The Holy Order of Kaioshin
.........Thought you were alone in your love of Kaioshin, or that you were only small handful of people? So did I. Then I started building this place, and searching all over the internet for images. In my hunt for images, I found other shrines. At other shrines, I found there were other fans. I looked at their guestbooks. There were more fans. However, we Kaioshin fans, mostly fangirls it seems, are sorely fragmented and unaware of the existence of many others! So I want fix that! As far as I know, this is the first Kaioshin fan club! So fans, make yourselves at home. We're just starting out, so please be patient. Contact me if you want to join (and let me know if you want your e-mail address posted or not), and I'll make a list of all the members, and later I'll get a message board. In the mean time, all I can provide you with is some banners, and a tiny list of members. But hopefully this will grow! ~ Kaioshin no Miko
About: A bit more detail as to what this is all about. As if it isn't obvious.

Join: How to join, of course! It's simple!

Banners: Let the world know of you love for Kaioshin!

Message Board: CLOSED. Need to find a new one...

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