place even if I don't update for awhile. As long as I have a server to put it on, it shall remain! (And believe me, it haunts me at night sometimes that I'm not updating. *sweatdrop* ) I'm thinking of taking the fanfic section down though, 'cause it's such a hassle to be running three sites with fanfiction, and the HTMLing is a bitch. Well, if I missed anybody who wanted into the Holy Order, let me know. ^^; I save almost every e-mail about the HO I get, but still... Hm... I'm also gonna need to update the links... Hopefully I'm out of my not updating rut, but I dunno. Thanks everybody who's signed my guestbook and e-mailed me! It means I lot! ^-^
Miko's Musing: "Kyou-kun is kawaii~!"
Late Afternoon | April  22nd, 2002 | Miko's Status: Tired 
Daa... I've been so busy, I haven't been able to update. In fact, there isn't much new. Three new members to the Holy Order, and I put up the prologue and two chapers of Lady Rivka's fic. You can find it in the fanfiction section. I added to the About Me section, and just made a note in the Info section. Hm... Need to get more active on the board... I stayed up alllll night Saturday night after spending the day in Little Tokyo. I made riceballs! ^-^ Yum yum. I have to make some more for my friend's anime party. I've discovered Fruits Basket, thanks to the CSUN anime club, and am currently watching fansubs of it, thanks to my friend Speed. It's a GREAT series, which has been licensed for release by FUNimation. Kyou-kun is so cute. He reminds me of Tasuki... Wai! Hm. I think that's about it... I think this shrine may be unupdated for awhile depending on Real Life. Oh yes... Aneki and I have changed our cosplay plans for Anime Expo. We'll be going as Kenshn and Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin.
Miko's Musing: "Kyou-kun is kawaii~!"
Afternoon | March  16th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Tired/Pissy 
Rrrrrr. No sleep night before last. The people in the hotel room next to mine couldn't seem to be quiet from 1 AM to 4 AM. The beds were like concrete. Grrr. Then I had to be at court by 8:30 AM, where I remained until I returned home at 4 PM. I got to spend the day watching a lying cheating little RAOR get away with taking MY little cousin AWAY. (In other words, the Evil Ex of my aunt won the custody dispute and is moving with MY little cousin to Colorado.) This is the man who has a bloody RESTRAINING ORDER against him. RAOR! INJUSTICE! And my feet really hurt. Anyways. New Kaioshin site linked to. New fanart from Rivka. I have a fic from her as well, which will go up when I get around to HTMLing it. (I'd do it today, but nap time is coming up. Oro.) New member to the Holy Order. And the Black List is up in the Other section. I think that covers it. In other news.... wait... there is no other news. Ja ne! 
Miko's Musing: "You know a dream is like a river, ever changin' as it flows. And a dreamer's just a vessel, that must follow where it goes. Trying to learn from what's behind you, and never knowing what's in store, makes each day a constant battle, just to stay between the shores." - Garth Brooks, The River
Afternoon | March  8th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Foul 
I have added two new members to the Holy Order, which I probably should have added sooner, but I've been occupied planning with my cosplay group and school. I should also add my friend 'Bulma' (she actually goes by that in real life... When I first met her, I didn't learn her real name until later!) to my seishi list. Finally chewed out the Evil Ex a few days ago as well. Mwahah. But as to why am in a foul mood... (In coming self-righteous rant.)
DON'T STEAL MY SCREEN CAPTURES!  All you have to do is ASK.  And for anybody else who has, I KNOW my screen captures from pixel to pixel, and since I visit other Kaioshin sites, I will find them if you take them! And if I'm mad enough, I may just bitch to your host for stealing! I understand wanting to use images on your site. I have images that are clearly not my own. But I at least tried asking for them, though not everybody answered, and I've included all the sites I've gotten images from in my links. And I clearly state the images are not my own. I don't own the screen captures really , and I can't make people e-mail me for them. But those captures are the result of several hours of hard work. Slow motioning through entire scenes to get as many as possible. Cropping. Filtering once, filtering twice. Resizing. Converting to high quality .jpg files. Resizing to create nice little thumb nails. Linking. Editting the HTML to get rid of the typical link border Netscape puts around linked images. Writing the update. Uploads that take almost and hour to complete and lag my computer. And all any thief has to do is right-click on it and select "Save As", slap it on their website however they want, and upload it. And all I'M asking is a LOUSY e-mail and a link back for all that work. It's only fair I let people use them though, because I started out with images that were taken from other sites, and I want anybody else trying to start a shrine to have and easier time getting images than I did when I started construction back in November. ASKING WON'T KILL YOU! I include several ways to contact me, and I won't bite. And odds are, I'll say yes, simply because I have no reason to say no! I don't want to be mean about it, but I also don't want to be robbed. (You can damn well expect another rant like this if it happens again.) I'm gonna be ROYALLY PISSED if I have to go through all my screen caps and stick "~KnM" on them all in the hopes of preventing theft and making clear where the images came from if somebody does steal them. 
