.......... This here is the strange section known as Humor. You'll find little bits of insanity here, and you're also welcome to contribute! Special thanks goes to Firefury for her, eh, I guess we can call it 'help.' ~ Kaioshin no Miko
You Know You're A Kaioshin Fan(girl) When: Obviously a list to let you know if you've gone insane as Miko-sama has. (HEY!  )

Application For the Position of Kaioushin: From the twisted mind of Miko-sama's sister. How does one become the closest thing to a god in the DBZ world? It's been made painfully obvious that deities are just as mortal as anyone else in DBZ, so what happens when a new one is needed? (Miko-sama filled one out for fun, and you can read it here.)

Bad 'God' Jokes/Comments:  Again from the twisted sister known as Firefury. Off and on she cracks bad 'God' jokes/comments in regards to Kaioshin, and now the Miko has made her sister compile them to share with you. (What Miko has defined as a bad 'God' joke/comment is anything Firefury says about Kaioshin that is... well... annoying to Miko and bad.)