..........Ah, you must be bored if you're here! Well, if you aren't, that's cool too. But you must understand that the following writings are my opinions and mine alone, and are a reflection of my mindset at the time I wrote them. Which means all opinions are subject to change or become less/more severe. These pieces will either myself rambling about whatever is going on in my life, or my will contain my own personal philosophies about feelings, things, or people. If anything I say here offends you... Tough luck. I happen to like my right to free speech, and will not be intimidated into silence by people who are 'offended' or disagree with me. (Yes, the Miko is paranoid. She comes from the violent Gundam Wing fandom, where it seems such disclaimers are needed.)  ~ Kaisohin no Miko
Jealousy - December 24th, 2001
A Different Shade - January 28th, 2002