And MARK MY WORDS. If I ever, EVER find one of my Miko sprites on somebody else's website, I'll be talking with their web host and getting their webpage taken down for COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT faster than they can say "Itai!". And if I get the corporate run around like Lycos gave me last time somebody stole my work, I'll go to my dad's office and talk with his LAWYER about sending a little LETTER to the host and to the thief's ISP because COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT is ILLEGAL. And don't think I won't follow through on it! THEFT will not be tolerated. There's a reason the kart club had me busting people who tried to sneak in without paying. And that reason is because my BITE is FAR WORSE than my bark, and my bark is MEAN.
Miko's Musing: "You know a dream is like a river, ever changin' as it flows. And a dreamer's just a vessel, that must follow where it goes. Trying to learn from what's behind you, and never knowing what's in store, makes each day a constant battle, just to stay between the shores." - Garth Brooks, The River
Afternoon | February 26th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Sick 
Flu... *cough cough* My dad brought home the flu, and I got sick Friday. I'm getting over it now though. So of course the first thing I do is update my shrine! Go figure ^^; Anyways, we have a little over 60 new screen captures up. We have a message board for The Holy Order of Kaioshin, plus a new banner that I put up in both .jpg and .gif form. I think that about covers it. If anybody knows where I can find a functioning MP42 Decompressor / MPEG-4 codec, I'd love to know. I've got episodes of Inu-Yasha I'd like to watch. In the mean time, I think I'll go back to sitting on my rear watching anime and blowing my poor nose.
Miko's Musing: Just as light creates shadow, love creates sorrow.
Late Afternoon | February 12nd, 2002 | Miko's Status: Sad 
Today's update is in memory of Mork, who passed away last night. Mork was one of five dogs I walk, dogs I call 'my other babies'. (My own dog is 'my baby'.) Mork was a very large black mutt, with Cushings Syndrome, and was about 10 years old. But at least I can take comfort in knowing I made his life happier. He never stopped to sniff things or tug at the leash like the other dogs until we'd gone for a few walks, and after a few walks, he became happier, and more playful than he'd been before. He'll get his own Ramble when I'm not so teary. Anyways, what's new is as follows: We have a new link, new stuff added to the You Know Your A Kaioshin Fan(girl) When list, and I've added guidelines to the fanfiction section. I'm am afraid I won't be posting the fanfic I received in my e-mail in the interest of preserving quality. No offense to the author. Eventually I'll be updating my list of Seishi, since I've found myself another. I've got new screen captures, and I'll try and post them before the end of this month.
Miko's Musing: Good bye Mork.
Evening | February 2nd, 2002 | Miko's Status: Unknown 
Wrist... killing me. Too much repetitive motion making.... SCREEN CAPTURES! AT LAST! AHAHAHAHAH! Anyways. There are 39 wonderful new images for you all. Brought to you by me! More on the way, once I finish sorting out the ones I'll use, cropping them, filtering them, and resizing them. I've got two chapters of a fanfiction sitting in my e-mail, and when I'm done reading it, I'll see about getting it up. Oh yeah, a few more Bad God Jokes added. A few actually made by me... whoops. (You know, the cost of DBZ dvds really pisses me off. $27.05, counting tax,  for only three episodes. That's a real rip off. You can put far more on a DVD than just three bloody episodes!) .... I suppose I should go wash the vulgar kanji drawn on my arm off now. Didn't get to show it to the Evil Track Manager Woman at the racetrack... Drats.
Miko's Musing: Universal law decreees that you cannot have your cake and eat it too.
Evening | January  28th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Normal 
Helloooo! One new member, one new banner, and one new Ramble. 600 hits already. I'm really impressed! My fanfic I'd been working on is scraped, though I'll try and get a oneshot story written someday. I think I do too much at once sometimes. Anyways, I really like how the new Holy Order banner turned out. Go see for yourselves, and enjoy. I'm looking into getting a board now, since I think there's enough people to at least keep it going now. We shall see! Oh yes, the current Miko's Musing is probably going to stay in place for awhile. At least until all the other sites are moved. Two more to go!
Miko's Musing: Universal law decreees that you cannot have your cake and eat it too.
Afternoon | January  18th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Evil Genki 
Hah! It's amazing what you can do if you've got the drive to do it! Moved already! Let me know if anything isn't working! I'm really surprised I pulled it off so quickly. Yesterday afternoon, I had no idea how to go about it. IJ, my new host, helped me out about the links, and I discovered Wordpad's handy little "Replace" command. Nothing new except the move. Everybody say "Thank you, IJ-san!" okay? And everybody who's linked me, update your links please! I have no idea how long the 'we've moved' page will stay up. Thought it should stay up until all the sites I (and Firefury) run have moved. Now I just gotta move those three other bloody sites and finish the new graphics and layout for one of them. DOMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU, IJ!!
