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Updated: 1~18~04
.......... Welcome! ^-^ I'm Kaioshin no Miko, better known as One Amahira. You can just call me KnM or One for short. As you can see, this is a character shrine. To Kaioshin from DragonBall Z. (Kaioushin if you insist on putting the silent "u" in.) Obviously the reason for this shrine is explained elsewhere. Things are still coming along nicely, which is good. I hope you enjoy your visit, and feel inclined to sign my guestbook! ~ Kaioshin no Miko
Information: Obviously full of the information about Kaioshin that the Miko has researched and commited to memory. A few essays may end up here as well.

Why: Another obvious one. Miko-sama explains why she opened up a shrine for a character who is so definately taken for granted.

Gallery: About time the Miko changed the description here! Miko-sama has compiled high quality screen captures for your viewing delight.

Fanart: The Miko has some fanart! More is always welcome though!

Fanfiction: It's all up in Miko-sama's head right now, and she is rather busy writing an epic fanfic with her Aneki, but hopefully she will have something at least DBZ related to put up.

Links: Miko-sama will laugh if you can't figure out what this is. Beware a shameless plug or two for one of the other 3-plus sites she maintains/helps to maintain.

Other: This section contains anything that doesn't fit in elsewhere. It is home of the first and only Kaioshin fan club! Also housed here is the Humor section, the Miko's "Rambles", and a bit purple Pixy Stix.

Miko-sama has stockpiled purple Pixy Stix since December 17th 2001.

     Now it's time for Miko-sama to disclaim herself to death.
         Guess what! I don't own DragonBall Z or any of it's characters, and am making no money off this site! All I know is it will probably end up costing me money to get things for it. Anyways, DBZ, and Kaioshin, are all owned and copyrighted by sooooooooooo many other people it's not even funny. But it all really boils down to Akira Toriyama. Now, what I do own- The graphics, save for the Kaioshin images in them. So, basically, don't steal them. They are the result of several days/weeks work. Though I can't think of any reason for you to steal them. Also, all the Kaioshin no Miko sprites you'll see on this page are completely and totally mine. I will find out if those are taken and used. They are made in my image, and are thus, very personal. So, mark my words. Don't. Mess. With. The. Miko. Moving along now... The Gallery will have it's own disclaimer. Oh yes, I don't own Pixy Stix either. If I say anything that offends you... TOUGH LUCK! The only person who can make me take anything down is the server owner. Flames lacking signs of intelligance will be posted on this site and publicly mocked. You have been warned! Not that I think anybody will flame a small Kaioshin site... Just standard disclaimer on all my sites. ~ Kaioshin no Miko.

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