Miko's Musing: Universal law decreees that you cannot have your cake and eat it too.
Afternoon | January  17th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Evil Genki 
IMPORTANT- This site, along with my other sites, are getting the hell of this server, as soon as possible. Bookmark the guestbook just incase I am unable to notify you of the new address here. I'm not sure I'll be able to update between relinking everything and redesigning one site. I bet some of you might wonder why one would forsake so much space for free. I will Ramble about it later. For now, let us say I value my ideals, and my host is a asshole. Anyways, this is more of a notification update... However, we have two three new members for the Holy Order! Happy one month, ain't it? Miko's Musing: Universal law decreees that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. ...Nathan, Nathan, Nathan... you can't have your cake and eat it too...
Night | January  6th, 2002 | Miko's Status: Frazzled 
First, unimportant stuff. Saw LoTR. Legolas is cute. (It must be the ears.) Got Black & White for my b-day, so now I can play god instead of miko. Mwahahah! Spent today around my almost 6 year old cousin... He has two much energy for his own good, and just watching him will wear you out. Now for the important stuff. We have a few bad 'God' jokes from Firefury up, lame as they- er! I mean... as GREAT as they are. Anyways, we also now have a members list for the Holy Order, the gallery has been updated, and I took down the links in there because all those links can be found in the Links section. Fixed a typo... Changed my age in my personal info section. I think that covers it. (Man, you all must hate these long winded updates.) And arigatou to those of you who have signed my guestbook or e-mailed me! I may not be able to update much because sadly, with my homeschooling, I've only got until March to finish a lot of stuff I need to finish.... eh-heh.
Miko's Musing: The past is what shapes us in the present, the present what shapes us for the future. The present is to be lived in, the future looked to, and the past learned from. Not dwelt upon. 

Evening | January  2nd, 2002 | Miko's Status: Sore 
For starters, happy New Year, everybody! Whee! It doesn't feel like it's been a year. Anyways, I haven't heard back yet on the images for the gallery, and I'm starting to lose my patience. What's the point of having your email address on your site if you aren't gonna answer people!? As for everything else, there is more the You Know You're a Kaioshin Fan(girl) When list, and I've added several links to other Kaioshin sites. I have another fanart from Robin. Also, I've opened, as I stated I would, a Kaioshin fan club. Go join! Heheheh. The Holy Order of Kaioshin is the place. What else... Hm. I think that about covers it. Oooh, my achin' bones. I'm 16, going on 70, I swear... Gettin' old... wore my four and a half inch heels at a party yesterday, and while normally they don't give me problems, after walking dogs today, my legs are killing me.
Miko's Musing: The past is what shapes us in the present, the present what shapes us for the future. The present is to be lived in, the future looked to, and the past learned from. Not dwelt upon. 

Night | December 28th, 2001 | Miko's Status: Happy 
I have fanart! YAY! But my mother made fun of Kaioshin again when I explained why I was so happy. -.-; Infidel, I say, infidel! Anyways, the links section has also been updated, and I have a few new pictures for the gallery. I'm waiting to hear back about the usage of some other images, and if I don't hear back soon, I'll assume the owner doesn't care and put them up. Also, I'm working on setting up a fan club for Kaioshin! He deserves one! That should be up soon. Heheheh, I'll be 17 soon! About 7 days until my birthday, I think. Wai!
Miko's Musing: "It makes not difference if I burn my bridges behind me, since I never retreat." - Fiorello H. La. Guardin
Afternoon | December 27th, 2001 | Miko's Status: Tired 
I think my neighbor's cable modem is spoiling me. (I've been house/dog sitting for them.) Tired, but happy. I haven't even been opened a month and I got an email about this site!! Anyways, the Rambles section is up, I added to the You Know You're A Kaioshin Fan(girl) When list, and I added a bit to the information section. Oh yes, new links! I've found a few other Kaioshin sites! I'm working on setting up a fanclub or something... Also, if I'm lucky, I'll have a few more images to add to the Gallery. I think that covers everything. I know there are a few typos still, and I'm working on that.
Miko's Musing: "It makes not difference if I burn my bridges behind me, since I never retreat." - Fiorello H. La. Guardin
Night | December 17th, 2001 | Miko's Status: Kinda Down 
Well, on I've finally got this place open to the public. I hope nobody stumbled onto the incomplete version that's been uploaded! Even though it's the holiday season, it just doesn't feel like it.. Well, since this is the opening update, everything is new. However, also since the is the opening update, there is a chance I've missed uploading a few things, and I may have missed a few links. I've spent a lot of time making sure everything is here and working, but there is still a chance something isn't. Be patient and everything will be running smoothly soon. Oh yes, there is bound to be some typo somewhere. I assure you my sister will be so kind as to point any and all typos out to me, so don't you guys bother doing it.
Miko's Musing: Friendship is not based on what one sacrifices, but what one gives.
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